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    I only use TeamViwer to connect to my own computer at home. I have used TeamViewer for years, but now it gives me this message and I can't log on right after, why?

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    I have long recommended this app to many of my colleagues and coworkers.

    I use it to provide support to family members like my mother and brother who are both doctors and not very computer savvy.

    I do not use this app for business purposes at all, however the app is telling me that i am .

    Can someone please assist me in correcting this.

    As soon as i can get a business started i will buy it. In the mean time.... i am only engaging in personal uses .

    Please help .

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    Hi there.

    My brother is currently in an induced coma due to covid and pneumonia. I have been using teamviewer to control a phone that we've given to his nurses as we are not allowed to visit. We play a controlled playlist and live recited prayers from homes of loved ones and hit play a few times per day on his phone.

    Teamviewer has now closed this access as were are using the service excessively(?) and considers our use to be professional use.

    We are hopeful that some steady improvements in his health will mean we won't need to use this service for more than a few weeks so might it be possible to continue to use this as a free service?


    Bhagat Singh

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    Dear Sir,

    I use team viewer sometimes to connect with my desktop whenever I am not accessible to that computer. Recently I tried to log in, but your system flagged me as a commercial user. Actually it is incorrect. I use TV only for my personal access to my desktop occasionally.

    a couple of years ago , this happened by mistake and I had the same issue, and after I had emailed TV, you had released the account.

    I would appreciate if you could do the same this time, as you can understand our accessibility physically is impaired due to the correct pandemic, and TV does help personal users.

    do let me know by email to  [removed per Community Guidelines]


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    Is the "commercial use" a potential warning sign that illicit access has been achieved at either the source or the target PC? ... and if so, what is the best way to monitor for this?

    I am very grateful TeamViewer makes their product available for free for non-commercial use. There is nothing that requires that they do this, and I think it is quite generous. I only use the product to help my mom out when she has PC questions/problems, but I recently had to go through the re-activation for a 2nd time (in about a year).

    Do these warnings give cause for concern that perhaps someone else has gotten access to her connection credentials? (I think the chances of this are extremely low, as neither of us would share that information with others.

    I did have her generate a new, random password, and perhaps I will have her do that on a monthly basis, just to be safe. While my connections to my mom can sometimes be long in duration, her two computers are the only two devices to which I connect, and the purposes are purely personal/non-commercial. Still, it would give some peace of mind if there were some guidance on how to monitor for intrusions (or even just a way to get the logs of connection traffic for her/my account, as I think I would be able to quickly spot activity that falls outside the known connections that I'm making.

  • I am using the free version. The time Teammviewer allows me a connection to another computer is very short and I get cut after about 3-5 minutes. How do I solve this?

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    Hi everyone

    Hope you are doing well.

    My name is David and I am a lawyer at [removed per Community Guidelines]. I also made a website for my clients so that they can ask any question through our website. I also want to add a TeamViewer button on my website so that they can access my website easily. Is it possible? If yes, then how can I add it? Please let me know about it if you have any information.

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    I am also in the same situation, a free account flagged as commercial. I have provided the paperwork they requested and have received no answer. It appears there is no way to contact a person to get help. Very frustrating

  • S_A_C
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    I was flagged for commercial use, but have private license. I submitted submitted commercial suspected pdf over 11 days ago. When can I expect a reply?

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    Hi all,

    Windows released a new operating system - Namely Windows 11 (21H2).

    We tested TeamViewer in the latest release and can confirm that all basic features work as expected, however - further tests are pending to announce full support of the new operating systems.

    See Supported operating systems.

    We´d like to collect your feedback about your experiences with TeamViewer on the new operating systems to speed up the process to announce full support.

    Please share your feedback with us by commenting on this post.

    To make sure that we understand your setup and findings, please share as many details as possible about it - of course without sharing any personal details.

    Thanks for your help in making TeamViewer better and fully supporting the new Win 11 quickly.



    Update (18th of October): Thanks a lot, to all of you who already tried out TeamViewer on Windows 11 and providing feedback. You´ve been incredibly helpful in the process of announcing full support. Thank you!

    I am happy to inform you that now we have announced full support for TeamViewer 15.22 on Windows 11. 

    Please see our Knowledge Hub article for more information on the details.

    If there are more issues to report, we are still interested in further feedback, of course.

    Thanks again for the collaborative teamwork from the whole R&D department here at TeamViewer.

    Update (14th of October): With the Microsoft update from 12th of October the connections issues with UDP are solved at least for most users (as far as we know).

    Update (7th of October): some users are having problems to set up a connection on Windows 11 machines. This is related to some specific network adapters. Please read my post for further details and a temporary solution.

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  • daveabraham
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    Tried using teamviewer yesterday with win 11, didnt work. Could login to remote PC's however often I was unable to type to login to windows on the remote pc, or the screen initializing once I had entered the initial TV password would just get stuck. Had to go back to win 10.

  • Kerstin_PO
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    Thanks a lot @daveabraham for the fast feedback! We double checked on our test machines but we cannot reproduce it.

