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    @fasterbrew @scarypepper @iPaq @---Ray--- @Miroslav83023 @DaveTheBatMan

    scarypepper - If you are saying that you use the same computer with two different Teamviewer Accounts (one for work and one personal) that may not work. As noted below, your computer Machine ID (not your Teamviewer account) will be flagged commercial when you connect to work network. So when you switch to your personal TV account your machine ID stays the same so therefore it has been flagged commercial. (This is just my opinion from what I've learned in this forum the last couple of months).

    Be sure and read the first message posted in this thread along with the blog it mentions. In my opinion, anytime you connect from a work/college/university network to or from then you may be flagged as commercial. Apparently there is not a way for free users "lock" their machine ID as non-commercial. Also free users don't appear to get live support/chat/phone/email. Also remember when you fill out the RESET MANAGEMENT PDF form that you have an Account ID AND a machine ID for each device you connect to and from.

    Scroll back up for the last month or two and you will probably find some helpful tips. Machine ID's do not change even if you uninstall/reinstall TV. More on machine ID's here:

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    Hello. I submitted the "non commercial use" letter at least two weeks ago, and have had no response.

    Should I be surprised?

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    Why do teamviewer time-out my session after being logged in for only 2 minutes, it seems... I downloaded the free version.

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    I am being timed out after 30 seconds on my private account where I assist persons in charities and not for profit personal use.

  • hi there, i am using the free personal Teamviewer and has been ok all these while but recently it state commecial use dectected..i don't understand as i've been using the same PC till now pls can anyone help me?and now my teamviewer is showing me the below info

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    I have been using team viewer for years with out any problems. When I recently upgraded to the latest version, I have been flagged as a commercial user. I have submitted the form to have my access reset twice now, and the moment I try and use the program again I am instantly being flagged as a commercial user. This is beyond a joke. Can you please investigate and fix the bug in the latest version of team viewer.

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    Good Morning,

    Thanks for assisting me! I'm getting an error that my home computer belongs to a domain and that I'll need to purchase a license. I'm able to stay connected for around 2 minutes, and then I time out. At times I will remote into the personal computer from my work computer which is domain joined, but never from home to work. Is there anyway around this, or will I have to purchase a license? Since that message has started, even from personal device to personal PC I'm still seeing the same issue.

    Thank you for your assistance!

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    Hello @Otakar,

    In order to better understand your issue, could you please send some relevant error messages/screenshots when you connect the other way?

    Community Manager

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    Whenever I connect my PC with my mobile app, I always get an error that I am using this for commercial purposes and not for personal use. I purely use this for my personal need. How can I resolve this error?

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    An information window about commercial use appears, but this is incorrect. The program is used only for personal purposes. How to fix it?

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    This page does not have a Russian language, for me it is problematic

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    I know this is only the community, but unless teamvier sort out the mess they created I have found a use for the unlimited minutes I have on my phone

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    @LagunaJim - It took 2 weeks for me to get the confirmation email. However in less than 48 (business) hours they had my account reset. But that was a couple months ago or longer. Hundreds of people have posted in this thread since then. So they might be way behind.

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    Hi all,

    I recently ran into a problem with My Macbook Air and Andriod

    Teamview session disconnected automatically with a popup message "COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED"

    I don't know why it's sensing like this and disconnecting the session over and over again.

    I can reconnect after a few minutes later, but you can disconnect again.

    Thank you

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    I am using a free license and shows it on top of the TeamViewer window, "Free license (Non-commercial use only)

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    How to correct being mistaken for a business after correcting the problem?

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    i am using TeamViewer since years on my private laptops, lately i been asked to upgrade the license to commercial use, i never used this account for any business use, so why do i have to change the license now.

    can someone from TeamViewer help me with my account.


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    It looks like TeamViewer change my accound to be commercial.

    Don't know why this happend. I'm using a commercail licenz from my company - due to home office behind the same internet access point

    never heard about that?

    I want to help someone of my private friend with setting her pc - not possible now grate!

    Also this is now the secound time you did that . grate.

    We need a real freeware solution instead boring Teamviewer

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    Hi, I recently have been classified as a commercial user, but I only use teamviewer on my personal computer and phone or tablet.

    Can you take my commercial user status off again please?

    Kind regards


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    So I went through the reset form no less than 3x in the last 2 weeks every time I am told the account has been reset try to log in and get the same error again when I try.

    I've just submitted again this time with spaces ie xxx xxx xxx instead of xxxxxxxxx anyone had this issue before and if so how did you get around it.

    My usage is literly playing a browser based game remotely from phone tablet etc. The reason for this vs using phone browser is simply it times out when on the phone version when I am in meetings etc however on laptop it keeps playing even if the TV connection drops and I can re connect after meetings so great for this type of gaming...

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Good afternoon


    When I enter a remote session, the session disconnects shortly afterwards and one appears to me that has timed out, as shown in the annex.


    Thank you very much awaiting solution to the problem.


    OBS: My User: [Removed as per the community guidelines.]

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    I am a single user, the program stopped working, it supposed to be free,! 

    how can I resume the service?

  • José_António54
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    I need help. Thank you.

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    Hello i use a mobile android access to team viewer desktop,

    my device was flag inproplly to commercial, then i asked several time to reset but

    also if there was the reset successful on teamviewer database, it wasn't reset on my application android

    which didn't change the status, any other ways?

    is it possible to change my ID device?

    thanks again

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    I have used TeamViewer for years, and my account has been changed to commercial for using it many times, yes, I connect to my home PC locally and to friends PC to help with problems they have, as they are always the same group of people. I need it reset to personal use, as I was using it fairly.

    , Thanks.

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    I have the same issue, it's not even possible to submit a ticket anymore. I had to submit 6 times so far because it keeps false detecting me as commercial usage but I can't get any support page to load, just dumps me on this community **bleep**.

    fill this out:

    it's a rubbish system and i had to digitally sign a pdf too, I'm waiting for official reply

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    Because of covid, I would like to access a computer to enter golf scores for a couple of weeks. Restrictions soon to be lifted and won't require this ability ever again. No need for file transfer or messaging etc...just access to a program for golf scores. Is there any give in your commercial usage for this kind of short term remote access?

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    They wrote to me that TeamViewer is used for commercial purposes.

    Although I use it to connect to my second computer, which is authorized in my account.

    Please solve this issue.

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    Have also been declared commercial for:

    Connecting from my work pc to my personal pc at home or to my kids pcs in homeschooling. As I just now learned THAT is seen as commercial use because you connect from your work place.

    Information management seems catastrophic regarding the wave of account-commcerial declarations that pop up here. I needed two weeks to figure out what is going on and am now so frustrated because a) my use case is comemrcial... and b) they left me in the dark about what is going on.

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    After a connection to any remote computer is established (one channel only), this connection times out after about 30 sec. The normal logout message appeares "This has been a free session, did you like it, buy licens, OK".

    I only use TeamViewer in private. If I log into my account it shows "Free License".

    There is not any message like "Commercial Use Suspected" as I could read in other comments in the Forum.