Commercial use - Connection time out



  • *Bump - Same issue, infuriating.

  • Nicholas1988
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    I was trying to connect to my Linux desktop which is on the same network as the computer I am using and my account was somehow flagged as commercial use detected. This is not true at all, I have NEVER USED THIS ACCOUNT FOR COMMERCIAL USE! The only way I have used it is to remotely control my own computers and in the past to help family members without any payment being exchanged.

  • Johnny6301
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    Same problem here. Tried clearing cache, cookies and even install Ubuntu to check if it is a browser problem.

    Does not work also. Very frustrating and I don't see any progress in solving this big issue.

    Anyone from Teamviewer tech support is looking here at all?

    Thanks for your help......

  • marosZZZ
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    Exactly same issue here, as of yesterday I've been incorrectly flagged as commercial use. I can't submit a ticket because it's behind a paywall. I don't think there's a way to contact TeamViewer about this, so I guess we are going to have to use a TeamViewer alternative.... which **bleep** but it is what it is I guess.

  • Aaron7
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    Dear TeamViewer Support,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to kindly request a review of my usage of TeamViewer's free license, as I have recently received a message stating, "Unfortunately, we will have to limit your usage of TeamViewer because the usage pattern suggests that you have been supporting others professionally." However, I have always used TeamViewer for personal use and have not violated the terms of the free license.

    I use two PCs, and I log in with two different accounts because when I log in with the same account, I am kicked out of the client for allegedly using too many devices. This is not the case, and I have had to use two separate accounts to avoid this issue.

    I am more than willing to provide any necessary information to prove that both accounts are for my personal use. I sincerely hope that you can reconsider the limitations placed on my usage, as I have not used TeamViewer for commercial purposes nor have I supported others professionally.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and resolution.

    Best regards,


  • Alcove
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    I was going to post the same thing on someone else post I just found, then the post when missing.

    This morning (Dec 7) I found I can not connect into one of my home systems without being told that there is a licensing problem with my connection, then it does connect me for a minute and kicks me off. Gives me a timer of several minutes to try again.

    So far only seems to be happening to two of my systems (did not try my mother's as she has it off).

    My programs show I am logged in as a free user. But one computer seems my main one as having an issue. :/

  • GediminasB
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    Why am I not allowed to be online longer than 5 minutes?

    I use a free license

  • Kutlubay
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    I'm also having the same issue. I'm a TW user for years between my pc at my work places and pc at home to arrange Downloads of games/series etc. or use it for things like that which has no relationship to commercial use. and after all these years suddenly system kicked me out cause i'm using the software on commercial use.

    now it only allows me briefly to do nothing. I'm also using otjher remote desktop softwares from time to time but TW was at the comfort zone up until now.

    Ans seeing also other people having the same issue in this recent days raise this question up: "is it gonna be fixed?"

  • Bronwhou
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    I am also getting this error.

    I have tried following the above instructions and generated a PDF document. However there are no instructions on what to do with the PDF file next - has it been submitted automatically or do I need to submit it? If I need to submit it, where to? A URL or email address on the above link would be useful!

    I have also tried emailing but I just receive an email saying they "have discontinued the usage of the support email address". How helpful!

    I'd appreciate any help please.

  • juardo
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    Same with me

  • fnk
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    I have the same issue. how can I use team viewer for my computers with out commercial?

  • Bronwhou
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    See this thread:

    Other users are experiencing issues today, so something must have gone wrong or changed at Teamviewer's end.

  • Alcove
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    Like other people I seen posting this morning, and those posts vanishing, (Dec 7) I found I can not connect into one of my home systems without being told that there is a licensing problem with my connection, then it does connect me for five minutes and kicks me off. Gives me a timer of several minutes to try again.

    Then those posts keep disappearing, and not seeing them in my discussion history.

    Any thoughts why this is happening to Teamviewer this morning?

    Any thoughts where the posts going? Am creating this new one so I can grab its link and track it to see if it gets moved or deleted.

