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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hello Team Viewer.

    I have been using Team viewer since one year and a half ago and I always connected so about 3 computers remotely which are mine.

    My question is why the program Team Viewer tells me that the trial has expired ? What trial ?

    Team Viewer support told me that this program is free as long as I don't use it in business purposes and I don't do that.

    Please kindly help me solve my problem.

  • I install a version that is identified as a professional but I'm particular.
    So the software wonder a license.
    Thank you for giving me a code or method can allow me to use this software with my children occasionally

  • So I thought I downloaded Teamviewer free but am getting hit with a "license expired" message and can't access any of my computers remotely?  Am I missing something here?  

  • Hi

    I mistakenly installed TV as company. I do only use it for 10 minutes once a week with one single other computer.

    So I opened a ticket asking the support to change my ID to private. This was 3 weeks ago. How long does this normally take?

  • Hi, I used for many years old, a free account, and now show me a pop up with my account expired, and never I had a account corporate/business. Why now?

    Thanks : )

  • I have 4 other PCs on the free verison and just installed my 5th and it seems to think I have the pro verison installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the personal verison and it is still saying I have "trial" luckly I was able to extened the trial 7 days. Does anyone know a fix for this? My other 4 "free" PCs are running fine. 

  • I think we have to "renew" our free licence after 7 days.

  • Same problem with me, started appearing today on September 3 this message on my PC to connect it, I never used account as a commercial, I would also like to know how to solve this :(.

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    I getting trial version expired warning, but I am using Team viewer for personal. Can you help to revert my license?

    Ticket ID: 3417880






  • yep - its suddenly started telling me commerical use detected.

    they are quite welcome to come and visit my bedroom if they like and they will there that there is nothing commerical happening there!!!

  • I am only having issues on my new personal laptop. My parents live far away and I have to access their computers often. I am pretty usre that I selected personal use and it is still saying that my trial period has expired. No matter what I do, clean upt the registry, cookies, and change my ip address, it will not let me even access one time. Since I am a personal user only, i cannot open a ticket and I have not seen a solution on this as yet. Please advise. 

  • @denniskhor wrote:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I getting trial version expired warning, but I am using Team viewer for personal. Can you help to revert my license?

    Ticket ID: 3417880






    Dear team


    Any updates on this issue?





  • 「商用」と「個人用」を誤って購入しました

  • Hey

    I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the mistakenly registration as business user, ticket ID 3361000. How long does it normaly take until I will receive a resonse?

  • Hello,

    We have just discovered that our account [ID removed by moderator] is declared as commercial version.

    This account is oviously used for personal and non-professional purposes.

    Can you change the account ?


  • Why I’m getting “Your trial period has expired” !!!!! although I’m 10000% sure I’ve chosen personal use only !!!

  • Dear Support Teamviewer

    I use Teamview do support my friends 

    I have mistake setup Temviewer version 12 Company on my laptop Win 10. And now this version has expired. 

    Please guide me change to version persional. I want use version Free

     Contacts me with email [personal information removed].


    Many thanks teamview.png
  • Dear Teamviewer,

    After using TS for free there was a suspection that I'm using this program commercially.

    However this is not the case (I use the program privatly but often).

    Why do I use this program? Whenever I'm traveling and I miss a film or serie to watch during my travels I'm logging onto my computer back home to transfer them. Also whenever I bought a new Steam game (gaming platform) I'm able to download this game on the go so that when I get home the game is ready to play.

    There's no other reason why I'm using TeamViewer besides sneaking a peak through my webcam if  that my little brother is stealing my candy and soda's.


    My question towards TeamViewer is to enable my IP so I can continue using this lovely program.


    Thanks in advance.

    Finest regards,


  • Hi,

    I am using teamviewer from last two months, now it saw me that my trial version  has expaired. so I want to convert my account to personal use from bussiness use, because I use this for my personal work. I am UG student and I use it for my personal perpose. So please help me to convert my account to personal.

  • Hi, I am having issues with me team viewer connecting because my trial has expired. I only use this program for personal/private use. I have submitted a ticket request to support but still have not heard back yet. I would appreciate this request being resolved as soon as possible. Ticket number 3446979. 

  • I have teamviewer on my mother's computer. On my computer, my wife chose to install Teamviewer Business, but that's wrong. How can I change this?

  • wrote them about 1 month ago. A "sorry for the delay" or "we are going to process your request" would be nice. But apparently courtesy is only being given to paying customers.

  • Hello, I have only six computers and one of the PC, teamviewer thinks i am using it commercially. You say to post a ticket with teamviewer logs, but a ticket can only be posted if one has commercial license!!! Please help

  • I was sent email two months ago about my wrong instalation becouse im not using Teamviewer commercialy and still not any respond???

     Ticket ID: 3305763
       Subject: Request from Personal Use Verification form

  • I have the same issue, but any response yet
  • Thx guys, my problem solved :-)

  • Im with same problem...  same days to email sended without any response.

       Ticket ID: 3427302
       Subject: Request from Personal Use Verification form

  • When I recently installed it, I select the commecrcial licence by mistake and can't use it any more. Could you please help me restore it to personal licence? Thanks again for the wonderful product!

    Ticket ID: 3456264
    Subject: Request from Personal Use Verification form

  • Hello,

    Upon installing team viewer, I missclicked on business account and my trial eventually expired. I sent a ticket here about a week ago, but there hasn't been an answer yet. Is there something additional that I have to do in order to regain access to my team viewer?


  • Gday All,

    I understand the amount of people submitting Private use forms must be high.

    Is there anyway to extend the trial by a few days until the support people get to me form ?