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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Sethλ
    Sethλ Posts: 25 ✭✭

    I agwee wit you my frweind!  Compwleetly!  Cwensor  that one pwease 

  • Have struggled with returning to "free status" after being pegged incorrectly as "Commercial".  Two attempts to be reclassified have been partially-successful.  Email comes saying I'm "free" again, the top right logo changes to FREE, but the Commercial usage window still appears and the connection is limited to a few minutes.  Should I UNINSTALL teamviewer?  Should I UNINSTALL teamviewer AND use a new account?   Any examples with other users experiencing this?

  • S1mb4
    S1mb4 Posts: 1

    Hello. Why can't i connect to myself? Writes that commercial use, but am I connecting to myself? The same situation when I help my dad, I can’t do something in 5 minutes. Why is that?

  • ich habe das gleiche Problem, aber alle Versionen sind auf dem aktuellen stand. Mir wird untesrtellt das ich TV Kommerziel nutzen würde, und daher die sperre habe....

  • Hey guys,

    I would like to use teamviewer, but I am wondering if using it at a university or research facility qualifies as commercial use.

    Many thanks!

  • hello guys,


    can not connect into my pc at home, it keeps shutting me down, saying this is a comercial connection, just want to see my pc at home and see if everything is all right


    best regards nerval

  • The same problem

  • Sethλ
    Sethλ Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I got a response back saying they could not verify Personal use only, and directed me to sales staff, or another form to print and fill out, then email back as attachment. I had to rescan back into my computer. I included pictures of my set up at home, my apartment actually, showing very clearly that I’ve got no business going On here or any commercial use possible. I am tired and I do not work so I have no colleagues or any other commercial affiliations. I will let folks know what the response.
    Best, Seth
  • Mizzt
    Mizzt Posts: 1

    Hello. I often travel to work. and I need remote access. Therefore, I often connect to my computer via phone and laptop. Recently, access has been given for 5 minutes. it is not comfortable. I spend a lot of time to access my computer and get the information I need. Could you remove the restrictions from my account? Thanks. I use the program solely for personal purposes.

  • Yes I'm doing exactly the same - been using Teamviewer for years and suddenly they accuse you of commercial use and block it. I do a lot of remote support work for the family. So I can't recommend Teamviewer to anyone - there are plenty of alternatives out there.

  • Sethλ
    Sethλ Posts: 25 ✭✭

    Please let me know if you get a response. The Plemon airy form I sent in that people have left links to I finally received an answer saying they could not verify that my set up is for personal use and suggested I buy a license which I couldn't possibly afford, or threw out a form that I had to print out and send back to them. I'm waiting for the response to this form which I guess will be my last chance at getting my main computer unlocked. I'll let you know what happens with me but I'd be interested also and what other people have to say and their experience and if they have been on blocked. I haven't seen any responses to reflect this however. Good luck

  • Sethλ
    Sethλ Posts: 25 ✭✭

    This is just a test reply because all my replies are being flagged as spam and deleted and not posted.  

  • Sethλ
    Sethλ Posts: 25 ✭✭

    Let me know if you get any response

  • Well done. At least another less user of TV and hopefully more will follow. Really people. Don't tell me that nothing compares to TV. I thought so, but trying out the alternatives, you will quickly realize that those alternatives will give you the same functionality. 

  • Yoshy
    Yoshy Posts: 1

       Hello,I have a free user Team Viewer app at home , and i enter from phone or from where i am to acces pc home for help kids, family. Now detect me like "Comercial use" , and i have been blocked every 1 min on use .Could you please help me ? I send a form via email.

  • Hi,

    Last few times when I tried using TV presentation, after ~1 minute I've got message:

    "Your teamviewer session has timed out and will be closed". I tried reinstalling but same thing. 

    I got free license. How to fix this?

  • I have had the free version of teamviewer for years, since I make a domestic use of it, a few days ago I get a message that tells me I'm not using it for domestic use and I don't understand why

  • Me too, Gives me five minutes (Not counted but pretty sure its alot less than that more towards 1-3 minutes) then closes and "blocks" me till like 10-15min later and again i can use for 1-3 minutes, Rather frustrating, Will be keeping an eye on this post - I also only home use with 1 phone connecting to 1 pc that never changes.

  • I believe I have the same problem: I've been using the free version to communicate with my 92 year old father-in-law's computer. This has been my only use of the program for at least a couple of years. Suddenly, there was a notification indicating (more or less) that because of repeated hangups and calling the account is now treated as commercial and is therefore restricted to 6 minutes or so.

    Anyone who has dealt with fixing old people's computers would know how involved and unpredictable this process can be. 

