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    Something must have broke. Been using the FREE version since 2014 on my Home boxes with no, and I mean ZERO issues. It was flawless.

    Now, ever since Monday 05/10 I have been getting the dreaded TIME_OUT with a dialog box sometimes saying it thinks I am commercial, which I am NOT, and did I mention it was ZERO errors and flawless for 7 years prior to Monday.

    So, does anybody have an in with SUPPORT, that they can get someone to look at this, as I see from the message board it ain't me alone.

    Thanks very much.



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    I've started having the same issue with using Teamviewer as well. I recently changed my parent's home internet from Uverse to Tmobile Home internet. I wonder if Teamviewer tries to detect commercial use by detecting whether data being transmitted over the internet is occurring over a cellular sim connection vs a standard wired connection, and if it flags any sim based traffic as commercial use.

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    I establish a local connection between two of my computers where one is monitoring and controlling the other. The remote computer's TeamViewer is configured to run in unattended mode. Things had been running file for ages until the last TeamViewer update. Since then, I can still connect with no problem, but the connection terminates almost immediately due to "Session Timeout". I tried setting the Session Timeout on both computers to Off, as well as various hour settings without success. How can I get around this problem and possibly be able to control this Timeout?

    Thank you

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    I am not for commercial use. Please unblock.

  • plz resolve this problem

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    I wanted to give an update from what I previously posted above (starting about 2 weeks ago). On the evening of April 27, I did the PDF form to reset the TV ID's that I have been connecting to. I listed 5 ID's that i regularly connected to. When you fill out the form, be sure you are listing the machine TV ID's and not listing your TV account username. That may be why some folks are NOT able to create the PDF. In less than 48 BUSINESS hours I tried using TV and discovered my system had been reset and I have been good to go since then. I may have been ahead of crowd, so it may take longer for you to be reset.

    Today, 2 weeks after I filed the PDF, I got automated email telling me my the 5 ID's had been reset. The email included the Troubleshooting note I have copied below:



    I have been reset but I'm still getting the message saying I'm using TeamViewer commercially. What can I do?

    If you are still getting the pop-up saying you are using TeamViewer commercially, it is most probably due to the fact that:

    1. the TeamViewer ID of the remote device you are trying to connect to might be flagged as being commercially used.
    2. Please keep in mind that a TeamViewer connection always involves two devices (TeamViewer IDs) and that we are presenting the pOpUp on both sides of the connection.
    3. If you think that this is not the case and that connecting to this device is private use, please repeat the process and fill out an additional form for this/these TeamViewer ID(s):
    4. the TeamViewer ID(s) that you submitted is/are invalid or do(es) not exist.
    5. In order to prevent this, please check if the data you have submitted is correct. To do so, please open your signed declaration (PDF-file) and check if the TeamViewer ID(s) you provided match(es) the TeamViewer ID(s) you are using.
    6. In this case, please repeat the process and fill out a new form for this/these TeamViewer ID(s):

    Please note that if your usage pattern changes and your TeamViewer connections are deemed to be commercially flagged, your reset may be reverted at any time.


    I hope this information may help you understand what is going on.

  • TeamViewer I think I use my free version for Acquisition and I do not in any way

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    The form will not accept UK post codes, specifies digits only, our codes have format AA1 1AA

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    I wanted to know if the free non-commercial use version still works?

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    Good evening to everybody,

    as the title says, I'm having this problem since 1 month or so; I also waited for updates, hoping it would have been solved, but unfortunately, it didn't.

    I use TeamViewer non commercial, as I used to connect 2 laptops, mine and my father one, in different rooms.

    Since at least one month, after 30-45 seconds after I connect to his laptop, it automatically kicks me off, saying the time I had for session is over. If I try to reconnect, it says (I'm translating, so probably won't be too much accurate) "connection blocked due to max time reach. Your license limits the max duration of a session and immediate reconnections will be blocked again. Connections will be blocked until *a time that is generally 1 minute later than I connected in first time*". So I wait several minutes, and try to reconnect: I get the same error, but the time it's now switched to the minute later and so on, obviously it's impossible to use it this way.

    The same occurs if I try to connect from my father's laptop to mine.

    I'd like to understand if there have been some changes in free to use policies by TeamViewer (not letting to use it more than 30 second per connection and per hour) - in this case I'll uninstall it suddenly, either my account has some issues I can solve.

    Thanks to everybody,


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    hello. i have a free account for teamviewer that i only access my home pc from my phone or other computer.

    but from some time its kicking me off becouse commercial use.

    how can i contest it ?

