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    Hello @Cshsb2016, @jackborbon and @Ridzpit,

    Welcome to TeamViewer Community and we are so sorry to hear you would want to cancel TeamViewer subscription.

    You raise the support ticket for cancellation, the dedicated support team will attend to your request accordingly.

    On the other hand, if you need help on raising the ticket, kindly share the related license information via Private Message please? We would help to forward the cancellation request.

    Hope it would help for the case.



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    I got a call from a representative of Teamviewer asking me about my renewal while I was overseas. I told her to call me back as I would like to reduce the number of license from my subscription. There was no callback and I got an invoice

    I submitted a ticket to ask them to allow me to reduce the number of license and I got answers from the support that this is not allowed unless we give them at least 28days before the expiry date of our current contract

    They told me they have no records of anyone calling and changing of subscription is not allowed.

    Gave me all their terms and rules

    I asked to speak to someone to explain but I only got standard answers from support.

    Has anyone faced the same issues as me?

    I have asked them to cancel the auto renewal.

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    I want to cancel Team viewer also. I cannot activate it I have paid for 2 years and third payment is due. I cannot get a reply and I cannot cancel because I cannot produce a ticket because I never received the activation email.

    I have emailed so many times and I have been totally ignored What can I do?


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    I have already paid for my license but still getting payment due notices to pay for another invoice, not sure why I am being asked to pay for 2 licenses to access a single remote laptop. I have also raised a support ticket but no response so far, my ticket number is [removed per Community Guidelines]. Could you please help me to cancel my other invoice ? Thanks.

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    Oh my goodness what a complete shambles. I feel like I've been robbed. I now have two subscriptions to teamviewer. I thought I have cancelled one but was too late, apparently. I then took an upgraded version. They will not refund me and have listened to what I had to say but keep referring back to their 'policy'. I really want my money back. Has anyone been successful is getting a refund? Any help appreciated.

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    Post after post on this thread - all the same issues - no response and no flexibility - myself now included.

    As an MSP I struggle to name another software vendor with the non-negoitiable draconian 28-day notice period.

    Unethical, unhelpful and unprofessional - does TeamViewer have no conscience?

    I'm a firm believer in Karma - good luck to you TeamViewer.

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    I just received an email that we were sent to collection and we are trying to cancel the service, but it does not seem to be working

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    Hello @Bizadmin,

    Thank you for posting in the TeamViewer Community! 🌍

    Regarding subscription topics, the Community moderators are not able to assist for security and privacy reasons.

    If you have any questions and would like to discuss further on your case, we kindly invite you to contact our Support Team. They will be happy to assist you in this matter.

    You can find your local number on our website: ☎ Customer Support.

    We thank you for your understanding.



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    I too am trying to cancel; I had to use a dispute process with the credit card company to stop automated billing two years after no response.

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    Create a ticket and we will get back to you in 7 - 10 business days.

    "We have forwarded your request to our Licensing Specialists. A member of their team will be in contact within 7 - 10 business days. "

    This is not a good way to do business...

    Some Feedback...

    IT professionals work across multiple organizations and network with other professionals, this cancellation process has just taken this software out of consideration for several other projects.

    I encourage you to pass this on and fix your system up.

    Many thanks

    Tyler O'Connell

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    **bleep** service tried to cancel subscription . I have now emailed teamviewer stating I will take legal action but guess what they are not responding.

    I am sure it against the law not to have a cancelation button perhaps I will see what happens in court

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    I cannot even login to submit any ticket. It keep sending me back to the login page. The same happens when I try on another browser. I want to terminate but unable to do so. Now my account had overdue with non-payment. And I got an email from the debt collector appointed by TeamViewer. The online chat is only for sales and they can't help in any way. Everything I read says I have to use SUBMIT TICKET. today my account has been terminated. and so I just discover the "Submit Ticket" is only available for paying customers, not for expired/terminated customers. There is no email adress to write to neither. All the emails from teamviewer are the 'no-reply' type. It looks like they only make sale and lock you in for life. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

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    My subscription auto-renewed without notice and it seems like Teamviewer make it intentionally difficult to cancel the subscription and have the payment refunded. To say that I'm annoyed is an understatement. I apologise to the other users for my username, but after getting messed about and having to verify and then create a username for this stupid Support Forum, I couldn't think of a more fitting name. I fail to see how being so sneaky with taking payments from customers and then making it difficult for the customer to have their money refunded is a good business model. I'd be substantially less **bleep** if I'd been notified a week before the auto-renewal was going to happen so that I could decide whether it's something I'd like to continue with. If Teamviewer don't respond in the next 48 hours then I will contact Paypal to reverse the payment.

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    After one year of great product, we have concluded we no longer need this service.

    So I called Support to cancel this subscription. Unfortunately, they did not process this and no email receipt was sent to me. After getting billed for an extra year because of TechSupport failure to process we tried the Create Ticket Link and that just doesn't work! Endless loop going back to the same page. It's like they broke that on purpose.

    On the 3rd year, I email support for a ticket, and no response for over 30 days..

    This product has no "Cancellation" process, and no "TechSupport" with proper trained personnel. It has no "Edit User Licenses", and no "Downgrade" option.

    Customers beware. This product TEAM VIEWER is a perfect money pit. It has been 4Years now and I'm still a member and no way out. [removed per Community Guidelines]