Commercial use - Connection time out



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    Congrats. Good decision. 

    @Artirles wrote:

    This is beyond ridicious. I had about a few months work trying to get my ID unblocked , had to sign the form and email back to them. Now they emailed me saying it was unblockd.

    But no, I connect again. I IMMEDIATLY get the commercial notification again.

    I am done. Done with Teamviewer. This isn't worth my time anymore.

  • GuilhermeO
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    Congrats for the wise decision. 

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    I have had this account for many years and for some time I have been making the mistake that I make commercial use
    It already happened years ago and I had replied by sending a message to the support but now I can't find the email sent years ago
    How can I solve it?
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    OK, this has been repeated in this LONG thread many times, but ...

    The TeamViewer "commercial use" designation is pretty rancid, and they will never tell you what you did to make you look that way. Once so designated, you will only be allowed five minutes of TV use from that machine. This is done on a per-machine basis. Be aware that there are other free apps that will do a lot of what TV does, without such designations. So you need to decide how much you really need TV to do what you want to do.

    BUT, it is easy to remove that "commercial use" designation in TV, and recover full functionality of TV. Do this

    AND, send in a Declaration of Private use, which basically says that you promise (legally!) to only use it for private use.

    Send this DoPU to

    Now, be aware that you will NOT get any response from TeamViewer. Don't wait up for one. In about a week, your TV full functionality will be restored. Kaboom. Just like that. I've done this on a couple of machines, and it has worked every time.

    But, I am increasingly using those other apps to get TV functionality.

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    I have used free teamviewer for over 10 years to support my Dad.

    We are using windows 7 with teamviewer 15.

    One is a laptop the other is a desktop.

    Recently when we connect teamviewer time outs and close with a few minutes!!!

    Please help.



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    Hi, as I updated my teamviewer license, it somehow switched from private use to commercial. So now my remote access is restricted to a time window to only few seconds.

    Do you know why it happened, and how can I fix the problem? I have no idea why this did happened, since I am still only using my teamviewer for private use. Thanks!

  • vasco_tech888

    I created 3 tickets in the space of 3 weeks, no answers to any of them, not even an email confirming they received my ticket

    @jelabarre59 wrote:

    @Ying_Q wrote:

    Hi @gideonse and @BenDice,

    Thank you for you message.

    If you think TeamViewer has mistakely marked your device usage and you would like to reset your TeamViewer ID, please fill in the form for reset request.

    Your "Reset Form" is BROKEN though.  It has been broken for WEEKS now.  And no one at TV seems willing and/or ABLE to fix the problem.

    You know, it may be "free" users having all these issues, but if the program, and it's so-called "support" structure is so broken, does not encourage people to buy a subscription for whatever extra/bonus features it might give us.


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    Hello! I have installed a free version of a software product, not long ago your program began to block in work giving me 5 minutes, with suspicion of commercial activity. but I do not do this. Please understand and unlock my devices. thanks.

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    Timing out after 60 seconds.  Just upgraded to v15.  Message is: "Your TeamViewer sessioin has timed out and will be close."  No mention of suspected commercial use.  The only change is the upgrade.

    Bug?  Config issue?  

  • greeeatscott

    Ha! Same problem here, but the exact inverse! My laptop & desktop are also both on the same home network, and I get the same message. However, for me it happens when I connect from my home desktop to my home laptop, but not from my laptop to my desktop,or frin ny desktop to my Surface...

    I mean i get the desire to crack down, but this is rediculous, How can both coputers be on the same IP address (Gateway IP and Public IP,), as well as on the same subnet, but ona of them is somehow only one of them is on a comercial network? ITS THE SAME NETWORK!

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    Congratulation !  Excellent move!

    This way TV will loose all home users and keep only the business ones... And maybe this is exactly what they want without assuming it publically.

    @Closed account wrote:

    I gave up after 3 requests.  I took it off all my computers and am now using one that doesn't give me grief and I actually like it better.   I've been with team viewer for eons to help my sisters but sometimes change is a good thing.


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    TV thinks I use it commercially, but he is wrong. I use it to swap between my computers and my family members, of which there are 5 and none of them are used for anything related to commerce. I am ready to provide any data to verify this circumstance. Of course, no one obliges TV to provide anyone with a free service, this is the decision of the company itself. But why the refusal of the service to motivate the wrong reasons. It also sounds insulting

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    I've been using Teamviewer now for years, I have it loaded on my 4 personal computers and I only ever remote between these 4 devices, for years. But today I went to remote into one and it says that TeamViewer will now close out you are using it commercially, but I am not. Because I am using the free version of TeamViewer, customer support won't even talk to me. Any suggestions or am I just s o l?

