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    I recently started getting kicked out of my sessions while trying to troubleshoot my parents computer. I only use it to help them troubleshoot since they don't know how to use much but recently I was kicked out saying it was being used for Commercial. I already submitted the form with my ID but no response yet.

    Any help?

  • low56
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    Yep, you're right. I have been incorrectly flagged as a commercial user as well. I never used it to or from a work computer. Just two home computers connecting to each other.

    I have submitted the request form several times and never got a response! :-(

  • marklinford
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    I am continually flagged as commercial even though I only use for personal. Teamviewer is no help.

  • userT
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    Anyone can share how long between submission and getting a resolution? Been over 7 business days on my end and still nothing, rather curious what's the turnaround time now. Thanks.

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    Anyone can help us out here? I've tried using a different browser, clearing cookies etc. etc. and I'm still getting this "Thank you, your request was submitted succesfully. Please download the PDF for your records." Getting a 'we don't know' from a moderator would be better than no answer at all. I'd hate to crosspost to other topics but may have no other options since I'm obviously not getting the right exposure on this particular thread.

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    I submitted a Reset for Commercial Use Suspected form last week, with the ID's of my servers. Still haven't heard back.


    Joe D

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    I never once charged for support with team Viewer, why would they flag me?

  • frapar
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    Hi to all,

    I've been using TeamViewer as free user from many years!

    I've used it only to assist my relatives and friends, none business use!

    Some days ago TeamViewer started to say that I'm using it for business!

    It's not true, because I only assist my relatives and friends!

    What I have to do for having restored my Free user license?

    Thanks in advance

  • Crruzer
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    It's been well over 7 business days since I submitted the form to unlock my account that was flagged for commercial use, no updates. When I go to try & submit the form again, I get to the reset link & in it, it says:

    "Thank you, your request was submitted successfully."

    This shouldn't take this long.



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    You're supposed to be able to contact support and they handle it but I'm sure they want us to pay for a license

  • Sybrant1
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    I have a free account that I use for personal use and it says I am using for commercial but I dont

  • jrhatcher
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  • I've got a free teamviewer license from many years, and now appears the message "suspect of commercial use".

    I've tried the reset procedure, but it does not work.

    What else can I do?

  • RichardKatz
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    In fact the computer I am on now has been completely offline for the 2 weeks due to an error.

    I request the ability to use the program. I don't make any money off team viewer. I was actually employed by a company who uses Teamviewer but I was only employed by them for 30 days and it was their license.

    I don't have a job. I want to get a job and I was hoping to be able to transfer some files my work is on 3 different computers and be able to consolidate my work so its all in the right place where a potential employer can review it.

    I had a computer die 4 months ago and it has been hard to recover from that. I absolutely do not use Teamviewer commercially.



  • DNS1
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    I submitted a request to get returned to a private license because I have NEVER used Teamviewer as a way to collect money or any benefit for helping my friends and family with computer problems. It seems there is no feedback from Teamviewer regarding the status of the request and no indication as to how long the process would take. I can't submit a form with the user IDs of people I use with Teamviewer (which I neglected to do on my form) because they know I have submitted a form already. Is there a way to find out what's going on since private users can't send requests via phone or messages?

  • sent in the form on 5/25/2022. today is June 8th and still no answer

  • driger
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    Hello everyone. First of all, I was connecting from my phone to my home computer when I was out, but there was no problem before, but lately, a commercial usage warning appears and it kicks me out of teamViewer, how can I solve this?

  • hello, you have restricted my use of team viewers but, I am not professional, I use it only for private purposes. Can you remove this restriction? Thanks

  • Gillessabro
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    hello, you have restricted my use of team viewers but, I am not professional, I use it only for private purposes. Can you remove this restriction? Thanks

  • veselinovic
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    I installed teamviewer for personal use, but I couldn't connect to others. Teamviewer shows "your license limits maximum session duration to a partner" warning message instead.

    This error arised from today.

    Can anyone help me?

  • Bagna
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    Good evening, from today I received the notification that the software installed in the PC with the free license is used for commercial purposes and expels me from the session immediately after the notification.
    I would like to understand if it is possible to unlock this license lock since the connection to the program is not used commercially but only to connect and confirm my presence in the various university lessons or exchange any university assignments from the mobile app or other devices to my PC.
    Thanks for the reply

  • GRM
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    I submitted a request but I am wondering if I should get a trial version for 14 days so that I can get my mother's email back up and running. Has anyone done this? My use is free ... I only connect to my mom's computer and got flagged as commercial use.

  • calandro72
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    Hello all--

    I submitted the personal use reset form for one computer on my home network, but I now need to submit it for additional computers. When I go to the reset page, I now only have the option to download a PDF of the form I already submitted for the first computer, and I can't submit additional IDs. How do I get back to a screen that will allow me to fill out a form and add additional computer IDs for reset?

  • sathanas65
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    I had a paid license for a few years when I was running a tech support business. Now I am an Enterprise software architect and only use TeamViewer to remote into my home computer from my phone and occasionally to help my father. I haven't logged into my father's computer in months. I log into my home computer from my phone fairly regularly. Today I did so and got the commercial use suspected limitation placed on my account. I am trying to do the reset but it requires a signature and the signature pad is broken. Also, can't get support without a paid license, so I guess I'm out of luck.

  • marlinj
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    I am NOT using commercially or running in a commercial environment as this blasted software periodically tells me I'm suspected of doing, and therefore blocks connection!! There is no more support from Teamviewer for them to check my logs and verify non commercial as they used to do and would then reset my acct. What am I supposed to do now? I literally cannot use it at all and DESPERATELY NEED TO REACH MY HOME PC!!!

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    I work at an univerity and I have some PCs at home (to daughter) and my girlfriend. Sometimes I need to connect to these computers but Team Viewer does not allow me to do so arguing that I am making commercial use of the software...

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    I have used teamviewer for my personal activities to connect to my personal laptop. However, now I cannot use it and I got a license error. It seems that teamviewer recognize a commercial activities, while it is not correct.

    How can I solve the issue?


  • xZAPHODx
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    Hi, did you ever get it reset?

    Im still waiting on mine as well. Seems to be taking forever.