Commercial use - Connection time out



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    I help my old patents with their phones and computer. This is the second time it suspects commercial use. It has been nearly a week now and it has not reset. I can only assume Teamviewer was hacked and is unsafe to use because this is the second time in 2 years this happens and thus someone else must be using it commercially. I will post this information out there so other can watch for the same issue. I willbe buying **Third Party Product** as Teamviewer acts like adaware or it is hacked. Anyone else having the issue?

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    It's been 10 days and I'm still getting the Commercial Use Suspected message. I've done the reset and if you try again, it just says submitted already. I've used TV for over 10 years and every few years I have this happen but it has never taken this long to resolve. I'm retired so I'm not using it for business purposes, more for keeping track of computers and home automation stuff around the house that run headless. I realize this is free useage of a product, but there should be a simpler way to do this.

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    the error message is this:

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    We use Teamviewer only when we are away from home. We have 2 desktop computers at home and 1 laptop we carry with us. Teamviewer is now saying I appear to be using it for commercial activity but actually I haven't used it in months. How do I get this fixed? Thanks.

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    I use a free teamviewer account to help friends and family as I am the most tech savvy person in my circle. Since I'm semi-retired, I have plenty of time to do this, and will have some long sessions on occasion.

    I submitted a reset form on April 5th, and the message upon submitting was that I would get a response in five days. It's almost double that now and I haven't heard anything and I'm still blocked.

    Since this is a free account, I can't contact anyone at TeamViewer to check on the status of my reset request. I'm hoping someone at TeamViewer monitors these posts and will respond.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    I use Teamviewer as free user cause I'm not a professional to connect from home to home and I have a timeout session everytime I try to connect now.

    Is there changes for free users ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I only use teamviewer to access computer of my father in order to do what he is not able to do, via remote control. I tried also to remote access another of my computers in my house.

    But when I try to access through ID and password a pop up window tells me that it seems I use Teamviewer for commercial purpose. This is not true and I only want to help my father or making tests by myself on my pc.

    There is no suggestion on the pop up window a part waiting some minutes. But when I try access again after this time, the time remaining, goes further and I can't access.

    And, of course, I don't need to buy a license for personal purposes.

    Thanks for any help.


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    I have tried REPEATEDLY to get thru this same problem!!! I've used the program for a number of years and now all of a sudden all this B.S.! I've removed the program, reinstalled the program, changed my password and done everything I think is being asked several times now, and am getting nowhere!!

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    I also have been waiting multiple weeks for a response. [removed per Community Guidelines] but i am holding out hope for TV to do the right thing since I really do love the app, but not enough to pay $80 a month when other free options exist.

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    Hi everyone, two weeks ago my account was incorrectly flagged as "for Business use" and now I can't connect to my computer to do work from school! (even for security reasons!)

    I already submitted the form stating everything above, but they haven't responded yet and I am losing a lot of productivity... What can I do? Also, the TeamViewer ID that they ask for is the one over the password or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance to everyone!

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    I also use TeamViewer on one personal computer, and they say it treats me as if I work in an office. Ticker #[Removed as per Community Guidelines] has been the subject of many support requests from me over the last two weeks.

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    Hello. I have been using a free license with a blind friend for over a year now and all of a sudden we have been shut down and timed out. It says his license is no longer valid. He is Blind and therefore I help him often to navigate the internet as some sites are not visually impaired friendly using other Apps such as Jaws. We only use TeamViewer personally and are not commercial. The commercial fee of $400 for the year is a bit steep.

    Can you help us resolve this as he has had no response from an email he sent TeamViewer.

    Yours Gratefully


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    They cut me off, and all I want to do is help my elderly mother. My transgression? I used a different computer in my home running a different OS to launch my Teamviewer client. I'm done with Teamviewer as I'll not beg. If they cannot figure out a better algorithm to determine legitimate private use, then it makes you wonder about other things they have screwed up with their product such as systems security. There are plenty of options. [removed per Community Guidelines]. After years of Teamviewer use in a non-commercial mode, I am done, not by my choice but theirs. Teamviewer is dead to me. Good luck to you.

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    I also have been waiting multiple weeks for a response... but i am holding out hope for TV to do the right thing since I really do love the app, but not enough to pay $80 a month when other free options exist.

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    I using my computer at work it runs windows 11 but it cuts off after about two minutes it not happenig on my phone or Ipad?

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    i have submitted my request for a reset for my iPad over a week go me no response. How long does it take to get a reset. I am travelling and the iPad is my only device for travelling. Why does a rest request take so long?

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    I have a personal Office 365 account and have all of my computers domain joined to my Azure AD. This has started creating a problem with TeamViewer. Historically I have used my work login to access my home system however I am not going to be employed where I work for too much longer so I am moving back to my personal account. That being said, I am getting blocked by TeamViewer when I try to connect to my personal machines because TeamViewer assumes work usage because they are Azure AD joined. What's the best way to get TeamViewer to work properly for my personal use without it thinking I need a license just because I have an Azure AD domain?

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    I rarely use my windows teamviewer software for connecting other PCs upon necessary, & just fixing some problems by a few clicks normally. However, I'm kicked out of the line after it's connected in 3 seconds, in these days. Moverover, the line is blocked by the system & cannot be connected again. I've no idea why did the system to block me like this. How could this be fixed, or how could I get any access from the TeamViewer ?😕

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    Help pls my account is locked om commercial use and I'm using it free to assist my mum. I've tried emailing the reset but no response

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    I use Team Viewer (personal use version) to activate a remote connection which starts a screen recording software on the remote computer at my home.

    I do this via my laptop when I'm away connecting to my home computer. My problem is that when I close my laptop, the T\Viewer connection is lost. Naturally the remote computer at my home continues to screen record as required, but, the "Free Session" prompt is stuck on the screen and covers the screen I am recording. Is there a way to remove this "Free Session" prompt?

    Any help is very much appreciated.😀