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Crazy-Slow File List Populating in macOS File Transfer Dialog

So apparently this bug has been going on for a loooooong time...I'm fairly new to TV, and fairly appalled that this is still outstanding.

I saw a minutes-long beachball while waiting for TV v15.1.3937 to populate the list of files in a Documents folder that had 711 items locally on my Mac (no network involved).  Populating the remote listing was similarly dog slow.  Trying to drill down into subfolders on either side was similarly slow, even if those subfolders only had a few files in them.

According to the post I linked above, it's been going on for years and years, and when you start dealing with a few thousand files, it actually permanently hangs the app.

This looks like serious carelessness in the code that does file listings for the macOS File Transfer dialog.  As a developer myself, I know that kind of code is pretty basic stuff.  Whoever wrote that code just isn't very good at it, or there's a silly bug that no one cares to fix.

Tonight something that should have taken a few seconds instead took about 20 minutes, with TV sitting there beachballing most of the time.

How about a fix soon?  It's not complicated, I guaranteee it.