Commercial use - Connection time out



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    I have the same problem, so annoying

  • MikeWil
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    I see millions of posts about this issue, I am also in that situation. I just filled in the form to be allowed personal use again, but no reply after 3 weeks.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]I just want to control max 10 devices from 1 user account (only remote access). [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Fine if it costs money, but I will not pay a company treating me like I commited fraud, while I have followed all rules, I am retired, so I do not work, so I can't even use it for work.

  • MikeWil
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    The suggested action (providing the device IDs and asking for reinstatement) does not work. I tried it multiple times, over 3+ weeks and no reply at all from TeamViewer

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    Good evening, the program I installed and used for personal use appears to you that this is not the case.I have already reported the problem and everything seemed solved, but by mistake I had only indicated the ID of my desktop computer, forgetting or rather thinking that you would automatically see the ID of my mobile phone with which I connect to my computer associated with the registration.I tried to report it to you but I was replied with an email with a link to resolve the non-existent issue.I therefore ask if it is possible to re-examine my problemmy details are[removed per Community Guidelines] on my cell phoneThank you

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    It is time TeamViewer came clean and admitted that they are fuelled by corporate greed and the need to show a massive return for their investors so have scrapped the "free" version

    Also they have over complicated what was a great product and removed it from the number one position of a go to product for both business and personal use

    Personally i have migrated my own and six other businesses to other products so the previous levels of support offered can be maintained without TeamViewer overbearing and intrusive presence

    In my humble opinion TeamViewer management have lost their way and should be replaced

    BTW i was a paid up user for the last 12 years

  • BizzyBee
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    Is there a way to work around this? I'm using Non-commercial Use and I keep getting timed out when I am helping My Sister with her PC. I don't use it for anything else other than helping her.

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    same! I use it to help a friend occasionally or to cast my game on another computer, nothing for commercial use.

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    Just gotta say... this comment thread is funny.

    That PDF hasn't been updated in five years. I think this company is actively trying to destroy itself; there has got to be no better reason to make this process so inaccessible.

    How many of you are seeing this on Android or Apple smartphones? I think it's been happening ever since they forced people to create an account.

    The thing is, this is a big bug or glitch. However, you have to understand that corporate is doing their darndest to push their agenda, just like many snobby "AAA companies" tend to do, and you know it's really keeping the developers on the project from being able to make any acceptable changes to the issue. If that wasn't unsurpising enough, then you probably also realize that there are better alternatives these days than TeamViewer.

    I wonder just how much the developers hated having to separate out the free and commercial dev branch many years ago only to see corporate push a whole bunch of buggy commercial detection scripts on the free branches. I swear, these guys will have to dish out this cold platter of "I told you so" to corporate for at least one more year before they start taking this seriously.

    My suggestion? Start looking for a new CFO as soon as possible, lol. Because whoever is running the show right now certainly has their sights set on making more commercial clients. Maybe that will put some perspective as to how they could try different money-making avenues within the company. Clearly, their agenda hasn't been working out for them.

  • Honning_01
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    I do not understand, why it is I am required to upgrade my account. "You" claim, I use it commercially, but that is not the case.

    I use teamviewer primarily to get access to some Raspberry Pis, and a thin computer, running as a local server. Rarely I use it for supporttasks in my family, primarily my mother at 85 years of age.

    How do you measure whether an account i being used i a commercial environment, or just a private user, and at what value does it change?

    I am looking forward to your answer.


    Carsten Smith.

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    I have the same question

  • Zoos
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    Hello, I am a user of TeamViewer. I have been using Team Viewer since 2021 and have used it for gaming purposes. However, TeamViewer is currently blocked for commercial use. Please help us so that we can continue to use it.

  • andiedan
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    I have been using TeamViewer free to communicate between my Laptop and desktop computers for several years. Suddenly it is only available from my desktop to laptop and not from laptop to desktop (which is mostly of use). Message is that I don't have a valid license. Please advise how to resolve this.

  • Nark0t1k
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    I got the same problem here…

    TeamViewer keep telling me i'm prof usage detected …

    I only connect on a computer without screen in my house

    Can't make ticket because free user

  • BobL1952
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    Since some days I have the message that my free license as private person is blocked.

    Since that, I have tried several times to have it unlocked using the online form but alway get back the answer that TeamViewer can't verify my account for private use; "we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately"

    How can I prove/convince Support that I AM a private person, just using TeamViewer to help family and friends. No charge, free, just as a hobby and because I know more than the persons needing my help.

    When I need to pay about [removed per Community Guidelines] per month I can no longer help my family and friends, I can't afford that.

