TeamViewer for Mac Hangs with Clipboard Sync Enabled

TeamViewer for Mac sometimes hangs indefinitely and I've confirmed it only happens when clipboard sync is enabled.  The only way out is to force quit the app which of course kills all active sessions so it interrupts work flow.  I am running version 15.0.8397.  Is there a fix for this?  It's been happening for awhile and I figured it would get fixed in an updated version but this has occurred since version 13 or 14 for me and it happens to other users also on MacOS.


  • SimonITS
    SimonITS Posts: 2

    This bug has been reported since 2017 from what I can see across various posts. Please fix it, as it would be useful to be able to sync clipboard to my Macbook from my teamviewer session. For now I have to keep it disabled to about the crashing and aweful lagging (beachball spinning lots)


  • BipolarKebab
    BipolarKebab Posts: 1

    NSPasteboard is an asynchronous service, just get on with it already and spend some time you're spending on adding those ad modals on making the one frigging event listener async.