    Do you maybe still have the log files that you could share with me (maybe in a private message. You can get them via top menu / Extras / Open log files.... Ideally local + remote side)?

    If someone else encounters a similar problem, please leave a comment and it would be great if you could save your log files before switching back to Win 10 and share them with us.



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  • daveabraham
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    Hi, I have the log files of one of the remote PC's, but not from my laptop since I deleted and reinstalled on the win 11 machine before downgrading.

    Will send over on a private message.

  • Michael_Fischer
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    Hello, I am also having the same issues. Fresh install of Windows 11 and attempting to connect to PC's with both latest release of TeamViewer and TeamViewer QS resulted in the same results: successful connections followed by a frozen remote screen with nothing further. After multiple restarts and reinstallations of TeamViewer versions on both ends, I reluctantly reverted back to previous build of Windows 10 and all is well again. I have seen this in a few other forums in places such as Reddit and Twitter, and no success.

    Thank you, Michael

  • dparrott
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    Teamviewer does not work with Windows 11. I can open teamviewer but when I try to connect to a machine it doesn't get past the initializing connection screen.

  • daveabraham
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    Hi, I have just looked a bit further into this, can it seems to be an issue if your using the UDP setting within teamviewer. I have turned this off and seems to be ok for now.

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    @daveabraham Thanks for this comment. I had been searching for a reason my teamviewer wasn't connecting to most of my clients since upgrading to Win11 release preview. I've been resorting to our backup remote connection while I figured it out. I had the same behavior as described above. Sometimes I could connect and see my desktop, but couldn't click on things. Other times I wouldn't fully connect. (I was thinking it was a display driver issue but apparently not)

    Turning off UDP fixed my issue. I never tracked down why some connections worked (about 20%) but most wouldn't. I never could isolate what was similar on the working connections.

  • Kerstin_PO
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    Thank you so much for providing this helpful information, @daveabraham . We are looking into the problem and try to provide a hotfix version as soon as possible.



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  • Gilles_P
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    I have some similar problems, I can connect to my remote windows 11 Pro updated PC, I can logging with some difficulties and when I get to the desktop, when I clic on windows menu, start menu doesn't show, and taskbar display weird things.

    Tell me if you want something to look into thing matter.

  • I have a free account so I can look after my families PC , TV have locked my account thinking Iam commercial but Iam not using TV commercially. Help how do I get to use my account again?

  • Kerstin_PO
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    short update to the connection problems.

    According to our analysis, the problem only occurs on machines with special networking adapters and using UDP.

    The problems are related to some issues 'between some Intel “Killer” and “SmartByte” networking software and Windows 11'. Microsoft has announced a fix by an Windows Update planned for the 12th of October.

    Please read for some more information.

    To solve the problem for TeamViewer on Windows 11 for the moment, please disable UDP in the options (Advanced > Advanced network settings > Use UDP (recommended)) until you are using the new Windows update (and please remember to enable UDP after that again).

    If you encounter any further problems, please post them here.

    Sorry for the inconveniences.



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  • Rafael_Adam1
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    I noticed the mouse is out of position when clicking on task bar and some 3D aplications just give a blank screen

  • iburr
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    When trying to disable UDP. I go to the options menu but TV crashes as soon as I clock the options link. It does this also when I establish a new connection to a client.

    I have my log file if you need it.

  • River_Rat
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    Using the latest 64 bit version of TeamViewer on all computers...

    Connecting Windows 10 computers to a Windows 11 computer

    Connection is fine if both computers are on the same internal network...

    Connection is made from an external network, but there is no interaction with the Windows 11 computer...

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    Having an issue in Windows 11 using Teamviewer 15.22.3 C. I open up teamviewer to get started and any time I try to open a menu option or open a connection, Teamviewer closes itself. I converted tmy log file to a pdf so you could look at it.

    [Logfiles removed]

  • Kerstin_PO
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    Thanks for your feedback @Rafael_Adam1 , @iburr, @River_Rat , @kwhitten . We would be very interested in your log files.

    If you have a license, could you please create a ticket via and maybe mention the thread and that it's regarding your comment in the Community.

    If you do not have a license, please write me in a personal message and I will take care of it.

    Thanks a lot,

    Best, Kerstin

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    I downloaded todays Win11 updates and rebooted. I then turned UDP back on within TeamViewer and I was able to connect to a computer I had a known issue problem seems resolved at this point. I'll update if I encounter any connection problems with UDP on.

  • jshulters
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    Hi there. I just loaded the latest version of TeamViewer on my new PC with a new Windows 11 install, in order to join a meeting and view someone else's screen share (on Windows 10). I wasn't able to see anything but an empty grey screen. I requested they make me presenter to try to share my screen, and when they did, I received no notification to assume the presenter role. When I created a meeting myself and invited them and shared my screen, they also could not see anything but a blank grey screen. I just checked the latest Windows updates and will test more soon, but I wanted to share my experience. Thanks!

  • brollins
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    I tried to connect to a Win7 computer (ya I know, luckily it was with the intension of moving some old software off of it) after my previous post and had a similar issue so I turned UDP back off for now and that fixed the issue. So maybe it's only partially fixed by Microsoft.