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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • SBreako
    SBreako Posts: 1

    I need to talk to a live representative to discuss the fact that I have never used nor have a need for commercial use but they have tagged me as a commercial user.  However, they don't respond to the requested information I sent in to show I am not a commercial user.  How do I contact someone at TV to discuss this?

  • It gets even crazier.

    I posted earlier how TeamViewer monitors and detects the network that you are using TeamViewer on.

    In my case, I was using TeamViewer on my company's network.

    I discovered that my company's TeamViewer *Enterprise* license expired on the same day I started getting "corporate use detected" warnings for my personal TeamViewer sessions.

    Once my company paid-the-bill and the Enterpise license was restored for my company's network, then *all* TeamViewer sessions, corporate and personal, were successful.

    So, if you're receiving the warning messages about corporate use, or you see your sessions suddenly turn to "Free-to-use" but expired, check with the network admin and/or the finance department of the network you are surfing from.

    Also, the email that TeamViewer sends for expiring Enterprise licenses gets flagged as spam - making it even more difficult to monitor.

    Hope this helps

  • I continue to get blocked from being able to connect to my PC from my Laptop. Teamviewer reason is I am using it for commercial use. This is not the case. I have tried to reach out to them on FaceBook and online. Nothing works. 

    I use my laptop (which is slower than dirt) to connect to my PC so  I can browse the internet or update my budget. Really nothing more. 

    I refuse to pay teamviewer for what should be free for personal use. Any help would be great. I have already complete a form that was suggested to my from their FB and they still block me. 

    For the moment I use Chrome Remote Desktop to access my PC. At this point I should just go buy whatever I need to make my PC Wi-Fi compatable and be done with teamviewer all together. 

  • DanMor
    DanMor Posts: 7

    Guys, I filled the form more than 1 month ago, and didn't get the answer from you. What is a problem here?

  • DanMor
    DanMor Posts: 7

    Guys, I filled the form of wrong commercial suspect more than 1 month ago, and didn't get the answer from you. I am using the Team Viewer only for personal purposes, but it's working only 1 minute now. What is a problem here?

  • shropshirelad
    shropshirelad Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Can I have a explanation to why I have put a ticket in once a week the past 4 weeks and had no reply. Keep getting commercial usage detected. I am unable to use software on my family pc until its reset. I rang support line to be told get of the line and wait. 

  • Hello. I am a personal user. I am not a commercial user. I can't use it due to trial period error. Could you please help me?

  • neptune
    neptune Posts: 6

    I have sent a ticket for "commercial use detected", filled out the form and emailed it back in and still no response.  Why does this take so long to resolve, and why can't anyone take the time to respond to tickets/forms/inquiries??  This process is insanely long!

  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Yes, I think we have all gone through this long stage of getting re-accepted. What Teamviewer hope to achieve from this is difficult to ascertain, but Teamviewer is losing a lot of people. I like teamviewer but no longer have any trust in it because one does not know if one be regarded as a commercial user in future and the long, long wait to get recognized as a non-commercial user. Not one of your best ideas, Teamviewer -- I fail to see any strategy in your current course..
  • Nhyv
    Nhyv Posts: 1

    Hello there,

    I am aware I should be completing a form in order to get help with my issue. However, I do not have the available information to do fill it. To make this simpler, I will tell you my entire setup in a few lines.

    Laptop - I use a laptop to access my computer and work on coding whenever I'm not busy in college.

    School Computer - Well, pretty self-explanatory

    Desktop - What I store my coding tools and everything of the kind/What I remotely access

    I am able to log into my Desktop from the School Computer without receiving a commercial use suspected message then a connection expired. Friends logged into my Desktop to test it as well without an issue.

    However, I am not able to log into my Desktop from my Laptop. I automatically get both messages and my Teamviewer gets locked. I do not use anything other than Discord, Word, Google Chrome and sometimes a game or two on Steam on the Laptop.

    My friend logged into my Laptop without receiving any messages. Everything went well. 

    Why is the commercial use message only happening whenever I use Laptop to Desktop ? How can I tell which device to provide in the form? I'm really unsure what to do.

  • LeTuanVn
    LeTuanVn Posts: 1

    My teamview was blocked. I am using teamviewer as non-commercially.

    My account is: [The personal information has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

  • neptune
    neptune Posts: 6

    TeamViewer, have you ever thought of the fact that it takes so long for you to resolve these issues that there is no way that the majority if not all of us could be using this commercially, or we would be losing tons of business??  Doesn't even make any sense.  If all these people were using it commercially, thier business would be in trouble since it takes close to a month to resolve this simple issue.

  • mavo82
    mavo82 Posts: 1

    Same for me. Using TV in a home environment, then getting a popup that my connection will be limited to 5 minutes (which would be kind of okay-ish), but then I get kicked after 1 minute and are unable to reconnect.

  • Elaine-remote
    Elaine-remote Posts: 1

    I am home thanks I am a

  • Hello. 

    I have used Teamviewer since years and somehow I was recently marked as non free user.

    I used Teamviewer to help my parent, my gf or my friend with their laptops.

    After being marked I cannot help them anymore since the sessions only last couple minutes.

    Is there any way to get my free license back?


    Thanks in advance

  • Michios
    Michios Posts: 1


    I took bad version for comercial user no for free user. Please change me this licesne.

  • 2U1C1D3
    2U1C1D3 Posts: 1

    Hallo zusammen!

    Ich nutze TeamViewer unter Ubuntu 18.04 als 64bit-Version. Installiert habe ich derzeit aus dem deb-Package 15.3.1682, welches aktuell zum Download angeboten wird.

