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    I am having the Commercial Use Detected problem.  I had the same problem many months ago and it was resolved and my TV was set back to free, now it has happened again.  I submitted a ticket, but it was more than 7 days ago and still no one has contacted me nor has my TV been reset to free.  Why is there no way to speak to anyone about this and it's so difficult to resolve??

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    Never made money from Team. How to restart the id?

    Letter- wrote. Do not answer

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    Completely agree!  I have been waiting for more than 7 days with NO response.  

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    No company could be this incompetent. The simple fact is they want us free users to be **bleep**ed off and find something else while they still pretend they are free for non-commercial use.

    Just look at the facts. this problem has been going on for years and there are close to 100 pages of contributions. And that doesn't count the posts that have been deleted like this one probably will be.

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    Which ever "Manager" who thought up this very sub-optimal scheme should perhaps be given another much less damaging to Team Viewer.
  • Hi,

    I started a chat with TeamViewer Support regarding this error.

    If you are not aware, TeamViewer *monitors* the network that you are conducting your Remote Control sessions on.

    In my case, I was using TeamViewer on my employer's network to connect to my personal laptop for troubleshooting.

    Even though the usage was personal, the network it was conducted on was commercial - and that, apparently, is what TeamViewer is focusing on.  This is according to TeamViewer support agent, Angie.

    So, if you are receiving the "commercial use detected" error and you're initiating the session over a business network, you'll either have to apply for an exemption or conduct your session on a public network.

    A personal VPN may work to circumvent this detection, but I have not verified this.

    Hope this helps.

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    There are a lot of users that have been unjustifiably cut off. The question is how does TV know what commercial is or not? Very obviously TV does not know.
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    How do I apply to an exemption? I use TeamViewer to connect from my employer's network to my home network for browsing, music etc which is filtered out on the corporate network.




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    Here is Section B.3.4 of the EULA:

    3.4.Scope of use for Free Version.

    The use of the Free Version is solely permitted for the Customer’s own, private, non-commercial purposes (e.g. free computer support for a spouse/partner). The use of the Free Version for the exercise of the Customer’s own trade or profession or the use for purposes for which the Customer directly or indirectly receives compensation (e.g. team work with colleagues, free support provided to third parties which have bought software of the Customer) does not qualify as private use. End

    It does not talk about the network, but about what is being done. It seems clear that TV is enforcing a different set of rules, or is taking the easy way out by using a simple-minded algorithm rather than an accurate determination of how TV is being used. Enforcement needs to match the EULA.

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    after reading through all this i dont feel so bad anymore.  i thought it was just me having this problem.  i mean i know i have a lot of devices in my house and like to help out my family with quick fixes but dag on... forcing me into commercial use without at least checking or some kind of warning to what could have trigged the conversion is down right **bleep**.  what needs to be done to have my account switched back and stay that way

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    I use my product to connect to my remote server that doesn't have a monitor.
    I don't get paid for it, so free lincene seems to be a good thing.

    Recently, he still disconnects me after a few seconds and gets blocked for 5 minutes, and so all the time.

    Earlier it worked without a problem.

    At this point, I am forced to use other solutions that work much less well, because I can't afford to buy a license for the whole year.

    Can you explain to me and give me more information.


    Best Regards

    Daria Wach

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    I have the same problem. My Android app says that "commercial use detected". Then it closes after few seconds, and I can't connect anymore. I can't use the software at all. And I'm not using Teamviewer commercially. This started some time ago.

    I have't even used Teamviewer except occasionally, and not for commercial use. Now I have to seek for alternative softwares if there's no solution.

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    Same here and its getting old fast....

  • Hello, when connected to a remote computer, it throws me out after a few seconds, as it was suspected of commercial use. I have 5 devices connected: a personal computer, a personal smartphone, 2 parent computers (I help them sometimes on some issues), and a personal computer at work. I do not use team viewer for commercial purposes, please unlock my account

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    I've been using teamviewer free for years to help my friends, coworkers and my elderly parents.  for the last 6 months or so, I've been getting the same Commercial Use error.   Teamviewer support even looked into it and the deemed my account as free and reset it.  Now , the first time of trying to use it when my parents are having a windows update problem, I can't use it again because of some new algorithm is messing things up for us all.  I'm so perturbed right now, I'm so mad I can't take care of my mom.

