Wake on lan does not work from Mac, but does from mobile app (15.0.24 update)


So I just updated to 15.0.24 on OSX (10.15.1) and the Wake on LAN feature is not showing up for remote PC's. It DOES however show up for the TeamViewer App on my iphone, but there is no WOL button in the MAC TeamViewer console any more. Yes, it is configured correctly, as I've been using it for months and month with no issues (mostly until the latest OSX issue that completely broke TV)


Interestingly enough, I also started getting "commercial use detected" messages, which I already had a ticket in for and was resolved a couple of months ago.






  • Gunnah
    Gunnah Posts: 2 ✭✭

    ignore this, it seems the button for wake on lan has moved?

  • xwebnetwork
    xwebnetwork Posts: 1

    @Gunnah May I ask where to? I am running into the same issue.

    WOL is there on my Android and Windows instances, but not on my MAC instance.

    Thank you!