    Nach dem Verdacht der kommerziellen Nutzung habe ich um Reset der Sperre gebeten und das wurde auch durchgeführt. Seitdem kann ich über den Browser oder über mein Smartphone wieder auf alle meine IDs zugreifen. Nur die Linux-Installation auf meinem Desktop hat den Reset nicht verarbeitet. Hier wird mir nach wie vor angezeigt, dass der Verdacht auf kommerzielle Nutzung besteht.

    Die ID meines Linux-Rechners ist selbstverständlich auch mit meinem Konto verknüpft in dem sich mein Smartphone befindet und auch über das ich den Webzugriff durchgeführt habe.

    Ich habe bereits versucht den TV restlos vom System zu entfernen. Nicht nur über apt-get, sondern auch die überbleibenden Ordner welche mir find im Zusammenhang mit TV angezeigt hat.

    Kann mir jemand sagen woran das liegt? Wo hier noch Dateien versteckt sein könnten? Oder gibt es hier ein Procedere welches mir Tante google noch verschwiegen hat?

    Danke, Stefan

  • neptune
    neptune Posts: 6

    So, I've put in my request to go back to the free versionin mid February.  Sent in the additional form on March 4, and STILL have not been restored.  Why in the world does this take so long, and why doesn't anyone respond?????  Customer service for TV is absolutely horrible!

  • Brianof9
    Brianof9 Posts: 4

    Ive been using TV for w while now and i have found that when I try to connect to my daughter laptop when she is in Hawaii, I keep getting disconnected because of a slow internet connection. The same thing happens to my brother in Vegas.  Now...if i try to reconnect after being connected for 30 secs i then cant reconnect for 15 min.   Teamviewer has removed the flag several times, but now I cant even use Teamviewer to remote into a computer at my home for the same stupid problem.  I'm not understanding why i keep getting flagged for this.  I reached out to teamviewer several times and now i get no responce.  If my family didnt need my help i would not even think about using teamviewer anymore.  This is so **Bleep**. i've tried to call for support, but i keep getting hung up on.  Any suggestions on how to get someone for help to fix this?

  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 27 ✭✭
    This is a nervy "Never Ending Story". I fail to see why Teamviewer is pursuing this course, but as I wrote before, I assume a rather new manager came out this gem. It is destroying TVs good name and Image. People will look for alternatives. I assume this is exactly what TV wants - cut the freeware...perhaps commercially sensible, but let us have a clean cut then and not this slow death.
  • yes everyone that has a personal use account  is getting flagged

  • I submitted a commercial use form almost 2 months ago and I have not got any feedback. Meanwhile, I still cant connect to my moms computer and she has constant issues.  

  • Brianof9
    Brianof9 Posts: 4

    I finally spoke to someone from team viewer by calling the sales number for support and they told me that the reason that i was probally flagged is because the internet connect connection of the computer that i'm trying to connect to is probally a commercial internet.  Well...I just thought, arent they all? or were they feeding me bull.  Reason i think so, my daughter does not have internet where shes visiting and so she goes to dennys or the Hotel and uses their wifi, well this is a commercial internet for personal use or at her condo where they provide internet vie Cox Communications or at my other daughters internet in her dorm room is commercial internet.  I even have comcast at home and i get flagged just for logging into my computer at home....the same house. Is that commercial?  So whats the point?  

    I asked the IT guy at my job about this and he said that they are lying about the connection because Domains tells if the internet is business or not. Example (Comcast Business or Comcast residential, Cox Business or Cox residential, WOW Business or Wow residential)  I dont know how they tell, but if my connection is in my home, then its a home internet.  Am i wrong?

  • neptune
    neptune Posts: 6

    HELLO TEAM VIEWER, DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY WORK HERE?????   I have done everything you have asked for and still NO response or restoration.  I started this process February 20, then when I was asked to fill out the exemption form, did that on March 4.  Now over a week later from that STILL ZERO RESPONSE.  This thread is full of the same issue and you apparently do not care at all about your customer service.  I have been using this for quite a while now and can't believe the lack of contact and support.  Clearly no one complaining of this issue actually uses TV commerciall because we would all be out of business by now waiting about a month for a response from you.  Why can't you get it together on this issue?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • chuk4ik
    chuk4ik Posts: 1

    Got a response to my unlock request. "Your TeamViewer ID has been reset to free TV:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**"   But ... the first thing I saw was a message about commercial use and extortion of money.   Nothing changed.


  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I suspect the long delays are deliberate and is a filter to see who really is a non-commercial user for the reason you mentioned. @TeamViewer: Can you please stop this practise and if the free version is to be scrapped then tell us. That is much better than your current practise or release a non-commercial viewer for a reasonable yearly fee. But stop the current TeamViewer non-commercial application policy.
  • ssybesma
    ssybesma Posts: 18 ✭✭
    The solution does not work after 3 attempts!!! I'm not using commercially whatsoever.
  • orion330
    orion330 Posts: 1

    I am having same problem. Use Teamviewer to help my family and it thinks I am using it commerically. I am not using it commerically.

    Please advise how I  can fix this issue.


  • Midjet76
    Midjet76 Posts: 20 ✭✭

    @orion330 wrote:

    I am having same problem. Use Teamviewer to help my family and it thinks I am using it commerically. I am not using it commerically.

    Please advise how I  can fix this issue.


    You can't, try reading the comments preceding yours to get s good idea what's going on here

    Sorry to sound harsh but unfortunately it's true.

  • Hi I use a free version program. Even though I don't use the program commercially, I get error that I use it this way and my connection is blocked for some time. The problem arose when I used it to connect to my girlfriend's new computer...