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    I need to talk to a live representative to discuss the fact that I have never used nor have a need for commercial use but they have tagged me as a commercial user.  However, they don't respond to the requested information I sent in to show I am not a commercial user.  How do I contact someone at TV to discuss this?

  • It gets even crazier.

    I posted earlier how TeamViewer monitors and detects the network that you are using TeamViewer on.

    In my case, I was using TeamViewer on my company's network.

    I discovered that my company's TeamViewer *Enterprise* license expired on the same day I started getting "corporate use detected" warnings for my personal TeamViewer sessions.

    Once my company paid-the-bill and the Enterpise license was restored for my company's network, then *all* TeamViewer sessions, corporate and personal, were successful.

    So, if you're receiving the warning messages about corporate use, or you see your sessions suddenly turn to "Free-to-use" but expired, check with the network admin and/or the finance department of the network you are surfing from.

    Also, the email that TeamViewer sends for expiring Enterprise licenses gets flagged as spam - making it even more difficult to monitor.

    Hope this helps

  • I continue to get blocked from being able to connect to my PC from my Laptop. Teamviewer reason is I am using it for commercial use. This is not the case. I have tried to reach out to them on FaceBook and online. Nothing works. 

    I use my laptop (which is slower than dirt) to connect to my PC so  I can browse the internet or update my budget. Really nothing more. 

    I refuse to pay teamviewer for what should be free for personal use. Any help would be great. I have already complete a form that was suggested to my from their FB and they still block me. 

    For the moment I use **bleep** to access my PC. At this point I should just go buy whatever I need to make my PC Wi-Fi compatable and be done with teamviewer all together. 

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    Guys, I filled the form more than 1 month ago, and didn't get the answer from you. What is a problem here?

  • DanMor
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    Guys, I filled the form of wrong commercial suspect more than 1 month ago, and didn't get the answer from you. I am using the Team Viewer only for personal purposes, but it's working only 1 minute now. What is a problem here?

  • Hello. I am a personal user. I am not a commercial user. I can't use it due to trial period error. Could you please help me?

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    I have sent a ticket for "commercial use detected", filled out the form and emailed it back in and still no response.  Why does this take so long to resolve, and why can't anyone take the time to respond to tickets/forms/inquiries??  This process is insanely long!

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    Yes, I think we have all gone through this long stage of getting re-accepted. What Teamviewer hope to achieve from this is difficult to ascertain, but Teamviewer is losing a lot of people. I like teamviewer but no longer have any trust in it because one does not know if one be regarded as a commercial user in future and the long, long wait to get recognized as a non-commercial user. Not one of your best ideas, Teamviewer -- I fail to see any strategy in your current course..
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    Hello there,

    I am aware I should be completing a form in order to get help with my issue. However, I do not have the available information to do fill it. To make this simpler, I will tell you my entire setup in a few lines.

    Laptop - I use a laptop to access my computer and work on coding whenever I'm not busy in college.

    School Computer - Well, pretty self-explanatory

    Desktop - What I store my coding tools and everything of the kind/What I remotely access

    I am able to log into my Desktop from the School Computer without receiving a commercial use suspected message then a connection expired. Friends logged into my Desktop to test it as well without an issue.

    However, I am not able to log into my Desktop from my Laptop. I automatically get both messages and my Teamviewer gets locked. I do not use anything other than Discord, Word, Google Chrome and sometimes a game or two on Steam on the Laptop.

    My friend logged into my Laptop without receiving any messages. Everything went well. 

    Why is the commercial use message only happening whenever I use Laptop to Desktop ? How can I tell which device to provide in the form? I'm really unsure what to do.

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    My teamview was blocked. I am using teamviewer as non-commercially.

    My account is: [The personal information has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

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    TeamViewer, have you ever thought of the fact that it takes so long for you to resolve these issues that there is no way that the majority if not all of us could be using this commercially, or we would be losing tons of business??  Doesn't even make any sense.  If all these people were using it commercially, thier business would be in trouble since it takes close to a month to resolve this simple issue.

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    Same for me. Using TV in a home environment, then getting a popup that my connection will be limited to 5 minutes (which would be kind of okay-ish), but then I get kicked after 1 minute and are unable to reconnect.