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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • F1nchy
    F1nchy Posts: 4

    Moderators - why do you keep censoring people when they recommend an alternative? If Teamviewer is stopping people using their product, surely it's reasonable for people to recommend alternatives that they may try instead?

  • Tony3165
    Tony3165 Posts: 2


  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 139 ✭✭

    @F1nchy : unfortunately, it's their forum and their rules, one of them being TV only. A lot of time and energy is invested though into this post-posting redaction.

  • For several weeks now TeamViewer has been claiming that I use my computers for commercial purposes and I need to buy a license.
    I‘ve tried several times to contact support, to create tickets, but it doesn’t respond or Worst thing that I’ve got no emails that the ticket was really created and this requests really gonna be processed.
    It looks like TV trying to push me for buying a license(even if it says that it’s not, when you trying to get a support).
    Did anyone hustle with this? And how was the situation?
    What should I do?
  • jvfx14
    jvfx14 Posts: 1

    We are having the same problem but it has only been in the last few days, and now it is getting really bad.  I've asked for support but not joy so far.


  • Gerard2
    Gerard2 Posts: 1

    I've also the same problem. Using TV private on my home pc's and TV say's it's commercial.

  • I have not received anything from their support people yet. Before I jump ship and move to an alternative product, has anyone had any response from them at all?

  • Kylian01
    Kylian01 Posts: 31 ✭✭
    I got a response to say it simply i have to pay for commercial use even wen i am a non comercial user
  • x8009
    x8009 Posts: 4

    TV doesn't want to reset my ID so I needed to move to another program... it's better than TV so I don't care about TV anymore.  so they can keep their aggressive behavior for personal users who they think they used commercially or they just want them to buy an account for no reason just because.

    Just forget TV and move on.   Crying won't help

    U have another program better.   **Third Party Product**        you can see what I mean so TV won't block it

  • Ive been flagged for commercial use. Ive filled out the form trying to reset my account but this has been over a month ago now with no responce. Ive checked my junk folder in my email as well. Can anyone help me out?

  • Nitesh32
    Nitesh32 Posts: 1
    Hello there, when i connect my mobile phone with teamviewer and my pc, it says blocked because commercial use...but i only connect with my smartphone???? Can this be fixed ASAP? I need it really hard??
  • meshal
    meshal Posts: 1

    Dear I have a problem using the program I use the program for personal purposes not commercial

  • Lacami
    Lacami Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem.
    Suddenly disconnects and asks for a monthly payment. I also use the free version.
  • x8009
    x8009 Posts: 4

    Guys there is no quit from this, you all will be blocked one way or another.

    Use   ***third party product***

    just put the word together.     

    Teamviewer has become the worst remote control company in the universe now.

    [please remember our User Guidelines

  • Airalan
    Airalan Posts: 2

     I have been trying to solve this problem for at least two months, and have filled the form in twice, last time at least three weeks ago. I am still getting the same “commercial use suspected“ message 

  • invizus
    invizus Posts: 1

    Dear support

    Thank you redirecting me to forum, I guess you prefer this format.

    Please reset my TeamViewer license. I only connect to my eldery parents comptuer once a week to help them to use internet. They live in another country so I cannot help them in person. 

    Non commercial use supposed to be free? However when I run teamviewer it displays message "Commercial use detected". I need to help my parents with the computer ASAP please help.

    Thank you.


  • jameswdp
    jameswdp Posts: 1

    Recently I upgraded the TeamViewer on my iPhone into version 14++. 

    When I connected to my computer, it shows "this app seems to be used in commercial environment. Your session will end within 5 minutes"

    I have been using it on my phone for years, but never encounter this kind of message before.

  • Hy, i'm a private user and since a few weeks I reveive the message I'm working in a commercial environment as a result my sessions ends after 5 minutes and are blocked for more minutes.

    What can I do to renew my private licence?


  • royaal
    royaal Posts: 1

    i just use it private to myself and help familty with computer.  now its closing every 2 min. can this be fixed ?

  • fz750
    fz750 Posts: 3

    Hi, For some reason I've been flagged as a commercial user but I've never once used it for commercial use! Just for myself, and supporting my kids and mum.

    I have sent 2 request to unblock this, but nothing has happened..

    I use(d)  teamviewer daily and it's becoming a major inconvenience, never mind the annoyance of being ignored (2 weeks back now, at least).

    Is there anything else I can do about this? Are there any decent alternatives?


  • Kylian01
    Kylian01 Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited March 2021
    A good alternative is [Third party product]
    This post will be removed for atvertizing a alternative. So for the moderator that removes this post fix this masive problem then we do not have torecoment other products
  • Kylian01
    Kylian01 Posts: 31 ✭✭
    Seems like my post replygets removed fir no reasin and i do bot get notifyd about it...
  • Hello

    I keep getting my teamviewer account blocked once every 12 months for apparent commerical use. 

    Its being used for a volunteer led community project with no commercial gain at all. 

    We just have lots of volunteers who offer to help us using the account so things keep working


  • idiocracy
    idiocracy Posts: 9

    Sent the 3'th form on 8'th july, now it's the 17'th and issue not fixed. Am i supposed to fill out the 4'th form?

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 139 ✭✭

    @idiocracy : waiting time is counted in terms of months, not weeks. Plus it's summer, they must be less at work and more on holidays. All you can do is wait.

  • Airalan
    Airalan Posts: 2
    I’m giving up on team viewer there are so many people having this problem it is clearly policy by the company to make it difficult. Pity as my son has been using it to sort out my computer problems for years
  • idiocracy
    idiocracy Posts: 9

    They are the once writing "We are aiming to solve all requests within seven days.", i am suppose to assume they can't keep their promises?
    All they have to do is change that number if seven is unrealistic.

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 139 ✭✭

    @idiocracy : no they definitely cannot. or won't. we don't know this for sure, but pretty much everything leaves to think so.

  • Grant837
    Grant837 Posts: 18

    Hi Teamviewer support,

    I am replying to a link to the forms you all give as a solution for this.  This solution is the one offered for over 2 years via this thread.  300k views later, and 3k replys, no one has found the Teamviewer 'Solved' indication true. 

    Do you have no pride, or some value of selfworth, as individuals, or as a company, to let this continue?

    I highly urge you to escalate this to your topmanagment. As a marketing manager, this is really the worse case I have seen in years, and you are killing your business. 

    The only current answer is you do not want to support individuals, or future users, or influencers, and feel another part of your business model is more important.  This is OK, but then tell all the few thousand people who have submitted to this thread that, so they can spend their time somewhere else.


  • krugern
    krugern Posts: 12

    I am sorry, but you should jump ships and find another way to help them. Google best remote desktop app 2019 and try out a few. Teamviewer does not want us free users anymore, and tries to force us to pay the premium price. Instead of letting everyone know their free license no longer exist they are being real **bleep** about it. 

    And to add more fun to it, they moderate this thread to stop all mentions of other software.

    I recommend you try **Third Party Product**, this will be removed but you all get the email with my full post ????