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  • MouMou92
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    i'm a student and i use teamviewer only for my personnal use but i've been detected that is for professional use. Its not

    What can i do to prove it?

  • Dario1971
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    Hello guys

    My ID had been blocked for suspicious commercial use.

    I have successfully resetted the IDs.

    But... when I try to connect to my father's computer, I receive a message "connection refused" or "authentication refused", while on my father's side everything is ok, his teamviewer seems to be connected and his computer controlled by me. on my side I cannot control anything, on his side it seems being controlled. I specify both IDs have been successfully resetted. I also want you to know the way I connect is "direct", I mean without password, since I log in to my account with both my computer and my father's one, allowing and enabling fast and easy connection/access without password. Obviously I have my father's permission.


  • Russ2023
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    using the free version for personal use but now Flagged for commercial use - but just have several computers in the house and do not want to keep getting up and trying to fix things so installed this on them but the latest one seemed to of made me flagged for commercial use - how do I correct this?

  • thibaut_p
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    I'm contacting you because I'm having a problem using the software.

    I am a private individual, not a company.

    But the software is asking me to upgrade to a paying licence.

    My use is strictly personal.

    Can you tell me how to activate the free standard licence again?

    Thank you in advance

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  • pletiplot
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    The Teamviewer thinks I am a professional helper, but I am not. I use Teamviewer once a year to help relatives and friends. Once I helped multiple (about 5) persons during short period (two weeks) it may have influenced the statistics.

    What are the criteria for a pro? Can I somehow reset my status?

    NJCREW Posts: 1

    I am only using the free version to assist my parents who are not tech savvy. For me assisting my parents I am getting only 5 min (unlike before where it was unlimited). after which it blocks me for some time stating that I am using it for Commercial use, when indeed I am not.

    This is absurd and wanted to know why this is happening and if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

  • Graeme_Scott
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    I've just had the same thing with my account. All the systems on the account are mine, within my house, belonging to my wife and son, and another I use with a racing chair. They're all on TeamViewer so I can keep an eye on updates and the like, or help my family if I'm away and something goes wrong. There is one system that I donated to a gliding club, and it's still my system, and I've left it on my account just in case something goes wrong but apart from nursing along the odd Windows update I've not used that often. So I feel your pain. If you have a response, let me know.

  • Graeme_Scott
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    Exactly the same for me. Also just been flagged as a commercial user. They just had to ask. Been using TeamViewer for 15 odd years as support for my parents (now deceased) - the system is still listed on my account, and offline for 1314 days. I don't have the heart to remove it. Anyway very sad indeed. Hopefully someone will get in touch.

  • montrealuser
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    TV reset me on Dec. 15, and it worked great until today, when I got flagged again for suspected commercial use. I made a reset request and I was able to fill out the form. I entered 3 IDs but the 3rd one never got included in the demand because I did not know that you have to click each time on the box to add each ID to the list. I ended up creating a new email address and a new TV management console account in order to repeat the reset again, this time making sure all 3 IDs were listed all together in the same place. I also found that clearing my browser cache, history, and cookies, allowed me in one and only one situation to fill in a reset form.

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    Read prior comments

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    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Have been shut down as commercial user at least 5 times. This is not right.

    I only used team viewer on my two laptops and desktops in my home.

    I'm a disabled veteran and have had 27 major surgery's .

    Have tried to reset ID's but they will not upload.

    Need help.

  • 1alka
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    I have been usingTeamViewer as a free user. today I got a message that I am being flagged as commercial user. I only use TeamViewer to help my family may be 3 or 4 times a year. I would appreciate it with any help you can give me.

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @Dario1971 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to our Community for help!

    Please double-check if TeamViewer is in the newest version, and update it if necessary.

    On the partner side (your father's device), did you install TeamViewer Full client or TeamViewer Host?

    • If you installed TeamViewer Host, you can follow the step-by-step of our article 📄 Provide unattended remote support to set up unattended access.
    • If you installed TeamViewer Full, you will need to remotely connect to his device, open TeamViewer, and go to the Home tab. Scroll down and click Set up remote access, then follow the steps on the screen.

    Let us know how it goes and if you encounter any further issues.

    I'm looking forward to your feedback! 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • jjwillis39
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    Link to upload the reset if does not work

    what must be done to reset to free?

  • sdholloway
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    I have been a user of TV for many years and have used it strictly for personal reason (e.g. accessing plex server in my house, supporting my brother who knows nothing about computers) .

    Recently I the app informed me that, based on my usage patterns, it believes I am using the product professionally. I can't see a way to contact support w/o an actual license, so how do I prove I am only using it for personal use?

