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  • Coucou :)

    Ne t'inquiete pas, teamviewer fais juste sa pour que tu achete une license chez eux. Sa fais des années que tous les 6 mois mon compte et bloqué pour utilisation Commercial alors que je n'utilise que pour aidé quelque amis ou pire pour me co en local sur mon pc portable qui est a coté de moi mais pour eux je fais de l'assistance utilisateur.

    Bienvenue chez Teamviewer, au passage ta chopper ou le lien pour avoir le support je le trouve plus


  • si je m'inquiete car pour le moment je n'ai droit qu'a 5 minute de connexion et ce n'est pas suffisant dans beaucoup de cas.Pour avoir le support j'ai écrit ici:



  • Good Morning,

    i use teaviewer to manage my  private remote observatory.

    This morning it returns the message i cannot connect because the destination is used for commercial purposes.. but this is not true because is my private Windows 2008 Server i use to manage the observatory. How to solve this?

  • iainwels
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    Hello Andrewt81,

    I think that when you are trying to connect to a server it thinks it is gonna be used for business because a 99 of the 100 people do not have server for personal use... 

    A teamviewer business account is not all that expensive 32 euro's a month

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using teamviewer!

    With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
    Iain Wels,
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  • Not interested in a commercial License, i'm in 1% who use Server OS for personal use and as stated in License Agreement i want my free account. Nowhere is written that operating system is a requirement from free to commercial.

    Who i need to contact to restore my regular free license?

  • iainwels
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    Hello Andrewt81,

    I've fact checked myself, and it is correct that you'll need to buy a licence to get a connection with a server. The only thing that you can do if you want to connect to a server is buy a licence... I am sorry but there is nothing that i can do that helps youy solve this issue! I am sorry.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using teamviewer.

    With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
    Iain Wels,
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  • Jonathan
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    Hi Andrewt81,

    Thanks for your post's!

    @iainwels thanks for your help on this one.

    @Andrewt81, please have a look at the following article, and notice in the first paragraph it says "Alternatively your machine runs a Windows Server operating system, classifying usage as commercial automatically"

    If you are indeed using TeamViewer on a server, this will require a license.

    All the best,


  • Sleepy
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    it says my license is commercial but it isnt, and the person i connected to isnt using a commercial license. then it locks me out of re connection to  someone why is this happening can anyone help?

  • Hello,

    TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially, so I tried to contact support and they say :

    " Due to the high number of private inquiries, we can't provide email support to private users. You can find answers to the most common questions in our Community and Knowledge Base. "

    So i tried to contact "Community" and it say :

    " First things first: Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community. "

    If the support and the community can't help me, who can help me please ? I'm limited to 5 minutes only and when I relog after it's tell me to wait 10 minutes ...

    I'm using TeamViewer with few friends and familly only (less than 10 contacts), currently 3 registered into my account and my own 2 computers and 1 smartphone. Perhaps it's because I'm using a VPN ?

    Best regards,

  • I installed Teamviewer and didnt realize i selected a Company version until I was told my trial period was expired. I uninstalled the program. I then went to install for the Personal use and it continues to default back to login screen which says my trail has expired.

    How do I fully remove the company trail version and re-install the personal use. I can't call support because I am not a paying customer.



  • Jomel
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    Can you also help mine pls? I have submitted the verification form for private use. But there is no reply. My ticket ID #3520474. Pls help.
  • I accidentally chose the wrong option of TeamViewer when I reformatted my laptop a few weeks ago. Now, I am running a trial version and have extended the trial version once. Now I am afraid that I will lose access to the software.

    My ticket id is 3520361 and I hope someone can help me before my trial runs out!

