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    I have installed Teamviewer on my aunt's computer several years ago, and use it very rarely to help her with computer issues, since I live quite far away. She is 82 and not very computer literate.

    But the last 2-3 times I tried to connect, it auto disconnects me after ~1 minute with the message:

    It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid Teamviewer license for you or your connection partner.

    and then I cannot reconnect for several minutes:

    Connection blocked after timeout. Your licence limits the maximum session duraton to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license. Connections to this partner will be blocked until 15:24

    Is it not allowed to connect to family members with free accounts anymore?

  • HonzaS
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    On question (How are you using TeamViewer?) i answer very short: "Personal", it is correct answer? Or you require longer answer? I dont know where i repair it.

    Thanks for help.

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    according to teamviewer I use it commercially but that is not the case

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    I have been using Team Viewer for a couple of years as a help ministry to the elderly members and pastor at my church. I am not receiving any dollar compensation for this. The last couple of months ago I am being kicked out saying it looks like I am using this for money. Many of my members are homebound and I provide a help for them. Most of the time I am not on the system more than 30 minutes or so.. What do I need to do to correct this issues.

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    Please advise on my I need to do.

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    Hi everyone,

    i notices a mistake in the form i submitted when requesting the reset of my teamviewer ID for personal use. I contacted TeamViewer and they suggested that i should just fill it out again. That although is not possible, since a message pops up saying “thank you, your request was submitted successfully. Please download the generated PDF for your records”. So basically I can’t fill the form out once again and submit it. Hence, i don’t know how to get my ID reset.

    Did anyone have the same problem or could someone help me solve it please?

    Thank you!

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    when I go into my Sisters Computer to help her Teamviewer constantly cuts me off. I just recently sent a letter about the Comercially suspected and I believe I had my Sisters tewmviewer ID in that Lettet a well. I only use Teamviewer for personal use . Unfortunatly my Sister is 83 year and she need all the help she can get. So I am using Teamwiever very regular to help her. Can you please help me and tell me why it is doing this just about every time I go into her computer. I sure would appreciate the help. Thank you for your help in advance. Her Teamviewer ID is: [removed per Community Guidelines]


    Margareta Broussard.

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    I used to have a paid license for TeamViewer for my use supporting a local clinic. They were paying for it and it was under my account.

    I no longer do support for them, and they don't pay for TeamViewer any longer... but now I'm still getting prompted that I'm a commercial user.

    I've already called in, been told the problem was resolved... then submitted the form and got the email back telling me the problem is resolved... but I still get connection refused when trying to connect via TeamViewer to my Raspberry Pi's to control my telescope equipment.

    Any suggestions... I did submit the only ID I use now... guess I probably should also get the one off the Surface Book that I used to use. So do I just need to telephone support, which they say is for paying customers only?

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    I have been blocked on my iPhone from accessing my home computer for over a year. I had requested my ID be fixed when my Home computer ID was blocked too. What do i need to do to get my phone ID unblocked?

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    I have the same problem, did you get a reply?

  • stevem3719
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    Hi, I have submitted a form and got my account back for usage, but I didn't realise that each device had a different ID, I cannot submit another form as it tells me that the form was succesfully submitted, but I am still blocked. Please can someone help

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    Hello, I use TV non-commercially but was recently limited. I appealed with the ID Oof the computer i was connecting to, and it was approved. However, I was still limited (session times out after a few mins & cooldown on reconnect). So when I go to fill out the form again, I sign in, and it says "Thank you for submitting, please download a PDF for your records" etc. However, I didn't get to fill it out, and the PDF is the old form submitted last week. I tried multiple browsers, computers, Incognito, etc. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • btcoconuts
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    I'm having a similar issue. I submitted a reset and it was approved, but I was still limited. When I go to re-fill it out, it says exactly the same as yours...Tried different browsers and devices. Did you get this resolved?

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    I am accessing my home computer from an iPad while travelling. both the home computer and iPad have updated versions of Team Viewer. I am using my device for non commercial use.However my iPad times out after 1 minutes. I have applied for and be granted a reset using the id on my iPad. But I am still getting kicked out after one minute. What else can I do?

  • erungg1s
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    Unfortunately not…

  • Flandre5carlet
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    Some of my devices were recently mistakenly flagged as commercial use. I sent a reset form which was successfully handled yesterday - but in my haste, I forgot to enter my mobile's Teamviewer ID in the form and it is still flagged as commercial use.