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    Why can't i Use the free version? I have been using it for many years to help my friends.

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    Where I can ask about free access using only?

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    Your help is frustrating and quite useless.. I have a free acct and am getting cut off after a minute on a computer I have been accessing for years. Help is so ambiguous. Goes round and round with no resolution. Terrible

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    I am still facing an issue with the commercial use reset. The email stated it could be that the ID of the device I am trying to log in to is the one that needs to be reset. How do I go about doing a reset on that device? I tried to log in and do a reset on that ID but I received the error of: Your request has already been submitted and is pending further review. Thank you for your patience as we process your request.

    I thought it was just the overall account but since that is not the case, can I get some assistance on resetting the ID on my other device? I am assuming this is a case number TV: 0196708267

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    I'd like to claim that my TeamViewer account is suspected as Commercial, however I'm using it only to access a couple of my own devices. What should I do? I can't connect to pc

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    How to be? The program doesn't let me work! Terminates the session immediately after a couple of seconds! Writes that commercial use was found when I only use it for personal needs. How to be and where to write? I switched to **Third Party Product** because Team Wiewer created incredible problems for me, interrupting my ability to remotely contro

    Как быть? Программа не даёт мне работать! Сразу прерывает сеанс через пару секунд! Пишет, что обнаружено коммерческое использование, когда я пользуюсь только для личных нужд. Как быть и куда написать? Перешёл на **Third Party Product** ибо Team Wiewer мне создал просто невероятные проблемы перерыв мне возможность удалённого управления.l.

  • How do you fix your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner?

    I am usin teamviewer only for personal use

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    Since tonight I am disconect after 1 minute I have the free version. I use it to help my mother

    What s the problem I do not receive any warning

    I have the last version


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    I was flagged as commercial use detected and followed the links to reactivate ID. I was brought to the reset management URL and first step requires basic information: Name, address, ID and reason. Upon entering all this info I click "Generate PDF" but nothing happens. I've tried other Chrome and Edge brwoser but same thing. I"m unable to get past this first step.

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    I connect remotely to a family members teamviewer using the non-commercial but free account but after a minute it will disconnect and says I've reached the maximum of times I can log on and to update my license.

    But I don't have one as I am non-commercial.

    After about ten minutes it will allow me to log on again but again for about a minute before disconnecting and repeating the above message.

    Does anyone know of anything I can do to fix this?


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    I have no licence. I use TeamViewer only to help a friend who is 91 years old and does not understand computers very well. It has always worked well, but since a week I get kicked out of session for no reason. The message is Timeout, and it occurs a few seconds after establishing contact. There has been no time for a timeout to occur. The problem is that if I try to reconnect, I am informed that because of a timeout event, I am blocked from connecting to this user for 24 hours. If I try to connect on the following day, the same happens. This means that Team Viewer does no let me help this person. How can this problem be solved?

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    Hello,my TeamViewer is suddenly limited to 1min,I’m only using one computer and only using my smartphone app. Why this happened and how can I solve this,it’s so annoying. Thx

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    Hi all,

    My TeamViewer is disconnecting after approx 1 min and I am getting below messages:

    I am using TV for private use and I sent below form

    but is still the same any advice?

    Thank You,


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    When I connect this account, after 30-60 seconds it is disconnected "these sessions are free for private use. Thank you to play fair!” (« ces sessions sont gratuites pour un usage privé. Merci de jouer franc! »).


    Sometimes I get a message saying  that I use it professionally, but this is not true at all.


    Can you tell me if this is just to force to buy a license?

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    Hello, I'm enjoying my private (free) license since more than a year, connecting to the desktops of my other (purely private, non-commercial) PC's in my house. This worked fine (not regarded some connection hiccups now and then which were totally acceptable).

    However, today I'm experiencing for the first time (reproducible) remote connection terminations after ~1 minute with the message 'connection timeout, please try later again' and refusal of re-connection for the next ~10-15 minutes. When it works again, the next timeout comes after 1 minute, and so on.

    No comments at all about 'detected/assumed business use' or similar. Just the timeouts.

    Are there some new limitations of the free licences known? In this way it is unusable, even for my very sporadic private remote connection needs in the same building.

    Thanks and Regards, Arya

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    Hello , lately the system keeps kicking me out after 1 minute stating that has been identified a commercial use , statement which is false since I’m only using to connect to my Father’s Pc.....

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    Instead of Like! they should put a Dislike! button.

    I'm using TeamViewer for personal use and it works for all my friend's computers and my kids' computers except for 1.