    I hope Teamviewer staff is reding this message and can reset my account. Is there a way to reach Teamviewer on a problem like this?

    Thank you,



  • I have experienced the same issuu after years of using. 

    Today I had nearly messed up my university study, because I had to enter my home computed nearly 20 time so I can send the files to my self.

    I hope TV team will fix this.

  • jokre
    jokre Posts: 1

    Good to hear that other users than myself has had this experience recently. I really need someone at TeamViewer to explain the logic behind how TeamViewer is deciding that a user suddenly is labeled as a commercial user. I have had a TeamViewer account for years, strictly for private use. I use TeamViewer to support my old mother when needed. I have set it up so that I can make unattended connections so that I don't have to bother her with reading the connection password to me each time. I use TeamViewer very moderately. I lately made an addition in my mothers house and set up a Raspberry Pi (headless) to monitor her internet connection since she has had performance issues. This Raspberry Pi is also temporarily connected to TeamViewer for unattended remote connections. So, the normal TeamViewer usage scenario for me is for one (1) PC only. Just some day ago I got a message when connecting to my mother (to fix a problem she had with her printer) that TeamViewer considered me being a non paying commercial user. The message said I only had 5 minutes sessions available that then would disconnect. This was somewhat not all true though since the session didn't last more than 10 seconds tops. I'm puzzled how TeamViewer can come to this conclusion based on how frequent I use TeamViewer (very seldom) and how many PCs I remote into (1 normally, now temporarily 2 with the Raspberry Pi). I'm already moving away from TeamViewer because of what just happened, but I want to learn and get knowledge about what's behind it all so that I understand how TeamViewer thinks and acts when it comes to personal use.

  • Hi I wonder what I can do when my connection to my TeamViewer says I use it for commercial. I have a Dell Server but it is only for me and my closest friends. Is it considered commercial?


  • Recent spate of "commerical use detected" pop-ups after update to Windows 10 1909 fully patched  on both ends. Been using TV for a few years to manage my mother-in-laws PC. Just updated to TV 15 and also updated Mother in laws machine to Windows 10 1909 and mine. Device is not being disabled although the popup threatens to do so. I can still access her machine. Is there a know problem with "commerical use detected" in the new versions?

  • Same here, but unrelated with the OS. Very anoying!

  • It took over a month, but TeamViewer finally reset my ID so that I am once again a "free user!"  It was frustrating for awhile and I have always used and loved TV, so I am so happy they examined my case and understood that I am not a paid helper at all, nor did I use it with clients.  I guess I would say to be patient (I sent in two requests) and eventually they do get around to you.

    Good Luck.

  • Agree, eventually they will fix the account. The annoying part is that it always happens. Every 3, 4 months or so I get a compliance  notification. Very annoying. I always send an email with the very same explanation, step by step on how and why I use TV and how the problem occurs and I still get blocked once in a while. Anyway, it's a free service so I believe we can't expect premium support. Will wait.


  • Dextar
    Dextar Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I was recently flagged for this, submitted the information and became unflagged, then it triggered again so I submitted another form to have them unflag it and got a response that they, "unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.". The computers are six feet from me and are all in the same room. It's outrageous that this keeps being triggered and they are so slow to respond.

    I submitted the form so they can "determine whether we can re-enable your use of TeamViewer." but I'm just about done with it. I'll move to a different product if they want to be like this (or **bleep**, I'll stop being lazy and get up out of my chair, this just makes life easier) and it's unacceptable they are triggering this. A 91 page thread on it should scream, "Hey, you have a problem with your software triggering improperly". I never bothered to look anywhere else because I honestly enjoyed TeamViewer and it was easy to use. I recommended it to a lot of people but now I'm going to start recommending **Third Party Product** which is what I'll be switching to. Worst thing a software company can do is have policies in place that push users to competitors.

  • At least you get a reply.  I've sent several requests and have not heard back once from them.  Looking for alternatives now since I am getting terrible customer service...

    @GuilhermeO wrote:

    Agree, eventually they will fix the account. The annoying part is that it always happens. Every 3, 4 months or so I get a compliance  notification. Very annoying. I always send an email with the very same explanation, step by step on how and why I use TV and how the problem occurs and I still get blocked once in a while. Anyway, it's a free service so I believe we can't expect premium support. Will wait.



  • Well done to those who managed to find the alternative tool. 

  • Berri
    Berri Posts: 1

    Computer kept detecting commercial use.  Submited the form and got an email that it have been reset to free version.  But its still not working and I keep getting the popup commercial use.  Any ideas how to get this working again. Thanks