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    Hi im using teamvieuwer only for private but my access is blokked can you help me?

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    Unfortunately, thanks to their terms of service, this is still considered commercial use since you're using it from a business computer. You'd have to remote in from your phone or other personal device to your home computer to get around this restriction.

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    All of you need to head to the "Reset Management" page. Unfortunately I cannot provide a link since my forum account was created too recently. Just Google "TeamViewer Reset Management", it should be the first result but double check to make sure it's the real TeamViewer website. On this page you need to click the "Click Here to Start" button, log in to your account, and then fill out the form.

    It can take them over a week to respond since they don't care much about free users like us.

    Good luck!

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    They blocked me to. No matter what you do they will block you, (money hungry company) I never used to help others I used it only to acces my own computer which was used by my daughter who happens to be 7 years old when covid 19 started, the only way to help her because I am not with her was to use TeamViewer, after couple of days they blocked me from helping my little bb, they forced me to buy license for one year because it was the only way for me to help her with school because everything was online, after she returned to school I didn’t need it anymore also I didn’t renew the license, couple of days ago I tried to use it again but after seconds they blocked my account, not only that they blocked my device, Even if you try to create a new account they blocked your device, I called them many times but nothing, I send a ticket but no solution. THE FREE LICENSE IS FALSE PROPAGANDA, I only used it to enter my own computer using my phone. They are not going to unblock your device.

    they made me pay license knowing that we humans were on bad economical times, that is mean.

    good luck TeamViewer. Bye

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    I have been using this product for years. Used to have license for multiple accounts at my old employer. I know only use this product for personal use to support an elderly parent. Well within the terms of personal use. We stopped using it a little more than a year ago due to constantly being told we are professional and need to purchase a license. After a year away we came back, as a family member said the issue no longer exists. I logged onto my parents computer for the first time in multiple months and were kicked off after a few minutes, license issue.

    Why? a casual connection every few months should not be setting off a pro license request and lock access.

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    when i have been trying to sign into team viewer a notification is coming up saying.

    'Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level suggesting professional use. Please subscribe to license plan to continue the usage'

    Can someone tell me how to fix this? I have filled in the form for reactivation but nothing has came through.

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    I recently got a msg that im using teamviewer for bussines and i dont.

    I use it only for remote control of 1 pc and it is a private pc. Can anyone tell me how to clear my account /solve this isssue.

    Im getting a msg that teamviewer can see in my partern taht im using teamviewer in bussines related support. I got that msg on a computer that im not even using for bussines.

    I do use my other pc once in a while for work but im not using teamview (dont know if vpn could be a cause of the problem with teamviewer)

    looking forward for SoMe suggestion

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    I can no longer connect to another computer. 
    A message appears telling me that I used teamviewer for commercial purposes when this is not the case. 
    What should I do?
    thank you in advance for your answer

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    I am extremely upset. I use the free version of TeamViewer for NON commercial use. I am being flagged from logging in to one of my pcs. All I do is log in to my son's pc at Grandmas and make sure all his ready for his use of Netflix and log right out. How in the world is that "Commercial Use".

    The only reason I use TeamViewer is to help my mom when she is stuck on something or turn on my son's pc. That is it.

    What upsets me more is that if you are not a paying customer, no support at all. I have used TeamViewer for years and the last time this happened I sent an email to support and it was resolved immediately. Now nothing..... In these hard times it's sad that TeamViewer has changed to this... No Support for Free users

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    I am not a business and I do not even work for a company.

    I monitor family computers. I work in Germany, my children, my wife in Hungary. If they have computer problems remotely I have been able to solve them so far. So far I have 2 machines at home, I carry mine with me.

    I bought a new machine and I sync with each other here. Here are both machines next to me. One of which I will take home to my wife. I put the program on it, logged in. I tried joining and immediately the roar of the program that I use for commercial purposes sees this. What the ...?

    I have an account with a specific email address. With this I am logged in to all their machines. I just don't understand. I AM NOT A COMPANY, I AM NOT A BUSINESSMAN!

    No matter how much I write to support, they don’t even care.

    I can’t run home from 1000km to recover a plane, update a driver for a 7-year-old.

    The company advertises for free for private use. Then WHY PROHIBIT?

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    I'm a first-year graduate student in US and I go back to my hometown this summer vacation. Two weeks before, the teamviewer detect commercial use for my account. But I'm not!! I just use it to remote control my computer at school. I already submitted the commercial use form to clarify my condition. But it has gone two weeks. I did not get any response. I‘m very anxious now. I tried to call the support team but still no one respond me. Can anyone help me with this?? 😫😫

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    This is now officially the 3rd time I've had to come and beg for you to allow me to continue using your software. I don't use it commercially, I use it to manage my own personal computers. Now when I try to connect to one of my computers that's located 300 miles away, it disconnects me after 5 minutes and won't allow me to re-connect. I've contacted support about this in the past and they had me send them the ID's of the computers I access and it seemed to fix the problem, but apparently the problem is back. Now it disconnects me, and tells me connections will be blocked for what amounts to 1 minute, but even if I wait 20 minutes, is swill won't connect.

    I get plenty of use out of Team Viewer, and I'd gladly pay $ (one time) to it, but I can't pay $$$ every year. I can only imagine how much money you're losing from hundreds of thousands of other users like me who want to pay a FAIR amount, but end up paying nothing because all of your pricing is aimed at corporate/business use.

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    Dear @Natascha

    I'm not with a company, I've never used it in a corporate environment. I am neither a businessman nor a private entrepreneur.

