Mac remote login problems


I installed TeamViewer on a new iMac to provide support via Remote Control.  When connected with my MacBook with wireless it worked perfectly.

The iMac was shipped to another state and conencted to a different internet provider (Verizon) by RJ45 hardwire to their router.

The machine shows up on my 'Computers' screen as online, but when I try to log on to it I get an error box saying Authorization failure.  Any ideas how to correct this remotely??



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    Hi @pemme3289,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can you kindly check the random password on the remote side of TeamViewer and then enter the random password correctly for connection authentication please. As TeamViewer client will always display and change the random password. Kindly check out All about Passwords to know more about the different meaning of TeamViewer passwords please.

    Hope it would be helpful.


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