Commercial use - Connection time out



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    EDIT (BTW I clicked to comment on the post not answer.)

    I am having the same issue. I have Had my ID's reset a couple times as it seemed they suspected commercial use. However the problem persists. Looking for help as well.

  • RobertSupronowicz

    I have exacly the same problem zzz

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    I am getting the same thing over the last X days. I have filled out the paperwork and signed to declare my lack of commercial use (I am the "tech guy" in my family -- sisters, brothers-in-law, parents, etc), but nothing.

    After the latest round of TeamViewer kicking me out today, I am not even able to access the website directly on multiple computers. I get a ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Edge or something similar in Chrome. I am actually surprised that I was able to get to this community website.

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    My account was locked saying that I was doing commercial use.

    But this isn't right. I use TeamViewer to remotely access my family members computers to provide some support with their computer issues (such as virus and some maintenances).

    I can't afford the License value, it's too expensive for me who use only a little bunch of times per month.

    Please, how can I ask to you guys review this lock?

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    Team viewer all of a sudden started to terminate my connection saying my license doesnt support the use. All I do is connect with my 93 year old mother on her laptop when she needs help - clearly not commercial. I followed instructions to restart to prevent the problem and it happened again. Please help. Mom need me every now and then when things get screwed up on her laptop and she can't check her mail or get onto Bridgebase online.

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    same here =/

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    I used my teamviewer from a work laptop to access my personal laptop for some personal work. I guess since then, my free license is not working. please help me. I use teamviewer for personal use to access my pc from different location.

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    I don't know if this is related but I uninstalled Teamviewer and resintalled the x64 version. After that I connected to one of my computer and the session closed after only a few seconds. When I tried to reconnect a got an error message (see screenshot). It says I am blocked until a certain time. If I wait after that time and try to reconnect it displays the message again and the time is always on minute after the current time.

    If I wait long enough I can reconnect but I end up getting the timeout again after a few seconds. A connection to another PC doesn't have this issue.

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    Meanwhile my teamviewer free license was reset with 5 defined other teamviewer ID's. But: No change, connection still terminates after one minute. I think now, teamviewer does not like usage of free licences and intends to 'guide' users to other licenses. However, for such 'private use' models the offered licences are way too expensive. Do we all have to look for other possibilities?

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    i want to connect from my iphone to my home pc...kicked out after a minute

    i wannt to connect from my home pc to my friends pc to help him... kicked out after a minute....

    i request a reset for my home pc id and my iphone teamviewer id (which was a pain in the **bleep** to find out)... i did this several times...i got confirmations that i was reset....

    JUMP to beginning of my post ! (hint: its a loop)

    if teamviewer doesnt get its act together i will switch to the competition which at least is willing to help its free customers

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    Why do show obscure timeout errors instead of explicitly telling the user he is suspected to have a commercial use ?

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    I am trying to access partner's computer via Teamviewer. But after providing the password, it's showing trying to authenticate and then getting timed out. Please let me know how to sort this.

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    I have the free version of Teamviewer and everytime I log into my parents computer, it kicks me out after about 3 minutes everytime and I can't reconnect for about 2 minutes. I have 250/250 internet speed and they have 150/150 so it's not a speed issue. I have the latest version 15.17.7 and so they. Any ideas?

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    It is extremely frustrating! A once super program, and now I cannot used it anymore. I've ONLY used it to help my family with their computer needs - I NEVER used it as a commercial tool, yet you cut-off every connection by alleging that I use it commercially. So much for your advertisement that it is for free for a non-commercial use!

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    You are not the only one! I have a headless PC in the attic for a security system and can no longer access it for more than a minute before TV kicks me out. Rapidly becoming more trouble that it is worth!

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    Every time I try to connect to a computer I get "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try lager or upgrade your license. Connections to this partner will be blocked until XX:XX.

    It is usually 1-2 minutes but EVERY time I click connect I get this message -- I have never been successfully able to connect to the computer. I have to say this sight has the WORST customer service because you cannot contact anyone for help without posting a forum

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    They got it wrong the second time around for me. Still getting locked out after a minute even after submitting the form twice. Currently waiting on my third reply.

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    I'm in the same situation with my dad. It doesn't look like anyone's getting answers to anything. I couldn't even find the form you mentioned

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    Account is flagged incorrectly and I can't generate a pdf 

    Someone from support please revert my account to free.

    I don't use teamviewer for anything other than personal use.

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    Everytime I try to connect to one of my computers the connection closes after 20sec and says that I am using TV for commercial purposes. That's not true...

    What can I do?

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    Hello everyone,

    I already requested an ID reset 2 times (They suspected i used teamviewer for commercial reasons.) and got the message it got aproved bot times, yet when i try to connect it still says i went over the time limit (when i didn't use it for 2-3 weeks because i was blocked). How can i fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    After a version update my TeamViewer started terminating my connections after less than a minute and blocking reconnections claiming commercial use. It happened last year - I submitted a form explaining that I was using it for personal needs only, and the functionality was restored. I sent an email to the same address, but no response this time, and I cannot use TeamViewer any more. My use is strictly personal. What can I do now to restore my TeamViewer connectivity?

    Tank you!

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    I am having the exact same issue. Sent 3 requests for reset and each time I received an email saying the account was reset for personal use yet the account does not function.

  • KazuT
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    I keep trying to use TeamViewer for non-commercial use. I keep getting blocked, Connection timeout error. How do I fix this?