    When I go to the reset page, I can't submit a new form, it just gives me the link to download the PDF for the previous form which was already processed. How long does it take before I can submit a new form?

    Thank you.

  • zakha
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    Teamviewer thinks I'm using their services for commercial use....  the fact is that I'm always connecting my tablet to my PC for personal uses! What should I do in this situation?

  • GAbre
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    Dear teamviewer,

    Several days ago the system start show notification.That maybe i use this program for buisness?

    How can you think this?

    I use teamviewer for my own 2 pc,and sometimes for my friend if need.I think this was not more than 5 people in this year.

    How can you think for this,that i'm shop?

    Other problem.I tried open ticket.Login with browser.All time good.login success,after again ask the login the system.NO ERROR Massage!

    MEANLESS things always :S

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    Are you supposed to get a confirmation email when you submit the Unrestrict Me form?

    I've had to submit it 3 times now, and I never get a confirmation.

    I also never get any notice when they process the form and unrestrict me. I just have to keep trying to log in every day and hoping....

  • knwpsk
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    Hi i have an acount i use private for connect to my computers in my house and for support to my wife, i newer use it for business, but now i get a pop up everytime i connect to one of my computers. is the pop up just a reminder or is it something there later can give promblems.

    I get these popup say about pay for a business license, what to do.

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    I'm disconnected - business usage suspected.

    Got my TeamViewer ID reactivated fill in form.

    I feel thast personal details required for Teamviewer Pdf form are violating my privacy rights. I don't understand how anyone offering free service needs my name. Probably I might enter a false name but I don't feel it's a fair play. IP address with name is very serious security flaw.

    If Teamviewer team understands this, then I don't understand why they need to take this enormous responsibility to keep this data safe?

    Now I'm searching some other private solution, easy to use also for older people.

    $32 per month for helping family members, thank you.

    How do I use Teamviewer?

    Per year I use Teamviewer 10-30 times max. Sometimes due to Teamviewer suspicions there may be 2-3 connections required per session.

    90% I'm attempting to help elderly family members with whom I share Microsoft Office 365 and Norton 360 5 user licenses - which unfortunately too often throw family member out of family licenses. Licenses and re-activation is distributed by Email.

    Rest 10 % as IT experienced some friend may call and ask if Email they have received is safe to open against viruses. Then I kindly have asked them to download Teamviewer as first step to be able to reply.

    Therefore most often remote session starts with opening remote Outlook.

    Now it looks like connecting to remote PC and opening Outlook in other computer is considered automatically as business??????

    And now someone collects names and IP addresses for what purpose?

  • Verliba
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    Whenever I use it to help a friend or a family member.

    It's basically my only usage of it.

    How to avoid?

    If it's wrong, then it must be a bug, right? It's supposed to be correct.

  • LizHorwich
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    Is there a resolution to this because i'm getting exactly the same issue?

  • Queenscorpions
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    Why cant i add more id to my account for personal use . I did add 1 id and now it wont let me add others . Can someone send me a link where a can add more id's pls

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    I had a commercial use detected. I explained it was personal use only and completed the reset form.

    I'd forgotten to put my connected devices ID in aswell so I was told I had to complete the form again.

    This time around the form did not work. It just basically pointed me to download the PDF of my original reset. I've tried on both machines and still doesn't work.

    Please can a TeamViewer person or user help and advise on this?

    I have seem the same question raised a few times but doesn't look like there are any solutions

  • JamesLightfoot
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    Hi all,

    I need to fill in the form at

    becuase commercial use was falsely detected on my accout, however when I go to the page whilst logged in, there is no form to fill in, only a pdf download of a request previously filed. I need to file a new request. How can I do that?

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    Same problem here, hoping for a solution. Thanks!

  • Manieck
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    I just want to make few things on my home PC from my phone, when i'm not at home. Why is the app thinking i use it on Bussiness purpose? Then it tells me, that i have only 5 minutes to connect, but disconnets after few SECONDS. How can this be? I don't use TeamViewer often, so i really want to avoid to buy one of the premium options. I don't use it on business purpose.

  • JackA
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    I have used the free reset option at and specified 1 ID not realising I needed to specify All IDs.

    To add the additional IDS I have gone back to the reset option again (and again) but it no longer gives the form. It just resubmits the original form. I have tried to do this both on the original PC and and another PC and both have the same result so the form is not stored locally.

    Can some-one help please?