  • sdholloway
    sdholloway Posts: 4 ✭✭


    I have been a user of TV for many years and have used it strictly for personal reason (e.g. accessing plex server in my house, supporting my brother who knows nothing about computers) .

    Recently I the app informed me that, based on my usage patterns, it believes I am using the product professionally. I can't see a way to contact support w/o an actual license, so how do I prove I am only using it for personal use?

  • yessDEV
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    I have the same problem, I'm literally using my other computer remotely. This is the definition of personal use.

  • guyinoregon
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    I believe i have submitted the reset request for private use.

    • How long does it take to for this reset to happen?
    • Is there anything else i need to do on my end?
  • wah79
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    i submitted the reset form once and it was approved i have another laptop i use and it now has been flagged as commercial uet i was helping a friend on a cell phone, i tried to go to the reset page but it does not allow you to fill out a new form it only shows the download, what do you have to do to fix this? they really need to get better at detecting this stuff personal computers and helping someone on a cell phone gets detected a commercial, the detection system does not know what it is doing and it seems to always happening when i am connecting to friends and families phones to help them

  • cbergell
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    Hi, yeah, this has been suddenly happening to me a lot as well. Apparently, TeamViewer has changed their monitoring of this feature - and a lot of people have been getting the same incorrect error message (flagging the use as professional instead of personal use).

    So, they've got a process they've posted in the 'news' section of this support area to go through a process to certify that you're using it for personal use - and that should solve the issue. (I hope, gonna try it now myself!)

    Here's the link to the page with the FAQ on this:

  • Jae_Ehrenhaft
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    I have been limited through teamviewer and have been before because I use a vpn on my machines for certain transactions and teamviewer seems to think it means I'm using it commercially. I can assure you I wouldn't do remote support for pay ever again in my life. What do I need to do to get this limit lifted?

  • JTSW
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    Hello. I've been using teamviewer to access my PC when I'm away from home, and my father's PC because he has vision issues at the moment. Yet for some reason the TV program has deemed me using the program for commercial use. I'm trying to get certain things set up for when my father can get to where I am.

    I've had to reinstall windows twice, and google messed up my app install, so I think it looks like I'm using it on 6 different systems?

    How can this be fixed.

    P.S. Eletronic systems hate me which is why I always have these type of problems.

  • papadin
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    I am only connected to my home computer to control my games and not used for commercial purposes. Can I lift my connection restrictions?

  • alzamer2
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    as the titled said they identified my personal use laptop as commercial and they keep asking me to buy license so i can connect to it.

    i some time connect to my laptop from my work(not the way around) to check if it still working and make it download some files for me

    i have no idea where to ask about this issue that why I'm asking here

  • Hi, I'm having the same problem that I've at least one other person comment on here about: when I try to go to submit the personal declaration form it automatically submits the same form that I originally filled in and submitted a few months ago. My circumstances haven't changed so the old form's details are still the same but I don't know if it really has been submitted again.


  • montrealuser
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    My TeamViewer is working again. Yesterday, I made two separate requests for a reset, each request was created using a different account/email. In my first request, I properly entered 2 ID numbers on the form, but for my third ID number, I forgot to click on the ADD button. A few hours later, I got 2 emails from TV with "TwoSteps48Hours for 2 devices" in the email's "To" field. For my second reset request of yesterday, I correctly added all 3 ID numbers to the form, and this morning, I got 2 more emails from TV with "TwoSteps48Hours for 3 devices" in the email's "To" field. My 3 ID numbers are now authorized for a free licence. TV emails state over and over again that if a commercial use suspected warning message re-occurs after reset, then to re-submit the form again, being sure to include the ID numbers for all the devices involved. Unfortunately, in order to fill in a new reset form, I have to create a new email on GMAIL, OUTLOOK, or YAHOO, etc. , and sign up for a new TV account using that new email address.

  • phmeyer
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    My account is mentionned as a commercial one. I assure you that I only give assistance to Friends & Family.

    Can you reset my account back to the Free NON commercial version ???

    CLEARLINK03 Posts: 1

    It looks like team viewer is intentionally making it hard or impossible to get around their unfounded commercial use accusations. The only retort is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for unfair business practices.

  • highlander0681
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    For whatever reason my user has been flagged as being used commercially. That is definitely not the case.

    When I reach the link to request the reset, I log-in and I am presented directly with the PDF being already filled in, with the information I provided, I believe, last year. I don't see the form and there is now way how to submit a new request.

    Could anyone help please?

  • flossiesfootlongs
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    They have flagged me as commercial, All I do is remote to my laptop that has my outlook on it.

    How do I remove this flag? I love teamviewer but I can not afford their rates