Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Vago
    Vago Posts: 1 Newbie

    I use TeamViewer a couple of times a year so I do not have a Licence.

    After say thirty seconds of use it says I have over used the system and locks me out.

    I have TeamViewer on the start up on my PC would this be the cause, even though I am not connected to any other PC

  • Furhat
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    I have used TeamViewer for years for private use and now for some reason I am notified that you suspect me of professional use. This is an error, I only use it to support my friends and family as well as manage my own servers. I do not get paid for any support I provide and should not be regarded as a commercial user. How do I get this overturned?

  • jmcmahon97
    jmcmahon97 Posts: 1

    commercial use suspected. not true! i'm only using teamviewer for family and friend. how can i get my personal free account re-activated?

  • Radix257
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    I have been a licensed user for the last 4 years and starting from April 2023 I retired from work and therefore canceled the TW subscription.

    Now TW keeps considering me a commercial user and denies me to run it in "private non commercial" mode. After 5 minutes any connection I open is been closed.

    Since I often need to connect to my son's or my wife's PCs to assist them with complex computer tasks (but simple to me :) this is quite annoying.

    How can I restore the "standard" behaviour of TW on my PC ?

    Best regards,


  • Jen_Godin
    Jen_Godin Posts: 1 Newbie

    I am currently in the same situation and would really like being able to keep using the service. For us it doesn't even give us the 5min, it blocks after not even 2min at times.

  • JoeF4369
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    I'm using my personal account, not the company account. How is this fair that a company I left 2 years ago is affecting my personal account?

  • melardev
    melardev Posts: 1

    Hi, I am using TeamViewer for personal use, I spend most of my life in two countries, and I have computers in both, at the start I used to connect fine between computers, but now, I get an error saying that I am not using it for personal use and so the connection closes immediately, how is that? it is easy to check, if i was using it for business, then each time would be a different user, however, i always use Teamviewer with the same pcs, can anyone Teamviewer staff check and get it fixed, please?

  • fornarij
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    I'm using teamviewer for private reasons (cot commercial) to fontrol my pc at home when i'm not there or to help my father on his laptop. Most of the time i use the software i have installed on my enterprise pc. Do the use is private, the computer in ehich the program is installed is not. I suppose this makes Teamviewer believe i'm using the program for commercial and the program limits my session to 5 mins. What must i need to do to unblock the account? Or i have misread the terms and i cannot really use the program for private purpose from a commercial pc?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

  • phkoehl
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    hi all

    I'm an "old" user of Teamviewer, using it occasionally to help remote friends and relatives when they experience difficulties with their computers.

    Never had any problem.

    Today it seems that I'm now considered as a "professional" user, despite the fact the number of "my computers" is still the same.

    Do you kow what happened ? New policy from Teamviewer ? What are the criteria that make you considered as a professional user ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • User274637
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    Teamviwer is blocking access to my personal pc With the new update, can someone from support assist?

  • Dark_Lycos
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    Same for me ... second time it happened, last time I contacted the support and they unlocked my account..

    I have to redo it ..

    That's just a bot cheking your usage of the app I think.

    I also help friends and family, but most of the time I access my computers and I use it very very often, but still a personal use ..

    Good luck 😁

  • Le_Chriesi
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    How did you contact support. Am having the same issue but can't find a way to.

  • Henhead78
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    Same just happened to me, it happened a good few years back and managed to get it fixed,

    Bur having issues contacting care some one this time. Will try above link. Fingers crossed.

  • kyungmohwang
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    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I'm using the program for non-commercial purposes.

    Please release the restriction on my ID

  • CrazyCanuck75
    CrazyCanuck75 Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have been using TV for a long time and I just got a notification this morning (attached)

    I have not changed my usage behaviour and all the computers I am accessing are all on the same subnet in my home. I have 5 computers in my list that I access and they all have Win 10 on them.

    The only thing that I can think of is I forgot to close a session on one of my computers overnight so maybe that triggered something.

    Of course, using the free license I can't contact TV support to find out why things all of a sudden changed.

    Any ideas on how I can get this resolved?

    Appreciate any insight into this issue.

    Thank you.