  • nazliakdag
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    Hello, I do use teamviewer for a long long time now and I do use as my personal stuff not for commercial use yet last year it started to act differently now I can't even use for my own PC.

    Before you ask I do use application for 3-4 computers which 2 are mine and one for my family member who needed my help all the time from far away.

    What can I do for this ?

  • TerryM
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    This has happened again to me today, so my question is:

    Is teamviewer still free for personal use only? That is all I have ever used it before and as now still do although I have a few pcs and ras pi's here, main pc is using a vpn.

    This is second time I have been questioned about my usage, and as before I confirmed this fact to suppport.

    Today I get the message I must purchase a license as commercial use is suspected.

    So my question is, 

    Is teamviewer still free for personal use?

  • MikeBib
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    The site have still the problem. Did the same as Ranger187, with both edge and chrome. No luck att all?

  • TerryM
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    Unable also to fill in the form, I have tried turning off my VPN, lowering shields in Brave Browser, it seems to be a problem with ID's field, what am I supposed to put in there please?

    Is it the id's of all pc's/Ras Pi's that are at my home, or some other magic number, any help greatly appreciated, I only use TeamViewer personally, all my machines in my home address, really struggling to get the form returned.


  • Octopuss
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    I have been using TV for several years now, and about an hour ago started noticing some weird popup saying something about commercial use detected. **bleep**? Oh well, there was a reset link mentioned, so I clicked on that, but **bleep** again? It wants me to give them my real name, address, signature and whateve? Is this a joke?

    I tried contacting support, but it's actually impossible! The contact link ONLY gets you to pre-answered questions, there is no real way to contact anyone.

    What's the product come to? I switched from **Third Party Product** years ago because they commercialized the whole thing, and I refuse to pay for connecting to my parent's or inlaws' computers twice a month to fix something. Looks like TV went the same way after all.

  • jbarnett12
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    This is ridiculous, I keep getting the message to read the blog article but every time I login to get a reset all I am offered is the message thanking me for filling out the form and I can download a copy of the pdf I submitted! All I want is to submit a new form!,,

  • jbenjesus
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    I have used Teamviewer for years to access my own PC's and Laptops. I just connected to my home PC from work today and after a few minutes I got kicked out.

    I am not using it for business, but to access my own tech at home from work or my cell phone.

    Can someone advise me how to get Teamviewer to recognize that?

  • Green_Forest
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    I have 3 PCs configured within my account as personal devices.

    All 3 PCs have the free version. Essentially, 2 PCs were clients, and one was a server. For several months, I was able to connect to the server PC without any issues, approximately 3 times a week, with each session lasting from 5 to 40 minutes. On the same day, there could be 3-4 sessions.

    However, from the past few days, I have been unable to connect to the server PC, and I receive this error: 'There might be a license issue with your connection partner. You or your connection partner must have a valid TeamViewer license to establish a connection to this device.'

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling TeamViewer, but at most, it opens the session and throws me out after a few seconds, blocking future connections for several minutes. After that, the same message appears again.

    I'm using only for personal scope, indeed i'm just conneting these 3 pcs. And on all of these 3 pcs i see "free/personal usage" inside license section.

  • tv8tony
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    i am disabled and keep getting commercial use detected is there any way i can send some one my disability award letter or various other paper work to prove i cant even have a job ?

    i use team viewer to access a computer, laptop and tv in my house that is otherwise hard for me to get to, help various people less computer literate get on discord with me or play games with me. hang out and watch things like i was next to them. help my mother with her phone. various other tasks. no one gives me money and most would not even have any to give.

    this worked well for so long at this point i dont even think i can get to some of these computers to change to another program and there is no way they are literate enough to install or learn a new one.

    i live off less than a 1000$ a month in my area that is difficult a monthly license would make that more difficult

    and now the Reclaim your Free Version link is auto submitting an old form so i cant add any new ids