Teamviewer not starting at boot & not connecting when woken using WOL

Hi I am having a few issues with TeamViewer: 

Issue 1: 

Teamviewer does not start at the windows boot - if I turn my PC on and it goes to the lock screen (without logging in) it does not open Teamviewer until I log in. However, on my other laptop it does open Teamviewer before logging in. All settings are identical but it just doesn't want to start when at the lock screen.  I have quick boot disabled on both devices. 

Issue 2: 

If I wake up my PC using my phone, the device turns on and connects to the internet however Teamviewer 'stops' running after the WOL command is sent. The device does wake up from the command but does not connect to TeamViewer after meaning I can't start a session. 

Teamviewer version 15.0.8397

I have tried reinstalling and resetting up unattended access but nothing appears to fix it! 

Would appreciate any assistance. thanks 


  • ManuelS
    ManuelS Posts: 1

    I am experiencing Issue 1. Why is there no follow up on this?

    What's the solution?