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  • ljfrompa
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    i have a free account only connect to my parents computers to help them....they are both 93 and sometimes need a lot of help. the past couple of weeks i get cut off after 5 minutes and it won't let me connect again for a period of time.

    never had any problems before but i noticed even though i've always had a free account i now get a popup when it starts, like i have a 'trial acct' or something. don't know how that happened but i don't want it :(

    thanks for any help!

  • ToneyPeters
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    Recently, I purchased a new computer from HP that had problems running one of my games. I returned it to HP to be repaired as it was and is still under warranty. When they returned it, the operating system had been reinstalled under HP as the user. I don't know why they did this, but I cannot change it even though I am signed into my Microsoft account. My problem is: TeamViewer now sees this computer as being for commercial use even though it is still only my home gaming computer and is telling me I need a commercial license. I had TeamViewer installed on it before I sent it in for repair and it worked just fine(I am using the free version of TeamViewer as I have been for years). As a free user, apparently I can't contact support directly to try and remedy this. So my question is, what can I do to have TeamViewer see my new pc as not being for commercial use?

  • neXus2000
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    Commercial use started few days ago, I've contacted support via mail and the only thing they did is to send me generic answer with link to reset form. The same form that I've already signed last year. That same signed form still resides there. I've checked that. And they sti do not give any response back about it, and I'm still stuck with that stupid commercial use message.

    How did this happened in the first place, when my list contains few computers, which include my second PC, sisters PC, my wives father PC and my friend PC? I told them that several times and again same story. If I signed something, that should be a type of contract.

  • kinyond
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    I keep getting disconnected from remote saying it is commercial use. I have a free version and all computers are my own or family members. Any solutions on how to fix this?

  • MarkParrish
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    I've been using TeamViewer for personal use for a couple of years. About 3 months ago I was forced to create a TeamViwer account which I did. Now I keep getting kicked out of any remote control session within minutes after connecting even though I'm signed in.

  • Occ74344
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    Looking for answers to this as well. Except, mine times out at like 3 **bleep** minutes. So much for free personal use.

  • terrymoore54
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    Hi i am having problems with helping out my family and a few friends with team viewer. about 2 weeks ago i got a message that team viewer has timed out and the session had ended. well today i tried again with my friends computer and i got a message that i am using tem viewer commercially. well this is not true. My friends and family all reply on me to clean up there computer and to make sure they are safe. we are all over 65 years old and some cant afford to have someone fix there computers that where i come in. I do it all for free because of being family or friend. they are not computer savvy. please restore my team viewer. any thing you could tell me on what i may be doing wrong to make you think that i am operating commercially would be appreciated. thank you please help.

  • deathteye
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    Since I am not doing commercial work, I am unable to pay for the existing license and when I access my free account with my smartphone, I am unable to connect because it is a blocked device.

    Please let me know if there is any other way to purchase a blocked device other than paying for a license.

  • Lemagex
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    Hi, I use teamviewer to control the pc's in my house as I use them for accessibility and cannot be in front of them constantly.

    I have had a reset licence request in since sept and am unable to update it as the page just says that it's still there and i can download a pdf for my records. As there is no competitor software to my knowledge what can I do? I have never used teamviewer for anything other than controlling the PCs on the same LAN and occasionally to help my mother connect stuff to her PC (Which I believe still falls under private usage? or am I wrong here?) As there is no chat option for free users this feels very anti consumer.

    Is the only path forward to contact the ACCC or is there a contact method for Teamviewer that I'm missing? Thanks.

  • dušan123
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    Good day. Due to the change of laptops of my friends, the number of connections has increased. I am actually using the free version for my own use and not commercially. I connect to a maximum of 3 laptops. Now my connection drops, probably evaluated as commercial use. I am requesting to restore the functionality of the free version. Hello dushan123

  • PKPK
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    Why is my account flagged as commercial?

  • BobT123
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    This is really annoying. It's my home PC where I help my family when I'm on the road. Why does it think we are commercial?

