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    Before I can see what problem my friend is having, TeamViewer disconnects and tells me I am locked out for 20 seconds, but even after waiting long past that, will not allow reconnect. What am I doing wrong?

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    I've been using your teamviewer software for more than 12 years and I find it awesome !

    However, we're encountering issues I cannot explain, and I need your expertise.

    I use teamviewer for non-commercial use, especially in a supporting association connected to a protestant church with volunteers.

    This allows me to remotely perform maintenance operations in case of issues.

    Due to COVID situation, this remotely use is more important than ever.

    In order to be the most efficient as possible, I have created a dedicated account which allows me to gather all the computers I use to work in "computer & contact".

    Actually, all my remote access operations work perfectly, using my**Information removed as per Community Guidelines**account.

    I'm now pushed to delegate some of my operations to another person. For obvious reasons, I do not wish to give him my ID & Passwd, as some of my contacts are private (family). 

    Therefore, we have created a personal teamviewer account : **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

    Then we have added the same device to his contact, in order to allow him the remote access to the same computers. We have tested locally & remotely on January, 15 and it worked perfectly.

    Today, my colleague made another attempt to remotely connect to the computers from his home, and each attempt came to failure. Most of the time, it asks for a password, although never been required before, even with this account.

    With dumas.blr, connexion behavior is not similar (see attached video)

    connexion to "entraide accueil" (timestamps 00:00:00 to 00:00:29) -> connexion successful

    With Philipe Weber:

    connexion to "entraide accueil" (timestamps 00:00:39 to 00:00:46) -> connexion failed 

    you can see the different option setup attached to this account timestamps 00:00:46 to 00:01:20

    My question :

    can we have a restraint or conflict issue in the free version with the same ID declared with different accounts ?

    For information

    Here are the different TeamViewer ID.

    Expecting for your expertise.


    Jean-Yves DUMAS

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    I just opened up a personal use account and when I reach out to my connection, it won't stay on longer than about 10 seconds.

  • My free account is being treat aa business account but I don't use it for a business

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    Why did I get get off after a few second and locked out on subsequent retry attempts

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    I have used team viewer for years to help my friends with issues, and yesterday I tried to remote into my friend's computer and it the application said that it had detected commercial use. I've never charged for my help, and I've never used teamviewer for work (we have our own remote software). When I connect, it automatically disconnects and says I can't reconnect for ~18 minutes.

    I was hoping someone could go into my account and clear this issue up.

    His ISP is Cox Communications (persona, non-business) and my ISP is AT&T (personal, non-business).

    I can provide IP's if necessary, but I was hoping this would be easy to clear up.

    We had to use **Third Party Product** last time, hoping to switch back.

  • I have a free account and it saying I'm using it for a business. How do I submit I'm using it for personal use

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    I've been using TeamViewer for maybe a year or so to help my 88 year old father on his computer now and then.

    But this past couple of weeks, I connect to his computer, then within seconds it time's out, says that's all I get, and thank you.

    Then, I can't reconnect for a while.

    What changed? What can I do?


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    I have only used my account to access my own computer from my phone as well as my kids, parents, and grandparents' computers to assist them with updates and problems they run into from time to time. Recently my account has been flagged as a commercial account for some reason, I have had to do a lot of TeamViewer sessions particularly with my grandparent's computers trying to fix the last couple of windows update issues, so my time has increased there however it was still for personal use. How do I get my account changed back to personal use only to avoid the 5min timeout issue.



  • Hello,

    i downloaded the free teamviewer on my work and home computer and now my home computer get rejected from sharing screens. I did this so i could help my children with their school work as i work full time and they have been doing digital learning. I do not use it often but when they are out of school, i need it.

    Since my computer got rejected, i had the commercial teamviewer added and they still cannot log on to my desktop. My kids are back at school this week but there is no telling if they will call school off again so i would like a solution

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    Every time I sign in by the time I enter the password I get bumped off with message that says timed out. I have recently had to have reset because they said I was using commercially I only use team viewer for years with 1 friend to help her with her computer problem. I have requested a reply several time and have not received one. Can someone please help me with this issue.

