Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Karas
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    I am a single user, the program stopped working, it supposed to be free,! 

    how can I resume the service?

  • José_António54
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    I need help. Thank you.

  • Edoco
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    Hello i use a mobile android access to team viewer desktop,

    my device was flag inproplly to commercial, then i asked several time to reset but

    also if there was the reset successful on teamviewer database, it wasn't reset on my application android

    which didn't change the status, any other ways?

    is it possible to change my ID device?

    thanks again

  • JoseTJ
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    I have used TeamViewer for years, and my account has been changed to commercial for using it many times, yes, I connect to my home PC locally and to friends PC to help with problems they have, as they are always the same group of people. I need it reset to personal use, as I was using it fairly.

    , Thanks.

  • wuwinso
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    I have the same issue, it's not even possible to submit a ticket anymore. I had to submit 6 times so far because it keeps false detecting me as commercial usage but I can't get any support page to load, just dumps me on this community **bleep**.

    fill this out:

    it's a rubbish system and i had to digitally sign a pdf too, I'm waiting for official reply

  • papi2000
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    Because of covid, I would like to access a computer to enter golf scores for a couple of weeks. Restrictions soon to be lifted and won't require this ability ever again. No need for file transfer or messaging etc...just access to a program for golf scores. Is there any give in your commercial usage for this kind of short term remote access?

    UVERLORD Posts: 0

    They wrote to me that TeamViewer is used for commercial purposes.

    Although I use it to connect to my second computer, which is authorized in my account.

    Please solve this issue.

  • nighty2k7
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    Have also been declared commercial for:

    Connecting from my work pc to my personal pc at home or to my kids pcs in homeschooling. As I just now learned THAT is seen as commercial use because you connect from your work place.

    Information management seems catastrophic regarding the wave of account-commcerial declarations that pop up here. I needed two weeks to figure out what is going on and am now so frustrated because a) my use case is comemrcial... and b) they left me in the dark about what is going on.

  • Ulrich_Woetzel
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    After a connection to any remote computer is established (one channel only), this connection times out after about 30 sec. The normal logout message appeares "This has been a free session, did you like it, buy licens, OK".

    I only use TeamViewer in private. If I log into my account it shows "Free License".

    There is not any message like "Commercial Use Suspected" as I could read in other comments in the Forum.


  • DjP77
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    I've been having exactly the same problem. Just tried using TeamViewer after a few months of not having used it with no problems, but now it keeps kicking me off after 30 seconds with the message "This was a free session sponsored by TeamView sessions are free of charge for personal use. We thank you for playing fair!" The reads as though it's implying I'm not using this for personal use, even though I am. Would really love to know how to resolve this.

  • Ulrich_Woetzel
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    I DjP77,

    the message youse is exactly the same as you get if you terminate a session manually. So for mee this seems not have anything to do with private or commercial version.

    I suppose it's simply a bug or a wrong configuration on TeamViewers Site.

  • inetbogey
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    Hi guys,

    i have the free version of Teamviewer. i help my aunt (who is 90), my sister, my daughter (who most times brings her laptop over), my laptop to access my home desktop (which i think i only used it once in years). but now it is saying i am using it commercially. i think i have used teamviewer once in the last year. (when COVID was going "great guns") i did not want to take the chance to get my aunt sick. she is "boohooing she screwed up her e-mail and she can't send any either. i have been waiting a week to be reset, but nothing yet.

    any thoughts?



  • jeugregg
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    Same here... It is only these last days ?

  • 08plaza
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    Unfortunately I have been experiencing the same issues from Teamviewer since June 10th. Have been using this platform as a private citizen to help my 87 yr old friend get around his email and Windows issues that occasionally come up and are too hard for him to handle. He was shocked and very disappointed when I advised him how my 'free license' appeared to have been revoked for no apparent reasons. Despite voicing my dissatisfaction on a notification advice from Teamviewer then, I'm still waiting for a reply to explain why I get timed out after being connected for a few seconds when I know haven't broken any rules.

    I would like to know whether anybody has ever received any justifications from Teamviewer. Also, what would I need to do to have my free license re-instated.


  • Wardy
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    Exactly the same here. I have it on computers in my home to help the kids with problems when i'm at home or out somewhere, never used it for business because I'm field service and don't use a PC at work. Pathetic blocking and now I'm looking into other ways of connecting and ditching teamviewer.

  • holyhecc
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    I reset the license on both of my ID's and it still says I'm using it commercially. Of course I never was actually using it commercially so I got help with the reset for both my computers and yet it still limits my time and acts like it did before.

