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TeamViewer immediately disconnects when remotely accessing PC

Hi folks,

I'm having an issue with Teamviewer on a remote machine. Whenever I try to connect to this machine (I've got it set to quick access) I can see the Teamviewer controls appearing in the bottom right of the screen for a few seconds but then that disappears and my connection is terminated on my PC and I'm brought back to the 'Computers & Contacts' screen.
I've already attempted to uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer twice on the machine (the second time I also removed all mention of TeamViewer from the registry and selected the option to remove all TeamViewer files) but the exact same error keeps occurring. I'm now at an absolute loss as to what I can do to fix this. I have attempted to connect to this machine using TeamViewer on multiple other machines so I know the fault is with the machine I'm trying to connect to and not my personal laptop.

For further information this is a business account using a fully licensed and paid for version of TeamViewer.

Any help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you