    I monitor family computers. I work in Germany, my children, my wife in Hungary. If they have computer problems remotely, I have been able to resolve them so far. So far I have 2 machines at home with the kids, I take mine with me.

    I bought a new machine and here I sync with each other. Here is my new and old machine next to me. I will take one home to my wife on my next trip. I put the program on the new machine, logged in. I tried to connect to my old machine and immediately disabled it on my old machine due to commercial use. Add a license.


    I have an account with a specific email address. This will log me in to all of their machines. I just do not understand. I am NOT a company, I am NOT a BUSINESSMAN! No matter how much I write for support, they don’t even care. I can’t run home from 1000km to repair a machine, update a driver for a 7 year old kid.

    The company advertises for private purposes free of charge. Then WHY PROHIBITION?

    I didn't even connect to a company machine. Each is a private machine. (and I didn't even put my old father's machine on the list, even though 10 machines could be managed and only 3 and 4 with the new one are on the list.) I wrote the request. I sent the IDs of all the machines. I described the situation, they don't even care.

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    Ran into this issue, submitted my ticket and it's been a over a week but still no resolution. Is there anything I can do or am I just stuck waiting for them to eventually get to it?

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    One of my PC's has been flagged as being of commercial use.

    Other devices appear to be working OK

    ID in question : [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I have submitted numerous reset requests, but as yet nothing has changed.

    How do I proceed?

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    Pay for the business license, even though you're a residential user.

    This is why they do this, forces some people to pay because they need it so bad and cannot wait

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    I am a research student and have a PC in my department that is my personal and a laptop. So most of the time to run lengthy calculations I remotely access my PC and run all the calculations on that. I have a few other workstations that I connect to as that's the best way to monitor the progress of my calculation(another way is to use ssh connect). I was suddenly flagged as a commercial user and it has been very problematic to use team viewer now, I have already raised an issue that I am wrongly flagged as a commercial user but I haven't got any response. Any idea what I can do to resolve the issue a bit faster?

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    Hi Sheeba968, I have the same problem. I use TeamViewer to manage my disabled dad's phone (and sometimes his laptop) and I have connection problems in the last few weeks. I have just found out that TeamViewer consider me as a commercial user - although I have free licence - therefore they block my connection within a minute all the time. I had same problems before but there were supports to resolve them. Hopefully they will read our issues the help us to resolve them as soon as possible.

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    Used to use TV in a commercail enviromenrt, retired couple of years ago, upgraded to Version 15 and all screens show I have a Personal licence now. It worked for about a year, recently getting Commercial Use detected pop up's. I would prefer to keep using TV it's a lot easier than other solutions. Just use it now for one laptop to my and wife's PC. Filled in form conforming no comercial use but still blocked.

    Is there a different procedure for getting 'Free' licence to take. Can provode machine ID or login mail address if needed.



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    Good to know I am not the only one. I use to be able to contact them to correct the issue. Now if you are not a paying license client there is no where you can email or call. Unbelievable. Prior to COVID issues this was NEVER an issue. And now that we need it more, they are creating the issue.

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    I have exactly the same problem suddenly. Only use it to assist my mother who is not exactly tech savy. how can one go about sorting this out?

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    I have put in 2 request in the past 3 weeks to request that my account be reconsidered for being taken off "time out" - since I've used the free version to connect with my girlfriend's computer thousands of miles away-

    HOW this could be suspected as commercial use, I would like to know, speak to someone, or have some kind of response from anyone with some kind of knowledge of how to resolve it.

  • gatsby
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    I was wrongfully blocked and the awful new system makes it impossible to find support

  • xiaoyuan
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    My account has no commercial activities, prompting me to have commercial activities

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    Hello, I have been having issues using your product. I am not employed, so I do not help anyone online. One of the main reasons I use your product is for my mother's computer. It allows me to help her find something online, since she has no concept of computers. I also use it so I can print out return slips for her, for Amazon returns. But your product keeps telling me that I am using it for business and I can only use it for 5 mins.

    Please let me know why this is occurring?

    Thank you


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    I use Teamviewer for Astrophotography, now being told I'm limited to 5 minutes.

    How do I fix this?

    I can't find a customer support email or contact info for Free users.

    I've tried the phone number but it doesn't apply to free users.

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    I use TeamViewer to occasionally remote connect to a home PC using a laptop when I'm away. I have the non commercial use and it has worked fine before except once, 1-2 year's ago when it suddenly started playing up suggesting commercial use had been sensed, which was incorrect. After that it seemed to work OK again at later remote connections.

    Recently, the exact same thing has happened where it won't let me connect, times out for a minute or two, then when I try to connect after the minute, the same thing happens. I get messages saying commercial use is sensed, which is incorrect. I use the non commercial free use version for occasional remote connections (about several connections over a two week period, about once or twice a year max).

    What do I need to do to make it work as it did normally before?


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    If I had any hair left, I'd pull it out!

    The only way I am able to support a very far-away aged parent in her daily administrative, financial and social needs is by connecting remotely with her mobile, tablet and laptop. Hers are the only devices I connect with using TeamViewer, in a single location.

    I have now gone round and round this automated reset management process at least four times; have uninstalled the programme, created a new account and submitted the request form each time.

    I received a message that the other device might also need to be specified. BUT I do not see anywhere that I am able to correct the details of the devices. If I log in in order to request a reset, the robot simply assumes the Teamviewer ID without further reference and posts the form into a digital bin.

    Manythanks for any help, official or unofficial, to help me resolve this..