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teamviewer disconnecting for 30 seconds and computer reboot

I used teamviewer for a long time now (free user) and have never had a problem until now. when i connect to my computer it works fine for a while but randomly when i open a program (browser, discord,...) i lose connection for about 30 seconds and when i reconnect the computer acts as if it just started up. All programs have been closed all some programs that are set to start when computer starts up are still starting. And after a few minutes it happens again. This is getting really annoying seeing as i take my laptop to school and use my desktop for some if i need a computer whit a bit more power. 

Both my computers have the newest versions of teamviewer (14) and none have done this before. Is this something that other people have happen to them to or is this unique to me. Also any advise on how to fix this is welcome.

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