  • bhalfhill
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    I get suspected commercial use error. I never made a penny off of using TeamViewer. This is beyond annoying. I am disabled I use Teamviewer to access other computers in the house or to help out my brother with computer issues. Please fixed this.

  • WBurchnall
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    I'm in an identical boat. It is so frustrating. I literately, just login to help my parents recreate "short cuts to their banking" on their desktop. I don't use it commercially. I assist my aging parents FOR FREE. I connect to two PCs total. My parents and my own home media server. WHAT THE **bleep** is going on with Team Viewer that I can't connect for more than 60 seconds before being disconnected? My media server is in another city from me right now so I cannot connect long enough to do ANY MEANINGFUL TASK like start a download, get my media server to refresh my library and so on.

  • WBurchnall
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    THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING that Team Viewer says we will get 5 minutes and we get disconnected after 60 seconds. [removed per Community Guidelines] I might never go back to Team Viewer, even if you do unblock my account in up to "5 business days". TEAM VIEWER, you are LOSING popularity and customers.

  • bhill126
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    Our research group in our school uses Teamviewer to monitor the processes on one of our lab machines, and it seems that recently the free license was restricted for some reason. The ID is [removed per Community Guidelines], would it be possible to get the time restriction removed from that ID?

  • KK_1
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    Need help, please. I can't work and TeamViewer refuses to speak with me since I have a free account. . :-( Since yesterday, they are trying to force me into a paid account. It's just me; same IP can be proven. No one else here/no other users. I log in to my personal PC in my office from my laptop. That's it. And no activity is different then all the prior months. It won't let me log in. It has me blocked. 'Usage suggest sharing' and 'usage suggests supporting others professionally.' How do I get this unblocked, before I end up unemployed? Thank you.

  • danilopez
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    I just connect with my 92 years old father, to help him with his computer issues, but it keeps logging me off.

  • Robert_1979
    Robert_1979 Posts: 2 Newbie

    Hi Team,

    I was connected to another PC to trouble shoot and was disconnected after 2 mins or so, I tried again and was blocked then, happened a few more times.

    I only use TeamViewer on occasion have not used it for weeks - what could be the reason?

    I could as well not log a ticket with the team viewer team as it kicked me out during the login process and asked for my password again.



  • subzeroed
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    Hi everyone,

    yesterday my account was restricted as the pattern recognized my usage as proffesional to others. Well, this simply cannot be true.

    I have three PCs, two from my parents and all in all, in a whole last year, only maybe that I have accessed up to 5 other PCs from friends and family. How can this be considered as professional usage?

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

  • GeniusKim
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    When I try to connect to the PC at home from outside with TeamViewer, it automatically shuts down after 5 minutes saying that commercial use is suspicious.

    It is very embarrassing to see this message even though I was using it for simple personal use, not for commercial use.

    Please keep the free use available.

  • ravindradg
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    I am a personal home user.

    Due to my travel schedules, I cannot continue to use newer ips from different countries to access my bank and financial websites. I need to use a "not always changing" wifi/IP to access them daily.

    So I am using TV to connect from my nomadic laptop to my home laptop.

    But TV says that I am using this for professional usage.

    Please help and unblock me.

  • AntonioRubio
    AntonioRubio Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hi all

    Same here ... since today I get the message "commercial use detected" and I am a personal user that only connect to my father's and a friend's computer to solve occasional problems.

    It seems is impossible to open a ticket, so please help me with this issue.

    Best regards

  • Popol
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    This morning while connecting to a friend to help him solve an issue, I got this message. This already happened 5 or 6 years ago. This should be a problem in the way TeamViewer is detected the commercial usage. I am using the remote control feature only 1 or 2 times a month, mainly to support friends with their computers.

    It should be easy to check my connections and get confirmation of my usage.

    Can someone check this and correct my blocked profile ?

    Thank you

  • Kaka119
    Kaka119 Posts: 2 Newbie

    I got same today im use to check time to time my home nas and servers. Whey banned account for personal use of my own computers

  • Popol
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    Finally found a link where you can request to reset this ==>

    I apply with the French link ==>

    You should be able to find the same in English or any other language.

    So far the request is submitted but no answer yet.

    Hope this will help you.

    While posting, I was not authorised to post the links, so I tried to add them as text file attached.

    So txt file, does not work, I put it as pdf.