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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi All,

    Thank you for your post.
    If you feel your use is not considered commercial, please fill out the following form: 

    Our support team assesses all requests individually, and in the order they are received, to determine if a reset is possible.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Hope this information will be helpful.

    All the best, Yuri

    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • I got an email said it had been reset to free. Guess what.... first time I use it got the same **bleep** ...commercial use. I replied to the email and have yet to get a response.

  • DanLester
    DanLester Posts: 31 ✭✭

    OK, I tried to do this, and got hung up with this


    Where the **bleep** is the recaptcha???


    Later edit: ah, what they don't tell you is that you need to be using Chrome. Firefox won't show that recaptcha. Real **bleep**er.


  • jtalstad
    jtalstad Posts: 1

    Same experience and question here...

  • DanLester
    DanLester Posts: 31 ✭✭

    OK, having figured out that you needed to use Chrome to fill out the form in

    I registered my complaint and got a message saying they would look into it. We shall see. In the meantime, [removed per Community Guidelines] Nothing really making me want to stay with TeamViewer, given this "Commercial use Suspected" trash.

  • Teamviewer is getting lamer by the day
  • The censoring is useless if your subscribed to the topic. We get alerts of new messages and it shows what's said before the censor
  • Since when has a community of users become outlaw's. What a croc of **BLEEP**...
  • picard80
    picard80 Posts: 1

    Teamviewer is actively trying to get rid of user who do not pay for a commercial license. Instead of simply admitting it, they enforce these stupid pop-ups.

  • DanLester
    DanLester Posts: 31 ✭✭

    You know, in it's day, TeamViewer was da king. It was fantastic in that it offered the oportunity to leanover someone's shoulder working on their computer. But there are many good options now to do that that don't fall back on "Commercial use Suspected". TeamViewer does have some nice features, though.

    Hard to rant about a community of users that have become outlaws. I don't pay TeamViewer anything. They are generous to let me use their system for free. I'm getting something for nothing, which could make me an outlaw. But I'd at least like to be treated consistently.

  • I'm looking into alternatives right now because I am tired of this nonsense. I've been a loyal fan of teamviewer and if they had a reasonable price for one time purchase I would totally buy it. Or even a 30$/ year license I could get behind for my personal use. But 50$ a month is stupid rediculous when there are at least 5 options for free. 

  • [removed per Community Guidelines] seems to me it is a waste of time to fill out the form to get a wrongful identified acct changed to personal when in days it just goes back to commercial.. Sounds to me this is a detection software poorly designed and implemented that is inpropely determining Commercial use of the software.  I use it for personal only, guessing the last time I used it other than yesterday when I got the Duration Time notification...was abiut 6 weeks ago.  

  • DanLester
    DanLester Posts: 31 ✭✭

    Wish I could, but the TeamViewer Community website is tuned not to let you list commercial products - [removed per Community Guidelines] Both are free, but you can buy more sophisticated options on the latter, which I don't need. There are others as well.

    I have all three engaged in my system, so I can have confidence that, whatever happens, I'll be able to get through.

  • Exactly the same issue with me and Teamviewer does not respond. I guess they now want to generate revenue from personal use. Only thing I changed was my ISP

  • AlenaC
    AlenaC Posts: 833 Moderator

    Hello everyone,

    thanks for your posts. We are sorry to hear that you are still unable to use TeamViewer.

    If you did get the confirmation that your ID was reset, please remember that it could be necessary to restart TeamViewer.

    If you are still not able to connect that means, that the remote side is the one flagged as "commercial use" and then the next step would be to send us the request also for the remote device.

    Note:  please note that when you submit the form, it is only for a single ID. That means that if you want to reset several IDs, we need ONE FORM for EACH ID. Please see the form here: 

    Please note that this is fully explained in our article: Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' 

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator :)

  • nobu
    nobu Posts: 2

    Thank you, but it did not work for me.

    I tried everything. Both TVs are updated, I got even the "set to free confirmation" for my parents, i reinstalled the TVs after cleaning every trace of it, i even tried the portable version of TV.