  • MarkHounslow
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    Hi, I have recently taken ownership of a laptop that had previously used Teamviewer in a commercial environment ( licensed ). I uninstalled the software ( TV8 ) and downloaded the latest version of Teamviewer for personal use. However, whenever it starts up it is still holding on to the fact that this PC has previously been used in a commercial setting with a commercial license that is not valid for Teamviewer 12 ( which I intend to use for personal purposes ). This PC will never again be used in a commercial setting - please advise what I can do ? Best regards - Mark Hounslow

  • Hi,

    You have to scour the HD and delete it of the previous config files. I use's Everything tool to find the TeamVewer stuff in %appdata% before reinstalling the free version.

  • For Windows, delete all the previous TeamViewer config info in %appdata% etc that are left behind even after an official uninstall. If you can't see hidden files, use something like's Everything.

    Then you can reinstall the Free version.

  • Dear support teamviewer

    i use teamview for support my friends
    I have mistake set up teamviewer version 12 company on my macbook win 10. And now this version has expired.
    Please guide me change to version personal . I want to use free version
    Many thanks
  • MarkHounslow
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    Hi ,


    Many thanks for the repsonse - I have tried as suggested :-

    - Uninstall

    - Delete Teamviewer related info from %appdata%

    - Search and delete any Teamviewer keys from the registry

    - Use's Everything program to find any other traces ....

    - Reinstall  -but still getting message that Teamviewer has detected commercial use ( "This software seems to be used in commercial environments" ) ..... this was true, but is no longer the case oing forward !!

    How can I get Teamviewer to forget it's previous life ?

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.

    Best regards,

    Mark H


  • I don't know what else to suggest because this is all I had to do earlier this week to fix the same problem but the commercial trial I had installed as for v11 and I was running the freeware v12 afterwards.

    This is on Win10 Pro 64-bit Creator's Update on a domain.

  • MarkHounslow
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    Many thanks for the suggestions - but still no luck !

    I wonder if there is any validation taking place at the Teamviewer server side which is picking up on the MAC address of the network adapter that I am connecting through, and has an association between that and a commercial version of the license ? 

    Would appreciate if anyone knows if this is likely ?

    Best regards as always !

  • Do they want to force us to buy?

  • @leanhhcm wrote:

    Do they want to force us to buy?

    That's how I see it. Eventhough I do not use it for profit but rather to help friends and family computer issues I would be willing to pay $12 every year but not these prices [link removed]

  • MrJoe
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    Yeah, I submitted a ticket, provided logs, did the needful. Still have not getten a response on how to fix this.

    In my case, I was re-imaging a system, and I think I accidentally installed the commercial version instead of the free version. Ever since them one of my PC's will randomly throw this error. I tried removing and doing a clean sweep of the software on all systems, but my primary system has the issue again.

    It's starting to look like I need to find something else to use, and I have a new company to shun because of lack of support.

  • Hi Jose:

    I put a ticket 3520361 for personal use verification. Could you assist and check the status. I have not heard anything in the past few weeks.


  • I put a ticket 3520361 for personal use verification. Could you assist and check the status. I have not heard anything in the past few weeks.


  • Recently, my mother had her computer refreshed since it refuse to restart, and I've used the utilities within my TeamViewer account to send her a download link for my account specifically to allow for me to help her out with various computer issues. However, now when we I remote connect it limits my connection to 5 minutes. I've linked it directly to my account, loggin it, setting it up for easy connect, but still I recieve the time limit. Is there any way to rectify this?

    Thanks for any help in this!

  • bartlanz
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    When you installed the host did you select business use? Or is her system running a server OS (this is unlikely)?

    Either of those would give you the five min limit.

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  • Nope, the only choices were to run it as a Host account or a temporary run from the link that I gave her. She's running WIndow 10 64-Bit Home

  • bartlanz
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    It was pointed out to me that you provided her a custom link to a custom host. That is a feature that is only offered to paid users. That is most likely the source of your issue. Have her uninstall the custom host and download and install the standard host or full TeamViewer and the issue should go away.

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  • translate in english via google translator

    Good morning I can not connect to the program writes that the license has expired what to do.

    ДОброе Утро не могу подключится к программе пишит что кончилась лицензия что делать.