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  • Hello,
    I have a MAC and I have updated my TeamViewer to the latest version.
    But now for free as a private individual nothing works and only for "commercial use".
    How do I get private use?

    Thanks is urgent and regards.


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    @Michaelweb93 wrote:

    I have a MAC and I have updated my TeamViewer to the latest version.
    But now for free as a private individual nothing works and only for "commercial use".
    How do I get private use?

    Thanks is urgent and regards.


    Well it took quite some time go get back to being non-commercial. One must fill out a declaration (and sign it) that confirms you are not a commercial user. All this is a pain in the nether sides and whether all this helps is also questionable. I am now trying out **Third Party Product** -- so far that is free. I understand that Teamviewer must make money and I would buy a one-off price for TeamViewer for non-commercial usage....if not too expensive.. But the current commercial or not detection does not work well - if at all.Teamviewer need to address this, assuming it is now a company policy to make life difficult for non-payers.

  • Hey @Sapass -

    Nope, it says "Free License (Non-Commercial Use)" at the top of my TV window, so it is not that. Something else is happening here causing sessions to just close after 1 minute.


  • Hello,
    thanks for your answer.
    But where should I go to sign?

    Thank you and greetings.


  • When activating my machine on my user I was classified as a business user, but I use TeamViewer only to access my other machine when I'm traveling - and I don't use it for commercial purposes or user support - how do I solve this problem?

    I've tried reinstalling the software but it didn't work and I looked on the site here in Brazil and I'm only aware that ChatBot doesn't solve my problem ...

  • This happens usually when I run Teamviewer from my computer at work to connect to my computer at home. It's personal use, nothing to do with my work, but since it's an enterprize environment and network, I can understand the confusion.

    What bothers me is that it's now spread to use from my mobile phone as well and even when I use a private computer in my own house to connect to another private computer in my own home.

    Have had this issue for months now and not gotten any response from TeamViewer, despite having had a registered license for 5+ years now. I am not willing to pay [The price has been removed in accordance with the community guidelines.] for this service so if I can't find a solution to this I'll have to switch to another, inferior, product.

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know whywhen i'm trying to connect to a mobile device it is showing that i need business/company licence,despite the fact that i have just 3-4 devices saved on my TeamViewer acount with auto access granted?

    Thank you!



  • To the TeamViewer staff members,

    After several years of usage of TeamViewer (free license), I got suddenly the message that I use or my partner uses the TeamViewer in a commercially way. Please solve my problem.


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    you decided to disable all ????????????????????
    what is the problem with this team viewer ????????????
    I go once a month ---- THIS IS A COMMERCE ???????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ???????

  • Same problem. Once I've connected to my personal computer from work network and now I'm  disconnected  from any network after 15 seconds of usage (probably a bug) with 15 minutes of timeout.

    Looks like my account was generally marked as commercial. Cannot find any options to resolve this misunderstanding.

    I know that Free accounts is not a priority users for Team Viewer, but such behavior literally pushes to migrate to other solutions. Is that the purpose you trying to aim?

  • Dear Sirs,
    From some months ago till now every time I start Team Viewer a box appears saying this software is free for personal use only and I will be able to be connected for 5 minutes only... Why is this happening? I didn't do any change in the way I use it, so why did this started to happen in the first place?
    My use of Team Viewer since the beginning is the same - personal use only!!! I help my parents with their PC's and laptops, and my own desktop PC's. Nothing professional, only private!
    How can I prove this in order to be able to keep using it as always did before that box started to show up?
    Would be very grateful if you could review this situation and make my plan free for personal use only again. 
    Tks in advance
  • I am trying to use Free Teamviewer to assist friends and family with setting up addons for World of Warcraft and every time that I connect to one of them to try and do so I get disconnected with a timeout message after 30 seconds. This issue makes it impossible to help anyone since I cannot stay connected long enough to help them. How can I fix this issue?  

    Thanks in advance.

    Michael M

  • Hello!

    I have several PCs at my friends home and at my home

    Computers work autonomously, for example, mining or parsing.

    Sometimes I need to remotely check and fix the process on PC

    Often there is a problem with the license.

    I do not have a company, this is a home project.

    Can I solve the problem with the license and use the free version?

  • I can not use TeamViewer freely when trying, the session is closed I am not a computer scientist does not conduct any activity

  • Hi

    I accidentally logged into my private teamviewer account on a corporate machine and now I can't have sustained sessions for private use because corporate use has been detected. I have logged into the corporate account now, so I can use the corporate account without issues, but my private account is now treated as corporate user without license.

