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    I've been using Teamviewer non-commercially now for close to 10 years, but now am in the same situation as you. After successfully resetting, they have kicked me out again. They think I am commercial. Fine. There are other options.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    If Ying is not successful in getting my account re-instated, then I'm going to use **Third Party Product**.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Anyway, I'll not beg or be held hostage by the likes of Teamviewer. It would have been better for them to not offer any free access at all, because now all they are doing is making a lot of honest people mad and creating ill will towards themselves.

    Good luck everyone, and if you have no luck with Teamviewer, [removed per Community Guidelines] Life is too short for **bleep**, and apparently there is now plenty of it at Teamviewer Inc.


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    I've been trying to help friends recently with their PC/Printer/Mail problems which has entailed the use of TeamViewer in a personal capacity. I subsequently received a "We are sorry for the interruption" notice stating, ".... we will have to limit your usage of TeamViewer because the usage pattern suggests that you have been supporting others professionally"

    I'll admit I was active and busy with a number of friends for a short period of time, all with similar problems. Whether they had been effected by an Microsoft update I don't know, but my assistance for this period was purely personal.

    I've requested on number of occasions, via the Reset Management form, for my indicated ID's to be unblocked but to date I've heard nothing and there is no change to my status. I've sent again today another Reset Management form, this time with all the main ID's I support (6 in total).

    I'm disappointed that I've not heard from TeamViewer Support and am now wondering whether Personal Use status is being withdrawn as an offering.

    I would certainly appreciate a response and hopefully I will get unblocked

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    i filled out the reset form without mentioning my ID, but the 10 IDs from friends. Now i cant contact my friends. I tried to fill out a new reset form, but it does not show anymore and only lets me download my old reset PDF. Who can help me?

    Hartmut Eicher, Fürth, Germany, ID [removed per Community Guidelines]

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    How can i fix that please?

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    Apologies, please ignore question.

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    Hi I am stuck in TeamViewer reset purgatory.I am using TeamViewer to access my home computer while I travel. I am using it on an iPad and it keeps timeout. I filled out the reset PDFand realized I had the wrong TeamViewer id but now I can resubmit as every time I try to do a reset and get a thank-you saying I have sent the, form and I can download the pdf. is there anyway to resubmit the correct id?

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    Same here it has been 2 weeks now and I have not heard a thing back

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    Hi I have submitted the reset for twice. I have added all the IDs I access to help my family with their pc and phones. I have not heard back from support. Is Teamviewer free still free, I do not understand why I had to reset it in 2021 and now again, to prove that I only use it for friends and family. It also seem impossible to email any kind of support on teamviewer. Is there anyone from teamviewer here that can help?

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    Hi Stephan3,

    i tried 4 browsers also in incognito mode and then also on a different laptop but always the message appeared:

    "Thank you, your request has been successfully submitted". Please download the PDF.

    Help from the support hotline was declined.

    Eventually I did manage it by logging in with a new account yesterday, but I still do not know, who is in charge of resetting the IDs for free use and how I get informed about it.

    sunny greetings from Bavaria


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    I have a Free license but I can't use any longer. I just getting tha answer that I'm a proffecional user but I'm certenly not. I'm only using Teamviewer to help a friend to update som programs. Can anyone tell me what to do. I have sent many inquiries to the support but no answer.

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    I'm unable to use the free version of Teamviewer. I only connect to my single PC at home. For some reason my account has been marked as commercial and although I have done the reset-management dance 3 times in the last month, nothing seems to happen.

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    Is there anyone else having issues with the new way TeamViewer works? I am a free user because all I use it for it to manage 4 family members computers. TeamViewer will not allow me to remote in for more than 30 seconds then tells me I must purchase a license because I am using it for professional use. Then it does not allow me to reconnect for 15 minutes again and well disconnected yet again. It is sad there is ZERO availability to customer support without a license.

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    My topic was merged here but I've properly filled out the form multiples in the last few weeks. I'm not using the product commercial and I only connect to my home PC.

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    Hi , so I am trying to understand why after multiple free lisence reset submissions my free lisence is still not reset. It also seems that Teamviewer makes it impossible to communicate with support staff. Can anyone here clarify who to contact tomhave my account reset as I only use it to help family. thanks

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    I too have lost my free access to some sort of useless "test" they use to PRESUME that you are doing commercial work. I have not done commercial work in over 10 years. Before that I DID buy a license (back when the version was 9). I had to go through this purgatory back in 2019 when they thought I was doing business. They did reinstate my free version at that time, but have since put me back in the dog house with no likelihood of contact.

    I will be, sadly, looking for alternative software.

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    I submitted the form to have my private use account reinstated on April 25th. I read somewhere to allow about a week for reinstatement. Is there any way to check on that?

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    This is very frustrating.

    Every minute TeamViewer pops up a message saying that my account is blocked due to pattern of professional use. I NEVER used TeamViewer professionally. I only use it to connect from my laptop to my PC via LAN.

    Who designed this bad licensing system, I wonder?

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    Every computer I have under All Devices seem to get limited session time when I try to connect. It does not seem to matter which device I try to remote connect to. I've submitted a reset account request a while ago and have not gotten a response. The new console also says I have 15/3 next to All Devices. Not sure how to correct that. Need help

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    I am not using any managed computers for making money or connecting to a work/business domain. I do have a couple personal "servers" that are for my personal home use only and are not joined to a domain (They just run Windows Server OS) . They are for test purposes only

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    Thank you. I was using the Teamviewer for personal use. But suddenly, Teamviewer has been blocked and asking for the license purchase. I have reset the account in and generated the pdf. What are the next steps that I need to take to access the free version of Teamviewer.


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    Hi i use the teamviewer as free user before some months ago and i can remote other pc's without any limit about time.

    Now i can't do that?

    The free users can't use this app at all???

    I don't mention the 15 trial days but as free user what i can do for remote access to other pc's????

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    My mothers Team Viewer throw me out due to false "time out" accusement that that I using Team Viewer professional. That is not true. I only help my with her pc from distance bacause I live to far away to visit har to fix it.

    How can I fix that problem. I have used Team Viewer man years but since the 2 last year I have used **Third Party Product** instead but I like Team Viewer more.

    Please help me!

    BR Volker

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    I have been using TV for years.

    Since the last Teamviewer Update, I can no longer have a longer sessions with Teamviewer in my local Network. Previously I could connect to my Laptop without any time restrictions but now after about 5 Mins. I get disconnected.

    Bask to the age-old teamviewer problem for private users yet again.

    What can I do to establish a longer session?????????

    @Teamviewer: if you are toxic to free usage then charge a small sum for private uses and have done with it.

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    The link for rest my account is not working I have done the Windows diagnostic to no avail I am not a commercial account and have been tagged that way