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    Same here. I use all my computers at home with teamviewer so that I don't have to get up, relocate the mouse and keyboard on the others since usually it's just to do a couple of short things during the day. I'm on a private license and they blocked me last night. Any fixes on this?

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    It would be nice if teamviewer would provide us with the supposed "You usage history suggests commercial use" evidence. I have barely used teamviewer since the last time this happened. I would like to know exactly what "usage" is getting me kicked every few months.

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    Several months ago I was using TeamViewer on a personal basis, to help my family and friends, but I was wrongly suspected of commercial use. So I had abandoned teamviewer, but a few days ago I saw on the site that there was a form to request an unblocking, so I filled it out and I am now awaiting a response. But given this bad experience, I would like to know, if for personal use there is a limited number of authorized id's (friends or family member) that one can log in non simultaneously to be able to help them.

    Thank you

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    This same thing just happened to me as well and i have been with teamviewer for 8 years thus far im waiting for my ticket to be answered as well but we will see what happens

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    I have been using Teamviewer in my own home for several years now as a private person.

    The only time I use it is when I am watching TV in the evening and want to connect to another computer in my study. Thats all I have ever done.

    Recently however it wont let make contact because it pops up with a message saying 'this is being used in a commercial environment' and I should contact you.

    I am not doing anything different to what I have been doing for the past several years.  Can someone 'unlock' whatever switch is causing this to happen please.

  • The last two days TeamViewer has been the most frustrating experience EVER. I have had a free license for several years and have never encountered a problem. I know a little bit about PC and I have three or four friends who on occasion I will help. It certainly saves time from driving over to do simple things to help friends and family. I do NOT get paid.

    Yesterday a friend who bought a new pc needed some assistance. As soon as I connected to his freshly downloaded free version of TeamViewer I was disconnected and could no longer establish contact. They live 40 miles away and needed some help with installing a program.

    I read the error message click on the links was taken to the page where I could submit by ID. The ID was uploaded, a second page came up where I could complete the personal information form. The pdf was generated and download. Then I printed it off, signed it, scanned it, and uploaded it. I haven't seen circus animals have to jump through that many hoops. But I forged on.

    Now this morning when I started up TeamViewer a new splash screen popped up saying I needed to buy a license. I am so frustrated. There is no one to talk to there is no way to to appeal. I do NOT make money with this product. Why make a customer go through ALL these steps if you already know you are going to deny it and force them to buy it. I might use the product twice in 3 months. You want me to pay $50 dollars a month for a one seat license.

    Shame on TeamViewer. There are other products out there, until now I have preferred TeamViewer but that is quickly changing. Is there anyone who can help? The submission process took over 3 hours last night. The "Trust this Device" function did not work. I kept having to resubmit and reconfirm the same browser on the same system. It was a HORRIBLE experiences.

    This is my last effort to get this corrected. If this fails then it will be goodbye TeamViewer.

    Thanks for you assistance

    The Truth

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    Apparently teamviewer things im using the system for commercial use. I am unsure if its because I am using it at work or what. Basically, I on a rare occasion from my work computer, remote into my home computer. This can be for something like having access to unrestricted internet or something like running world of warcraft on my home PC to slowly and with lots of input lag run to the weekly vault to check what I got.

    I think I have done a remote access once or twice from home to my work computer but its usually something like pulling down some software installer I have or something like that. Its never for work though. If I really needed to do work from home, I would just use my firewalls VPN.

    That said... support is confusing and I see no way to actually contact them directly with a support ticket or phone number unless its a commercial account so, since I am not going to pay $50 for something I use MAYBE once a week for 5 minutes at a time, how can I contact someone to remove the limitations from my account so I can continue doing things that my works IT people would frown upon, if I were not one of the IT people and dont feel like frowning upon myself.

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    How does your answer answer my question ...

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    Hello @finesthops

    Thanks for your post.

    The use of TeamViewer in a workplace environment, regardless of usage, does require a license.

    Connections to or from work computers, in a home office or corporate setting, will flag a device for commercial use.

    This would be why you see the commercial use alert on your ID(s) when connecting at/to work.

    If you do need commercial access, but to only specific devices, the single-user Remote Access license is a lower-cost alternative TeamViewer license. You can find more info on this specific license, including pricing, here:

    Hope this helps clarify.

    Josh P.

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    Connecting from a work laptop: Yes

    Activities for work: No

    Used for support: No

    Using teamviewer to connect to work computer: Very rarely and not for work.

    Connecting to servers: No

    Connecting to or from work computer to access files: Rarely, again, never for work. Maybe twice in the last 10 years.

    for work purposes: No

    So what I am seeing is that I no longer have a use for teamviewer because despite not using it for work, because I use it FROM work, I have to pay. If thats the case, its been a good what... 15 years or so but thats it. It would be absurd to pay $50 a month for 5 minutes a week or less of use.

    So, is there any way to talk to someone from TeamViewer without a license since again, not paying $50 for 5 minutes a week for personal use, to explain how its not for work and to unblock or is teamviewer a lost cause and time to move onto something else? I mean, I have been hearing good things about the free **Third Party Product** but I have been using teamviewer for so long and I liked it.

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    Dears, hello, I have been suspected for commercial usage to my home computer **Do Not Post TeamViewer IDs** from my smartphone. I don't do any business, there is no commercial usage. Please unblock. Thanks!

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    Complaint: I'm increasingly frustrated by this product, I keep getting the commercial use warnings, every time I use this product, I might get 3-4 connections before I start get the notices, then to rub salt in the wound, instead of 5 minutes, its only 1 minute before it boots you out.

    The last time this happened in April 2021, it took 3 months before the Messages stopped appearing after I submitted the form.

    I do not get any confirmations or explanations as to why this keeps happening, its driving me mad.

