Android Device connecting with Team viewer through WeConnect, cannot Remote control

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Good Morning All


I am sitting with a problem that I do not know how to resolve, we are using an Application called WeConnect supplied from Westermo.  This is a portal that you can use to access devices on a factory line to give support.  This is a controlled environment so you can control the user access and the sites they can connect to, Just quick Background.  

What we do then is to use open VPN and Team Viewer to establish this connection, if we do a Direct connection between TeamViewer we connect to a specific IP Address, this then enable us to fire up the VPN Software and then to connect this way.  We can connect successfully using the following devices and we can also then remote control




When we use the Android device we connect but we cannot remote control.


Do you have any suggestions or can you possibly help me with this as it is quite important that I get this part working


With Thanks