    I allways get immediately the kommercial use claim and the 5 min limit but then get thrown out after only 20 seconds. 

    My parents would even pay but not as much and not for an application with defect licensing.

    Is there realy no hope and no one responsible? No one to turn to?

  • In my opinion, this issue casts a very poor image of TV...poor treatment of customers service, poor image of something they employed that should properly detect Commercial users and it is not.....poor design and implementation from a company who should be highly sophisticated when it comes to software.  It is clear many of us have been wrongfully accused of using TV for commercial use. Fill out a form, maybe TV agrees you are not using the Software for commercial use, wait a week or more for maybe a response, than others who got the response have written here that after only a few days get ID'ed as a commercial user again...then complete yet another nothing more than making lots of people talk about TV in a very negative way.  Shame on TV....this treatment is unexcusable...and the service provided...gets a D(-)

  • I go the dreaded message today out of the blue. Been using the software for years now connecting to one computer, using one computer. Never used it for more than one computer. 

    I understand the need to potentially catch people using your software outside the scope of design but really. I use it for one computer so I don't have to go upstairs. 

    The bad part is nobody can really answer why TV declares it's commercial use. Shady and I will no longer recommend this product. 

  • I can write negative comments...and when things I hope are made right...I will always write Positive comments in Thanks.  Coincident or not, in about 12 hours from my earlier Posting of today expressing my disappointment with TV as recognized me as a commercial User when that was not so...I got the form email from TV advising I was no longer identified as a Commercial User.  I had also sent the form 3 days ago that is available in this was it my Post or the form...and does it even matter...TV thus far has made it right.  I have read where others who got this same longer recognized as a Commercial user...only to be recognized as a Commercial User again. 


    I want to Thank TV for resolved my issue, removing the Commercial User status...and it is my hope that TV is using my findings as well as others to Tweak whatever monitoring software is in use to identify those that are using TV Commercially to the harm and disadvantage of those of us who are using TV honestly...for personal use.

    Again; thank you TV......after getting your email I did connect with my sister for a few seconds and that popup Notification about durations, etc...did not appear.  I hope it remains in the Free License (Non Commercial use Only) Status  

  • It took them 10 days to finally fix my account but I appreciate it. There's other options but I'm just used to TeamViewer and I like it. Only thing is I didn't know I had to report each ID, so while one PC is good for free use, my other is still flagged. I filled out the form again for the other ID. Now I just wait for them to set that to free and I'll be good to go :)

    So far 6 days in on the fixed ID and no false flags yet like some are getting after the fix. 

  • I restarted service and the entire PC. Still shows "trial expired". Is it a bug in version 14?

  • i need to be set back to a free user cant find ticket used it the other day and phone number hangs up when I hit I have free account can I get an message so I can send the right user id

  • i have used the free version for years helping friends and family. today TV believes im using it for commercial use. any ideas how to resolve this?

  • I have the same **bleep** problem from my personal mobile phone to my personal desktop. This is Irritating. I spoke with someone from TeamViewer and they wanted me to pay [The price has been removed as per the community guidelines.] a year to allow the connection.

    **bleep** that and **bleep** TeamViewer. I have been trying to find an alternative without any luck.

  • DanLester
    DanLester Posts: 31 ✭✭

    As noted, there are several good options for control of a remote computer.The question is, what does Teamviewer have that you need, that these more basic and free applications don't? Teamviewer has a nice file management structure, but that capability can be approximated by simply using Dropbox along with these other free apps.

  • i like that file transfer between remote/PC is included with free TeamVierwer. The other remote desktop I started using only includes file transfers if you pay a yearly fee.

  • I have been using teamviewer non commercially to help my kids and some friend for long time .

    After updating now I get this Thinks  I`m using commercially

    How can I change this????

  • mircea_c
    mircea_c Posts: 146 Staff member 🤠

    Hello Bigolebear,

    Please read the article here complete the form  if you believe the way you use TeamViewer does not match the definition of commercial usage

    Best regards


    Tech Support IoT

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  • Somthing, in fact, has evidently and obviously changed.