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    As Teamviewer cannot be reached, I did a search in Google and found this:

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Good luck.

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    I've been categorize by teamviewer as a corporate or business user although I am and individual user with multiple computers. Can some one tell me how to make the necessary notifications to let Teamviever know this and not withdraw my free status.

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    I am an amateur radio operator. I am not a business and do not use TeamViewer in or as commercial use. It is illegal for amateur radio operators to use the hobby for making money. I use TeamViewer as a method to help senior limited sighted radio operators maneuver amateur radio software from my personal home radio room. I or my account for some reason has been flagged as commercial use and this is incorrect. Please let me know what I need to do to prove this is true so I can get back to provide the free service several of my elder club members have come to rely on.

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    anyone else now getting these popping up? what is wrong with this teamviewer company?

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    Hi I have been have issues with my plex so I have been logging in multiple times to my PC to fix it and now I'm being informed I have been blocked due to possible professional usage.

    I only use team viewer for personal usage I am currently having issues with my computer so I have been logging in multiple times.

    Please help.

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    Username [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    Nope, I've tried that several times, and I've confirmed my account is accepted as a non commercial account. I only use it to support 2 relatives and a family friend, and all my ID have been provided. Not entirely sure why I popped back here really, other than I found the tab still sitting there when I was having a clear up and thought I'd see if things had improved. I was forced to give up some time ago as I just couldn't spare the time and needed a reliable product. End result, I use a competitor's product now and if / when I need a commercial offering (I work in IT) TeamViewer is no longer on the list for consideration or recommendation. The free version is no longer a lost leader, just lost!

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    Hello Esther

    It appears you are the only person who may be an actual employee of Teamviewer?

    Would you please explain to all of us why we can't use the free version?

    Has something changed with regards free use?

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    TeamViewer disconnects too frequently while assisting our mobile user. 10 disconnections in 5 minutes.

    Internet service is ok in both ends already tested.

    Both the iPhone and the PC is in the latest version. 15.20.6

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  • I have downloaded the free version for what I believe to be personal use, although it is work related and connected to a work computer. At work, the administrator does not see the use of remote access to be beneficial to the company, but I believe that having remote access gives me better range of performing my job. While at home, it would allow me to catch up on some tasks that might not have gotten done while on the clock. Since I would be doing this on personal time and only accessing one computer, would this still be considered private use? I would understand if it does not fall within private use, but surely hope that it might.

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    What are the limitations of the free version?

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    Hello @GeorgyTomsky,

    there are many features that are only included in a paid plan. For example the

    However, when it comes to purely remote control, it is the exact same software.

    More about the free version here:

    or here:

    I hope this could help. 😊

    If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. 👇

    Community Manager

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    bump - I have the exact same issue

  • Rengoku
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    Hi I was using TeamView free with my girlfriend who is in Australia (I am in Canada)

    And we got hit with using it for commercial use which we WERE NOT. We use it for when I need help with something on my end of the computer shes techy I'm not and now we dont know how to fix this we tried reaching out to teamviewer but no luck no response : ( Thank you in advnace

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    I have just upgraded my free Teamviewer in my second desktop inhouse, but now cannot connect. Every attempt comes back with timeout with message the free version does not allow multiple logins. Gives a stand down time, but wont allow even after stand down is expired?

  • Leckyau
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    I have the same thing happening I cannot connect for more than 1min and it trips out forcing me to wait for 1 min but that just keeps happening. :(

    wants me to pay to keep using when it is a free personal account.

    Leckyau Australia

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    I use teamviewer to connect from one personal computer to another in another city. recently there was a warning about the period of use of a personal account - 5 minutes. after which all sessions are terminated. tell me what to do, please

    a friend had the same problem, he wrote to the support service and everything was fixed for him.

  • Rattan
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    Same as my problem, Anyone fix?

  • if I connect to team viewer with to another device, there is time limit then it will disconnect? For how many minutes or hours I could stay connected?

  • Ttraynor28
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    Ive been using TV to help elderly family members with things especially over the pandemic as they are not good with computers. I was flagged as commercial use. I have filled in a non commercial use form 11 days ago and haven’t yet had a reply or any info back.

    does anyone know how long this takes for them to review


  • Ttraynor28
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    Hi, I’ve been using tv for non commercial use. I have been blocked saying commercial use detected which isn’t the case.

    I have completed the form and submitted it 2 weeks ago and there has been no feedback or any correspondence back.

    does anyone know how long this takes for the team to review and sort this issue


  • Ttraynor28
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    How long does to for teamviewer to review and rest for non commercial use. I’ve been waiting weeks and my ticket and request has still been unanswered


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    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to remotely assist someone with an Oppo phone ? I've done this in the past and it seemed to work. For the last week or so, I've been trying to assist my mother with her Oppo phone. Incredibly frustrating after a few hours of attempting. Is it something she might be doing wrong ?? I've also been in touch with your Twitter support team and also Feedback.

    It keeps thinking i am trying to connect to more than one person (ie., commercial account ), which I am definitely not. I cannot to connect to even 1 person !

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    Hello everyone,

    Six days ago I submitted a challenge to 'commercial use detected' on my TeamViewer account.

    I downloaded the paperwork, completed the explanation, signed and dated it, and then PDF'd it and uploaded / submitted it. I was told that I would get a response within 2 working days, but I am still waiting.

    Will I actually get a response and, if so, how long can I expect to wait?



  • Ttraynor28
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    Hi, I have been using TV for non commercial use to help family members with stuff as they are old.

    I have now been blocked, I have filled in the non commercial use form and all info and set it back and it is under review. Does anyone no how this takes as I’ve been waiting 4 weeks with now reply or news back. Any help is appreciated


  • Hi all.

    My account shows Free but not allow me to remain in the session more than 30 seconds or so.

    Please help.

  • DKS
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    Any ideas anyone ?????

  • Bazza
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    Hi everyone.... I urgently need help on this timing out issue. I have the free licence version (non-commecial use). I have been desperately trying to gain access to my brother's PC to sort out a bug issue. After 20 second it shuts me out stating that I am using it for commercial use!! Has anyone else had this problem?? Is there a way to fix this problem? I eagerly await your responses. Thank you. BAZ

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