  • HerbJR
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    I am receiving "an error occurred" message while trying to submit the NON-COMMERCIAL use FORM. I am unable to continue to submit the form as the page sees me as a return visitor due to non-completion of my previous sessioni(s) and CAN NOT "SUBMIT" the completed form due to the error received.

    I spoke with Teamviewer support who advised me to attempt a query to this bulletin board, even though this issue appears tobe a possible server issue. My environment is W10 newest. I have been previously approved for use and working fine for months.

    My house & and everything I own burned to the ground forcing me to buy a new PC. I am trying to submit for appropriated activation from this new machine as advised but am having no success in the online submission procedure.

    Is there anyone or moderator who can advise me as to how to proceed. Thank you in advance. Also note, I am "non=commercial" user and have NEVER been registered otherwise.

    Thank you in advance for your time and assistance ....

    Regards Herb

  • FuzzmanKs
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    @rodrigol - By any chance do you have a video conference app that you do audio and/or visual communication? Another "free" user said he uninstalled that software and all was fixed. He reinstalled the video software and TV got locked out again. I do have the most widely known brand of that software on my main PC that I use to connect to my other devices, and my Dad's pc, which is not on my network. Once my TV machine ID's were reset a couple months ago, I haven't had any problems and I did not remove the conferencing software. You say you are Work-From-Home. Does that mean your connection to work devices or commercial software that is used by your work (not with Teamviewer). Just wondering if TV somehow detected that commercial software. I'm not suggesting you are in violation of TV rules, it just that trying to help you figure out what is causing your machine ID getting flagged. Did you submit both machine ID's of the two devices you are trying to connect together?

  • FuzzmanKs
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    @rodrigol - part 2 of 2:

    You say you are Work-From-Home. Does that mean your connection to work devices or commercial software that is used by your work (not with Teamviewer). Just wondering if TV somehow detected that commercial software. I'm not suggesting you are in violation of TV rules, it just that trying to help you figure out what is causing your machine ID getting flagged. Did you submit both machine ID's of the two devices you are trying to connect together?

  • Otakar
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    Thanks for responding, JeanK. First, it shows my other computer as being offline, even though I know it's online. And then it seems to "wake up" and TV is trying to connect for about 30sec and then I get the following messages :

  • 1335646007
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    from few days ago,

    commercial message is being poped up.

    im just personal user. plz solve it.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • antwoord_cees
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    I am a volantair in helping visual disabled people to use there computer to keep feeling with the outside world.

    Therefore I have a free subscription of teamviewer.

    I have 1 client who is a heavy user and needs a lot of help. At the moment it is not possible for me to assistt him because the connection is frequently terminated within 1 minute. It looks like Teamviewer sees me as a commercial user but that is not the case. I am a volantair.

    What can I do about this problem?

  • sp8siw
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    Dear TemViewer Team,

    We have been informed recently about commercial use suspection of your software, which we ar4e currently using to control and maintain our amateur radio stations network. As licensed operator of SO7M/SP7PKI club stations we are using your software to control few computers of our amateur radio station, which in any way is used for commercial purposes, but can be use for emergencies and is used in emergency network operatos practices.

    We kindly ask to restore the access to control networked computers, as we would like to continue using your remote access software.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    TV ID [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Thank you,

  • EdwinAnderson
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    i am using teamvieuwer to help elderly people with questions and problems. they all come to me for help and teamvieuwer is a great way to help them on a distance, especialy with the corona.

    i dont use it for a company or comercial or something. i do it for free to help people.

    unfortianatly teamvieuwer now says i use it comercial? and i need to buy it.

    it says my licence is is limmiting the max time. wich is 2 min tops before i kicked out. then i need to wait a while, and can go for 2 min again.

    is there anything to do about it?


    best regards edwin

  • genburn_47
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    I upgraded to the newer version of Team Viewer and now my account/use is suspected commercial. IT IS NOT.

    How can I change my status back to personal.


  • jdulmer
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    my session keeps timing out!!!

  • jdulmer
    jdulmer Posts: 5 ✭✭

    My session keeps timing out... it thinks I am commercial... but, I'm not.

  • jdulmer
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    My sessions keep timing out!!!... I downloaded the FREE version... but, it thinks I using commercial.

  • jdulmer
    jdulmer Posts: 5 ✭✭

    My sessions keep timing out!!!... I downloaded the FREE version... but, it thinks I using commercial.

    can anyone help???...

  • Gucky
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    Hi, I. have exactly the same pb.

    How to go back to personal use only?

    Best regards