Remove Desktop Must Be Toggled Unfreeze Screen


I've been using TeamViewer for a while and haven't been able to solve a problem completely since the beginning.

Devices used:
Windows 10 Pro PC
iPhone 7 (used to remote access PC)
Free (non professional) TeamViewer

At first, I was not able to use TeamViewer unless the PC monitor was on. I finally figured out that "remove desktop" cannot be enabled or the video feed is frozen. All fine and dandy.

I have "remove desktop" turned off on both the PC and iPhone, however, when I first remote in, I must toggle "remove desktop" on and then back off to type in my PC password (on iPhone). The the feed again freezes once the password is typed in, requring me to toggle "remove desktop" on/off a second time before I can view the PC screen. Quite annoying, but I have been dealing with it.

The second thing is, I thought TeamViewer could be set to store the PC's password, to be automatically used. Sadly, that isn't working either.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? My brother also uses TeamViewer on his Win. Vista PC using iPhone 7 Plus, with no such issue.

Mind boggling to me???

Thank you for any help!