  • BobT123
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    It also says the connection will only be good for 5 minutes, but it disconnects after 2 minutes. And then it says it blocks reconnects for 5 minutes, but then after 5 minutes it keeps blocking reconnects again.

    I don't want to distract from the main issue (this is my home computer!) but all of this is so extreme...

  • MrAgapi
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    Good morning TV.

    I use a license free account. even that appears to be I do help users in need that issues on pc. I do not charge anything for my help, ask for money, or need to. i just sit and help gamer when have problem with a computer. i have done this for the last 7 years.

    There is a way TV can help me on this so i can continue helping others free of charge?

    If not, i can understand i just find another way to help users on a control manner and few friend and 2 family members

    have a wonderful week .

  • GMT_100
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    Hi. I can connect my Macbook Air to my office PC on the office wifi or my phone hotspot .

    However when I go home and use the home wifi or through my phone hotspot it dosen't let me and says

    The partner is connected to the internet.

    Any help please. Thanks

  • patbe60
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    I always will be disconnected after one minute, when I try to support my father. Is TeamViewer no longer free?

  • Domine86
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    Good morning, I have a problem with the free license. I have been using teamviewer for many years by connecting from the app on my phone to my home PC. Recently, the "license for commercial use" message appears on the app and therefore the session will last 5 minutes. Why does it detect commercial use?

  • topguntrader
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    hello teamviewer saying i need a license...i only use it one my 2 pcs and they always ( or almost always) have same ip address and Machine name/id so not sure why one of the machines keeps saying i need a license i never connect to any other machines

  • Krudag
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    i have the same issue. I have 2 PC's requiring remote support, for which I receive no renumeration. I now can only access each device for 5 minutes due to an arbitrary "decision" from TeamViewer that I am a "corporate" user.

  • Bodsterbug
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    What a **bleep** this is now! Deleting off all my devices. Customer support just takes you to a non related page. Used to be good. Now I will have to find another way of sorting out my elderly fathers PC when he has issues. Goodbye Teamviewer

  • dt2k1
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    User of free license for personal use only. Use teamviewer for helping friend and family with PC issues. I can only stay connected for 30 seconds or so then connection timeout msg.

  • Omarfarag
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    i need to change my use to personal use not commercial

  • yokack
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    Since some weeks ago, I can't use team viewer since it keeps logging me out from all my sessions after 60 s. Can you kindly let me know how to fix this problem?

  • Junior88
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    Hi, have a problem where my account is flagged for commercial use. I just use it for remote controll my personal computers when i travel. Hope this can get solved quickly. Thanks

  • pfcoop
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    I am a Canadian user and having these disconnecting issues as well. My ISP is Eastlink and I have near GB speed. I'm on windows 11 and just trying to setup free teamviewer to help family and friends. I was previously having good success (windows 10) by me logging in to my account and just having family member start teamviewer and give me their pswd over the phone. Now I have not even been able to stay connected to devices in my own house to test things out. Please help or point me in the right direction.

  • SoLEyes
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    Hello, i have the same problem.

    I am a User of free license for personal use only, using teamviewer for helping friend and family with PC issues. I can only stay connected for 30 seconds or so then connection timeout msg.

  • jonnyitalia_Laptop
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    I try to help my wife use remote to my own comuter ... but the system say I'm using it commersial

  • splashbit
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    The teamviewer says I'm using the tool as a business but I only use to help my family and want to know how can I get again that the software works with the free license.

    It let me connect for some seconds and then close the connection, when I try say that I have to wait for some time.

    Can anyone help me.

  • Giulio1005
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    good evening, a few weeks ago I tried to connect to a computer remotely, but it wouldn't let me connect because it thought I was in a commercial business, given the urgency I activated the free trial, but I don't know now how to connect since it continues asking me to activate a commercial license, even trying to connect to a computer at home

  • brat_casey_1972
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    im having the same issue what do i do???