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     I used Teamviewer to help my 93 year old father who recently went blind with ReadAloud articles and to help him "read" and respond to emails, and pay his online bills so this is a critically needed capability.  I have been unable to get support staff to reset my ID.  The support page says Teamviewer will get back to you in 7 business days but in my case I initially waited two weeks and after getting no response or change to my status,  I resbumitted the form. It's now approaching another 2 weeks so I'm actively looking at alternate capabilities as I've given up hope that they will ever respond and or honor their statement that TeamViewer is free for personal use. Given the number of times this appears as a forum issue, this is a continuing widespread problem and it's made worse by the lack of action taken by Teamviewer to correct their errors or even respond to  requests for ID resets.

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    Wow, thanks for letting me know and that sucks. I guess I should just forget about, uninstall it and switch to **Third Party Product** or one of the other dozen ones out there.[removed per Community Guidelines] Also, I think it is very nice you're helping your father out so much and I wish you both well.

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    I can no longer use teamviewer because its says that i have used teamviewer for commercial use, but the problem is that is never used teamviewer for commercial use.

    Can you help me ?

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    This is 3rd ! Time that Teamviewer thinks that I use it commercial.... Never I do it. I use it only private.

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    I have the same problem. I get the prompt:

    TeamViewer is being used commercially by you or your connection partner. Your session will terminate within minutes.

    I'm using TeamViewer to connect from my personal Windows 10 Home Laptop, to my personal Windows 10 Home desktop - both in the same room, on the same home router.

    I already requested an account investigation/reset once, which appeared to be successful (a few weeks ago) but I'm getting the same issue again.




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    every time I connect to the remote PC, after 5 minutes of use the connection is interrupted with the message "your session teamviewer has expired and will be closed".
    I tried to check the timeout options too but they are disabled.expired.png

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    I have five computers that are online and I use them myself. It's been one week since TeamViewer told me I'm using my account in a professional way and that I must buy a license.

    What can I do?

    Thank you in advance.

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    For some reason my account says its flagged as commercial use. When all I do is use it to connect to my home computer from my phone or while I am at work. Im not using it in a commercial environment or even using it to manage a personal server thats working with a paid service. What the heck Teamviewer? Ive used you for the last 10+ years with no issue. Why so judgy all of a sudden? I need someone from teamviewer to describe to me what they think commercially means.. Beacause I think there is a mixup here.

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    I just got the same problem... I am using the app 10+ years now... I had the issue once but resolved as I could write them but now there is no clear way to submit a form to them... 

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    I have already supposedly had my account reset on November 14th.  I tried to help my senior friend 2 days later and receivied the "Commercial usse detected" message and couldn't even connect with her to help.

    They do not offer phone support for "FREE" users, so we are flying on our own... I am BEYOND frustrated at this point and am ready to ditch this now useless piece of junk software for something that will truly work for free so I can continue to help my friends and family who just happen to live far away from me.   

    I have been a major supporter of TeamViewer for years, and now it seems they do not want people using their software for free  since a major update that was released juat over a month ago. 

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    I also got the impression that they want to reduce the number of free users, but instead of introducing clear restrictions on the time of use, the number of computers, etc. partly accuse some users of violating the rules of use. ...

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    Hello, after updating to Catalina I can control my mac from any device. If I connect to macos using other computer mouse and keyboard doesn’t work. If I try to connect trough IOS devices such as Ipad or iPhone I also receive the warning that there’s a suspect commercial use and I can have a connection just for few seconds (unable to use mouse and keyboard). Could someone help me please this is making me struggling.


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    I totally don't understand these 545 local sufferers.
    Once upon a time, there is an absolutely legal method for solving a problem.
    Moreover, it does not in any way affects the rights of the company Teamviewer and they cannot present any claims to you.
    All you need to do is change the hard disk serial number (the one you see when execute dir command) and MAC address of the network card of your computer. How to do this is easily searched on the Internet. In case you find it difficult, there is even a special application that do it for you and it also easy to find.

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    I find it amazing that so little is done about this. Their free service that they brag about is surelynow causing more loss of business than the reverse, and surely they would be better off by sunsetting out in the open, rather than using this forced and dishonest attrition.

    I use TV to manage my 91-year-old father's computer. I have logged into his computer about three or four times a year. I've connected to his computer twice through an ipad, once through my iphone (in both cases when I was traveling, which I do constantly) and two or three times through my home laptop. Yet my use was flagged as commercial. None of these computers are used for work--none of them. The networks on each end are home networks. I am not an IT professional and have no intention to become one. If the handful of times I've needed could in any universe be construed as commercial, then the word has no meaning.

    I have submitted the form once a couple of weeks ago and again today, with no response.

    But in the 15 minutes between my 30-second attempts to get my father's printer driver working again, I have time to add to the vast list of complaints just in this one thread.

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    Stop whining, read the previous post

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    as of today i am being kicked out after 5 minutes, repeatable.  it assumes i should buy a commercial license.

    the "about .."  states i have a free license. and i am using it only for private use. I am retired, no business

    what do i need to do?