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    Before I continue. I only use Teamviewer to support my family that lives in a different country as me. I do not receive any compensation for helping them.


    There are many posts on the internet mentioning that Teamviewer will detect connections over VPNs as commercial use. Currently I am using a well known VPN service that can be used to tunnel internet data through any country of choice (For privacy purposes). Teamviewer has not detected any connections over this VPN as commercial use. Neither has any of my friends ever reported that their Teamviewer has been marked for commercial use when connecting through one of these commonly used VPN services.

    In addition to the VPN software service I just mentioned, I want to install a second Free VPN program (Free for personal use up to 5 PCs) that will allow me to access my fathers PC via a fixed IP in the created VPN network so I can synchronize his personal files to me for backup purposes.

    How do I know if the second VPN program will be considered as commercial use, or if it will be treated as just another personal use VPN program like the first VPN package that I mentioned?

    Can someone please provide more detailed info as to what type of VPN is considered as commercial use and which type is considered as personal use?

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    I'm not a company or anything, I'm just a dad who connects daily to my son's computer and teaches him! He is only 9 years old, and he's is struggling with his online schooling, so I have to connect daily to his computer and help him study because unfortunately, I don't live with him. I connected once to my daughter's computer at the same house, but it's always my son, every day. Now, TeamViewer closes after 1 minute and won't let me stay longer and also won't reconnect immediately. This is a disaster for me because my son needs me and all other remote software isn't that efficient. Please, can you lift this limitation? Thank You

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    Same issue, no idea what this is about. I have not used my TeamViewer all week. Seems a little shady on Teamviewers side.

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    Ditto .. I have not used Team Viewer in a couple of months

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    Same timeout issues.

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    same issue here, it connects for 1 minute only

    issue only on my ipad pro

    connects fine thru iphone

    didnt try it on any os or devices

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    I help alot of friends without ever receiving any compensation.. EVER. And I have been disconnected for the same issue.. many times.. this should be remedied.

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    Same issue here since I upgraded to the most current version I only

    use to help my friends with no fees involved. I have been using this product for

    many many years now

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    I'm also having the same issue but don't see anyone posting how to fix it or if there's a problem with the Web site

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    Same issue...any resolution, please help.

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    How do you reset your Team Viewer ID for the free personal use version?

    I'm no longer able to connect to my computer at my other house.

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    Same here, any update on how to resolve this?

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    Hi Team,

    I support my uncle based in Sweden for he is an elderly person with not much computer awareness. Lately my support sessions are timing out within a minute and am unable to help his issues.

    Any idea how to get this sorted?

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    I am also getting this timeout after 30 seconds and I also look after my 85 yr old mothers PC setting up Skype meeting with her brother in the UK. I am also becoming frustrated.


  • SerGoy
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    Same thing for me ... I'm helping friends but the session ends after 20-30 seconds ... I didn't have this problem before. What should I do to solve the problem?

    Québec, Canada

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    I am having the same issue I'm getting the error in the attached


  • SerGoy
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    I am using the free personal use version :

    I'm helping friends but the session ends after 20-30 seconds ... 😪

    I didn't have this problem before.

    What should I do to solve the problem? ❓️

    Am I in the right place to solve my problem?


    Québec, Canada

    You can also answer me in French

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    I am having the sdame issue. I hve tried fo9llowiung the reset procedure but it asks me for my country, UK, and my post code. I enter my post code and it tells me it onlyt accepts numerals. UK POSTCODES ARE NOT JUST NUMERALS!

  • I am using TeamViewer on my device but when I connect to that device using another device , the connection gets established and disconnects immediately after connection , Device specifications are - Raspberry Pi 4 with ubuntu 20.04 installed . I haven't sticker reinstalling TeamViewer as well as Ubuntu , and firewall is also disabled but the issue still exists.Kindly guide with the resolution to this issue as I am facing severe delay in my work timeline due to this.

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    I have the same issue. And it looks others too. But no answer so far from teamviewer support.

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    Have been using Teamviewer for months to connect 3-4 PC's with no issues - but as of 17th April am also getting this message and connection loss - what is going on?

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    Seems to be a common problem. Not a happy camper!!

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    edited April 2021

    Hello, TeamViewer?? Is anybody home!? Why is this STILL an issue??? Fix it, NOW. This is a MAJOR issue and you're asleep at the wheel

    **Third Party Product** is working, thankfully they actually offer something reliable

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    Within the past couple of weeks, I had successfully helped a friend connect to their printer using TeamViewer to support them. Unfortunately today, when I tried to help my 86 year old parent remotely, I was nearly immediately kicked out of the session.

    Reading the boards, I'm seeing that many other users are having the same problem.

    I'm more than happy to purchase a license for personal use. However, the $610.80 per year for single user business is a bit expensive for personal use.

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    Same here. Customer services has fallen apart of late. I only use it to look at another PC upstairs a couple of times a day at most and for just a few minutes. It keeps accusing me of commercial use and timing me out after a minute! I followed the instructions to re-instate my account and it was ok for a couple of weeks then reverted. I emailed Customer Service twice but no reply. They used to be really good at replying. What is going on Teamviewer?

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    connection blocked after timeout

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    What causes the system to timeout for a personal connection?

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    I'm getting the same problem. I'm using Team Viewer to connect to my Dad's, my son's, and my daughter's computers for remote support. Just recently, I've been getting the "session timeout" after about 30 seconds and the connection closes. At first, I could switch from the desktop to my laptop and get through and keep a connection, but I can't even to that now. What is going on??? This has been happening for about 3 weeks now. I do not have a commercial account and that issue has been previously cleared. Please help. My dad is 89 and has no other support.

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    It looks like we are all in the same boat. Same issue here 30-60 seconds and then connection closes and I'm kicked out. Uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times same issue. Is this to get us to purchase the commercial version?

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    Same here! I use TV to control mine and my kids phones because I have ALS and can't physically hold them anymore! Needless to say, disconnecting me within 1 minute is VERY frustrating because I have no other way to use my phone! Customer service is non existent unless you pay the exorbitant licensing fee!