  • I get timed out of teamviewer, while in a session, within a few seconds

  • Hello,

    We have been using TeamViewer for over 6 years, and we have had the same computer in our account login profile for this duration. Recently- we started having an issue with only one of the Computers ( location). When we try to remotely login into that computer or use that computer to log in to the others, it kicks us out due to commercial use detection. As mentioned, we have been using TEAMVIEWER for years without any issues- and for personal use.

    After some guidance, we have done the reset account steps where you sign a PDF and scan it back, and we keep getting the confirmation email saying that our account has been reactivated, but it still does not work.

    Please advise.

  • I am using a Free version for Personal use and it disconnects me immediately within 1-3 minutes of successfully connecting. I have reinstalled the software multiple times and no luck. Please assist and advise. Thanks

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    I am trying to start online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime on 93 year old's windows PC. Once I start the video, I EXIT Teamviewer from my PC and the LIKE window pops up in the center of the on his screen, blocking the video.

    Is there any setting to avoid this? Maybe a timeout after x seconds?

    Will a pay version solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance

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    I am a graduate student at the University of Miami Industrial Engineering Department. I have been using teamviewer since last year when lockdown started to use my lab computer from home for my thesis. But now when I'm trying to connect, I'm getting the error "Unable to connect" saying license limits maximum session duration. Sometimes it connects for 1 minute or so and then disconnects automatically.

    How can I solve this issue?

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    I am having the same problem. Been using TeamViewer for years and suddenly it is flagging my account.

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    I am using the free account, but before I can do anything, Teamviewer "times" me out.

  • eddieP
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    I have been using Teamviewer for years, just helping a few family members, but now it is frustrating to use. I am retired and I can't afford the commercial plan.

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    I am having the same problems. I too use the software to support my 64 yr old mother and 84 yr old grandmother.. both live hours away from me. I use it to set up things for them to stream. This is very upsetting as I have used the software for years and have told many others what a great solution it is. I have had many buy the commercial software... I donno what to do now. My frustration is at at an all time high and as a computer professional I am highly disappointed.

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    Teamviewr want to force you to purchase the product, If you need help from your family, you can search for alternative programs

    Simply type in google search engine ( Teamviewr Vs ... ) google will suggest the altornative app . good luck

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    Teamviewr want to force you to purchase the product, If you connect to lab computer , you can search for alternative programs

    Simply type in google search engine ( Teamviewr Vs ... ) google will suggest the altornative app . good luck

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    I am connecting to a computer that I have connected to for years. Now within seconds after connection it disconnects and says the time of usage is up and I can sign back in after a few minutes. But it continues to happen after a few seconds of connecting.

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    i have the free version to assess clients but once i connect,it boots me off

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    This happens to me also but only for one computer. The other computer is fine.

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    Hi @Витал,

    Thank you for your post 🙌

    In order to understand your issue, could you please translate the error message into English?

    It would be great if you could share more details about the issue as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • I sign in and before i can do anything, i get timed out

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    I only use Team Viewer for personal use. I have used it for over a year But now says I am a business user and I keep getting timed out

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    I posted the same problem 1/30/2021... When I checked today it was removed by ???

    I put in a ticket request regarding 'Was commercial use detected on your TeamViewer ID?' and am waiting for a response.

    Below is what I submitted to, and basically what I posted in my 'lost post'...

    I'm using TeamViewer for personal use only and you have received the messages 'Commercial use suspected' or 'Commercial use detected'. Since a resent update I've been getting the messages on my HP Pavilion 23 AIO computer. I have been using this computer for a number of years. I purchased this computer from Staples (they were closing a store), it was a display model with Windows 8 (first version) and was reset to factory defaults. Since then I have upgraded from Windows 8 to my current version of Windows 10.

    I am over 72 years old, retired, and have never worked for or been associated with the Hewlett-Packard Company. I have posted on the --- for some reason, my post just disappeared!

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