    Its impossible to talk to anyone about this, the community forum, nice as it is, does not help in this matter, it doesn't allow to reach anyone that can fix whatever the problem is.

    This is getting annoying now, when it works this product is great, its just way too expensive for the use I make of it, I might use it once a week, but since April I haven't been able to reliably use it.

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    I need help resetting my account. I should have a free account and it shows I need a business license.

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    Sorry folks as they just warned me about a post that I have no clue why I was warned other than they cannot give an educated resolution other than you are warned.

  • team viewer times me out fast

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    I don't meet any of these conditions but somehow I'm still getting flagged. I've never connected to or from work. The only PCs I use it between are my own personal home PCs, and my mother who lives in another state. I even submitted the personal use form a year or so ago which I did receive a confirmation that it was accepted, but somehow I'm getting flagged again.

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    Hi there

    I've been using free TV to enable access to my home PC from work & a few weeks ago, it started timing out after a minute connection. I submitted the Reset Request PDF a week ago but it hasn't been reset. Instead, I am now getting an additional popup when connecting apologising for the interruption & stating that "Unfortunately, we will have to limit your usage of TeamViewer because the usage pattern suggests that you have been supporting others professionally" !?!?!? even though I've only been connecting to my "Home" connection (Actually named "Home" too!)

    I'm in Australia & have tried calling the Aus phone number but it states support is only available to paid license holders. How do I get this issue rectified ????

    PS I would be happy to upgrade to a "Paid" version, but for 2 reasons:

    1. The most basic plan is very expensive (& can't even be paid monthly, only annually) :( &
    2. I have been told you can no longer access existing connections after upgrading ????
  • Hi, Can someone please point me to the upload tool so I can send the commercial.suspected PDF to Teamviewer?



  • session ending within one minute

    im using the free version for personal use

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    So it looks like teamviewer is scanning for VPN connections.

    exactly how, I have not established, but could be hosts file or actual process scanning.

    After having installed checkpoint vpn on my personal laptop this message popped up. I have not used TV for over a month and then use it only once a week or less. all remote connections are on the same lan.

    If this is the case then teamviewer is spyware, I did not give consent for it to scan my device.

    Anyone else find this nasty and insulting message after installing a vpn?

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    All EU/UK users of teamviewer should send a GDPR SAR request to find out what data is being kept about your connection patterns, they probably have a lot of personal data that could not be waived or agreed to in the T&C's

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    This seems to be the only way to contact Teamviewer by email - so I have to do it this way, apologies to all other users. A bit disappointed in Teamviewer. I signed up for teamviewer about a week ago, for 2 PC's (my private PC at home & my work PC at work obviously). I used it about 2-3 times (teamviewer I challenge you to prove me wrong on this one), today I get a message that I have to upgrade as Teamviewer sees that I use their product for commercial use. You are wrong Teamviewer. Anybody else with the same experience???

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    As per TeamViewer's terms and conditions any connection from a work computer is classified as commercial usage.

  • Hi,

    I have Temviewer installed on my laptop, my surface go tablet and my android phone. Plus I installed it on a Raspberry Pi that I was playing around with. All four units are my personal units and I use Teamviewer to login and check my own personal documents, or details I don't have in dropbox, or to check the webcam or other silly but personal things.

    Yet for the last year every session is interrupted really fast and I get a popup telling me that the usage pattern suggests that I have been helping someone professionally. I have never ever done this. I never connected to anyone elses computer vie Teamviewer, only my own, and not very often at all, maybe a couple of times a month max.

    This makes the program completely unusable and worthless. I have juyst about time to open a folder and when Im about to open a document the program closes. Honestly it feels like an insult and a slap in the face each time. I am starting to get really irritated and feel incorrectly accused of doing something I never ever have done.

    I have been trying to contact Teamviewer about this but there are no support channels to do so and I just get redirected back here.

    I tried sending in feedback about the issue several times but never ever got a reply or any change at all.

    So before I uninstall and look for an alternative I would like to ask the community what I can do to resolve this?

  • I've given my mum an iMac and taught her to use FaceTime and browsing. Sometimes she gets lost (Nearly 80) and I have to remote in.

    Now it says I'm suspected of commercial use and cuts me off and I need to subscribe.

    I don't understand why.

    Any help would be great.

  • Team viewer has automatically and mistakenly identified my account as "commercial use", so now I cannot ge access to benefits of non commercial use. How can I change the status "commercial use" to "non commercial use"?

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    I have been using teamviewer in a non business manner with members of my family who have a couple of devices each and live at differing locations. I am no longer able to use teamviwer as i receive an error message that "it appears my use of teamviewer is in a business manner" This is likely to be that there are several pc's listed that i connect to, some more frequently than others as in assisting my elderly father who is 84.

    Is there anyway to reset my status to a non business user as the assumption that i am using this in a business sense is incorrect.

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    Your getting a whole minute? Its gives me about 2 seconds. I wish I was exaggerating.

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    I see my post has been moved into the 312 pages of complaints just like mine where we are not using teamviewer for work purposes, but have been flagged as such. Apparently, because I use it AT work to remote into my home computer to do things I cant do at work, like logging into world of warcraft to check the weekly vault for example... thats considered business use and they want me to pay an absurd $50 for the 5 minutes a week I use teamviewer.

    Well, after using teamviewer for 15 years its finally time to say goodbye. By how they make it basically impossible to contact support unless you make a license, they clearly do not care at all about us. They just ignore any calls for help. They create automated systems that automatically kill your ability to connect and give you no recourse at all. Its configured in such a way that if it even thinks you MIGHT use it for work stuff, block. So, after 15 years its time to move onto something else like **Third Party Product**. I don't WANT to do this but I am basically being forced to.

    I remember when teamviewer was the goto.... now its just the go away from.