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Hello all, 

I'm using a macbook (Catalina) to access my windows (windows 10) computer at home. I have turned on wake on lan feature on windows (bios, device manager, everything mentioned on the instructions) but when I click "wake up" from my macbook my PC does not turn on. I have tried every method I could think of but I can't seem to get wake on lan working. Could I please get some guidance on this? 

P.S. this feature did not work even on previous version of macOS either. 


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    Hello @Googling

    Thank you for your message.

    The WOL functionality does not work for 100% of the Windows machines. It only works if the hardware supports it:

    Windows and Linux PCs can be woken up from sleep and hibernation mode as well as being fully powered down, so long as the hardware supports this.

    You will find all the documentation about how to set up correctly the WOL function here:

    If your hardware should support this, I recommend you to start from scratch and to follow step-by-step the procedure indicated in the manual.



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