    How do I "reset" my private account to its free status? I have already deleted the corporate machine from My Computers on my private account.




  • Hello there. Some weeks ago I send a request via the form to teamviewer company because I had the usual problem of suspected commercial use. Thankfully, the company replied and declared my PC account, free non commercial.

    At that point I was happy but after a few hours I discovered that my other computer, a MacBook (which of course is registered under the same account/password I use for teamviewer), had a different ID and it started to suspect commercial use and dropped the connection.

    I don't understand. Isn't teamviewer system able to see that both computers are under the same free account holder?

    Do I have to send a new free use teamviewer form the company?

  • Hello!

    I've fileed the form complainting of wrong suspection of commercial use more than 2 weeks ago, but still didn't get the answer to my email. Could you help please? The email is the same as in my account

    Thanks in advance

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    Tried twice over the years to use TV for purely none gain, but as everyone else suggests we get hounded to subscribe at ridiculous monthly costs. I'm sure even some of us who "like to help family" would be willing to pay a "nominal" fee per month to support friends and family for the solid access that TV offers.  Failure to consider this will ultimately  mean that more people will resort to using competitors like **Third Party Product** which while not as smooth as TV works most of the time flawlessly, just slightly differently..

    OK so TV doesn't give a monkeys and as to asking for them to review my usage< i wasted my time even tryin. Over 2 weeks later and still no response as expected both based on previous attempts and on more recent complaints online. I'm not a business person in any way shape etc, but I cannot understand how your business model works when the majority of people who expect this app to be free then get screwed over after getting used to using it, after being told you can use it if you're not a business deserve to be treated in such a cavalier way.  I have used TV for probably 5 years off and on as I still consider it to be a solid performer, but, for my limited needs will have to seriously consider reverting to **Third Party Product**, which, from my experience, means that, giving TV a wide berth for a few months then gives me some respite in using TV again down the line.  But like a failed relationship how many times will one return to said failed relationship?!!  Love the product , hate the **bleep** behind it.

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    What's that?

    Ah I worked it out.  Might be of use but no android app, I like to access my home pc from my phone from time to time.

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    Me neither

  • There should't be a 'low priced personal solution'. That's the whole point of 'free for personal use'...

    Happened to me three times now, even though I actually only use it for school. (I study IT)
    I don't even use it that often...

  • Still no answer here nor on email.

    Could some of moderators answer please?

    @Esther @JeanK @apapakostas @JoshP @Nadin1 

  • I haven't used TeamViewer to connect from my personal laptop to my Desktop in month or so, and now its booting me after a min or 2 and says im using it commercially.  

    Both devices are not part of a company, personally owned.

    How do we get this unflagged as commercial ?

  • Same problem here... I need it to help my grandmother, and now it is a pain in the **bleep**... ¬¬"

  • Same here I'm getting very annoyed with Team Viewer this past month. It has been great for 6 or 7 years but all of a sudden it keeps giving me that Comercial use detected popup. I use it to connect to my gaming\Media\Plex rig to download anew movie to Plex Acc. when Im at my Dads house and that it.


  • You need to fill out a form online to have it reset. Ive done it but it didnt help much. Hence why I am BACK to find a Support Team Member to try and fix it for good hopefully or Im going to find another Remote desktop service.

  • I filled out and submitted a "Declaration of Private Use" form two months ago and have not heard anything since.  What are my options now?

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    Find alternative, give up wasting your time with this, as good as it is, it's all a sham, they say it's free but clip your wings as quick as they can. I've applied on numerous occasions over the last few years **bleep** have never had any replies.  Their free use is a crock of you know what.

  • I have found Windows 10 comes with a nice app called "Quick Assist".  At work we've switched to **Third Party Product**.  For always on access, **Third Party Product** seems to work well.  Some of my older friends still use TeamViewer, hence my hope to have it restored.  Oh well, you're probably right.

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    I can recommend **third party product**. I, too, do not Understand TeamViewers current sub-optimal strategy. If they need money then charge, then all fee, but stop this blocking policy and reply to emails and reduce immensely the delay when one submit the "Private use declaration form"- I wonder if Teamviewer has a new management and they caused this unnecessary upheaval? I wonder if the Teamviewer Team actually look at these comments. I would never use **third party product** for remote control- they a data collectors.