    Yes, I have one PC, one laptop and an old PC, which I use all 3 (not on the same time) depending on where I am at the moment of someone needing my help.

    So I have 3 ID's, but one TeamViewer account.

    Can somebody help me as the online method (the fill in form) to reset my account from commercial back to private does not work.

    I am running around in a circle now as any methoud trying to get support comes back to go to the forum. And the forum points to the reset form 🤔

    Hope somebody can help.

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    I have a free account. I only ever use TeamViewer once in a while (like, seriously, once in a blue moon) and only to help my elderly parents and a few other family members and friends. I could probably count on one hand the number of devices I've actually been connected to.

    However, TeamViewer keeps insisting that I'm using it commercially - I AM NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER!!!!! Whatever system is responsible for detecting commercial use is BROKEN.

    Meanwhile, my parents continue to have issues that I am unable to help them with. **bleep**?

  • greenbanana
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    Anyone noticed the new form/webpage for requesting the reset?

    It no longer asks you to sign in. just enter your info. Problem is I didn't receive a confirmation email... can anyone else confirm that's how it works now?

  • Yeungster
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    I've been a free Teamviewer user for personal devices for a considerable length of time.

    Today I tried to remote onto one of my devices and Teamviewer on Android kept insisting that it detected potential commercial use, when I'm not using it commercially.

    Is anyone able to help as its limiting my remote sessions to 5 mins now?



  • brenbesser
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    When I enter the Device ID of the computers I am using, the form rejects the format.

    I am traveling, and I was using Teamviewer to connect to my desktop computer at home with my laptop I'm traveling with.

    It worked for a while, then I got the message of suspecting commercial use.

    I'm trying to request a reset, but the device IDs don't work, and I can't submit the reset request.

    My desktop is in Florida, USA, and I'm currently in the country of Panama.

  • Benjamino
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    I use TeamViewer once in a blue moon, but now it won't let me connect remotely saying I need to buy a license because I am a commercial user.

    I can't find out why because the support won't work uness you buy a license.

    No one's ever going to buy a license from a company that can't even answer questions on the most basic issues.

  • woodrose
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    my sessions are being blocked in a minute

  • mperemsky
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    You can request to have your account reset here

  • theyland
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    My mother just moved to a private retirement residence and now my connection to her Mac timed out after only 10 minutes or so. That's not long enough to solve any of her tech issues. I assume it timed out because the IP address 'looks' like a commercial IP address, since a retirement business is run there.

    Is there anyway to denote my mother's machine as a personal machine?

  • rick559
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    I am using this only to remote to my daughters laptop. But suddenly it thinks I am using it commercially. This is the second time this has happened and I am not unable to connect always when at critical times. This software is hailed as being the best. How is beyond me when there is so little ability to communicate with those controlling the system.

    How do I stop this happening?

  • fredtrain8_aol
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    Like others in this thread, I have a free personal version of TV. At least it has been free for many years and I haven't consciously changed it to the commercial version. As a matter of fact, the second message below seems to imply I have the free version. The first screen talks about a "Full Version," doesn't make any sense to me. That description does not match any of flavors of TeamViewer apps on offer .

    I don't use TV much, just to help my elderly mother. Anyway, now it bumps me off every few minutes and gives me no clues as to what I have to do to fix it!

    Like I said, I've used TeamViewer for many years. It has done a great job for my purposes. I'm retired now and my mom is 96, so I don't how much I'll use it going forward. I would like to be able recommend it to others, if you can fix this problem.



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    I use the free account to sometimes help seniors with their computer. I was trying to do that today when I was cut off and told I had to pay as they believe I'm a commercial user. I'm not a commercial user, I don't charge anything for helping my older friends. How do I confirm to them this fact?

  • Kanu2k11
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    Hey guys, so I have been using teams free version for personal use where I sometimes use my phone to access my home pc. Suddenly today I have been denied to connect to my home pc saying commercial use detected.

    As I know it's not commercial, how can I get around that error?

    Anything I can do to fix this issue?

  • Teisterbant
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    Im having problems, because teamviewer thinks im commercial. 

    I am not but how can I solve this?

  • GK5connect
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    I have filled in a correction form as it is indicated on this link:

    After 3 days: Still not working = bad support - I'm disappointed

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  • BobL1952
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    I already posted a message earlier but now see all these messages about the same problem.

    I believe that TeamViewer made a MESS of it.

    Many many volunteers helping others for free with a PC problem now have a big problem, those needing help even more.

    This is NOT free software for personal usage anylonger.

    Not even a normal answer is possible from support, only message that personal usage is not proven by me.