remote window freezes unexpectedly


I recently upgraded my Win7 laptop (Thinkpad L520) to Win10 (installation from scratch on new SSD). I used to be able to  control the laptop with unattended acces via TV (v 15.0) from my nearby desktop just fine, with laptop lid closed.
With Win10 the remote screen freezes immediately as soon as I close the lid on the laptop. And yes: I did check the energy settings - all I can find are set to "no action" when the lid is closed. You can also tell by the sleep-LED and fan noise that the laptop does not go into any sleep mode. Also as soon as I open the lid a little, all items on the remote screen are *immediately* back to live (eg. CPU load indicator).
I also tried connection variants: easy access (via TV account), allowing login from remote, of course TV starts with Windows, unattended access is set, etc -- no luck.
I have no clue what can cause this behavior and how to fix this - anyone else does?