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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • andreas_f
    andreas_f Posts: 4

    The alleging popup came up here as well, not nice (very politely).

    TV's commercial definition does not describe what these guys are complaining about - at least in my case:

    checking  private emails on my private PC at my living home, during lunch break from another PC in the company I am working for => this is not defined or rated as commercial use in the section 'What is commercisal use'.

    Some facts: no own business, no home office, no payment for any PC related work, nothing like that. What I do in private use, helping my mother, spouse and my mother in law, playing with computers as Thinkpad-Geek, period.

    And the worst: ALL connections to acces from one of my exclusively private Thinkpad to my private desktop-PC does not run any longer! 

    I opened multiple tickets and explained in detail usage and asking for proof, there are still 3 weeks to wait until TV will have answered them (hopefully/probably).

    This is getting out of control, thanks TeamViewer. This is not the way to built up trust.

  • andreas_f
    andreas_f Posts: 4
    Wel, that **bleep** was explained to me on the phone today. Nothing like that was given in their rules for usage, not by any means. I think this being a trial to drive free users in a pay-version. In my case, ALL my private PC's do not link any longer, not in any configuration. so my wife with her Asus cannot help her mother in 700km distance... Great move Teamviewer
  • Duckabush
    Duckabush Posts: 1

    Same boat as everyone else.

    My company uses Teamviewer and all our Desktops/Laptops/Tablets and phones have it installed. We have one IT person, I use my copy of teamviewer to connect to my desktop at home from work, or from one computer to another to help friends/family. Now suddenly i get messages saying I am using it commericially? Not 1 computer I connect from my laptop or desktop is "work related". My work laptop gets connected to by our IT department when there are issues that need fixing/installs etc.


  • vladv
    vladv Posts: 1
    I have recently changed my SSD Hard drive with a new bigger one. I went on a clone procedure.
    Eventually i get an error saying i'm using Team Viewer in commercial environments but it is not the case.
    How can i change now the Team Viewer ID, as it is a new Hard Drive (Windows 10)?
  • I just read a little about the 3 hr limitation. If TV is so worried about money, why don't you create a small personal plan for like 1€ / month, 10€ / year for people wo use it more often but clearly not commercially? Increase the hours / month or whatever and fix your algorithms.

    I mean, if a software is good, I'd think about supporting it when the fee is within my personal budget. For personal use the pricing plans are just too expensive.

    On the other hand... Just mess with the users. Especially with developers. There might come up new products then that might be better....

  • Why don't you [comment removed per Community Guidelines]

    If I need IT support and they ask me to install TV for support session, I'll refuse. [comment removed per Community Guidelines]
    If everyone does it, like this, they maybe take better care of the private user. Now the are just ignoring us. The are flying to high!

    Dear TV Team, remeber, the higher you rise, the harder you fall.

  • Agree - TeamViewer think it will make me a buy a license for a product I'm using for personal use only.  It actually had the opposite effect and turned me on to other products which I'm quite happy with.

    If TeamViewer licensing costs were more reasonable I'd consider paying for a personal license but they don't provide a personal use option.


  • Jbib
    Jbib Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Detection conditions for commercial use have been strengthened.
    If you are using Teamviewer for personal and private use, please apply for a recovery for personal use here:
    It takes between 20 to 30 days for a recovery of the account if the analysis shows that your activity is personal and private.
  • Jbib
    Jbib Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Detection conditions for commercial use have been strengthened.
    If you are using Teamviewer for personal and private use, please apply for a recovery for personal use here:
    It takes between 20 to 30 days for a recovery of the account if the analysis shows that your activity is personal and private.
  • Bogmore
    Bogmore Posts: 8

    "Detection conditions for commercial use have been strengthened."

    Strengthened so much that the vast majority of Home users are being detected as Business users falsely.  I've already moved to another free product as it works even better than TV.

    After two attempts, the second one still pending it still isn't fixed for me.  I take it replying to the "fixed it for you" email  when it still isn't working is the right thing to do.

  • Napster
    Napster Posts: 3

    Non comercial Teamviewer is installed on both windows 10 systems.

    after a few minutes the connection gets terminated everytime this did never happend before and came up with one of the latest updates.

    Currently teamviewer is practicaly completly useless.

  • I have the same problem...

  • I have the same problem - but I keep being asked to purchase a license for my business network. I do not have a business.
    TRVGXP Posts: 2

    I have the same issue all of a sudden!

  • John_W
    John_W Posts: 1

    Team viewer keeps timing out after a few seconds and I get a message that says I'm trying to use the free version on a business network even though I'm not. I've been using the free version on my home network for almost a year now. How do I correct that?

  • marinasc
    marinasc Posts: 1

    Hi, Can you please advise on how to fix this? Starting today I am getting the message that I am using TV commerically and I need to buy a license when I am NOT. I have several computers of my own I connect to and a few friends WHO ARE SENIORS who I help and fix problems for free. I DON'T use it commerically. Can you please fix or tell me how to fix? Or if this isn't the right place to post, where to post? I tried opening a ticket but it said I had to have a license to open a ticket.  Thanks.

  • Phil-Lloyd
    Phil-Lloyd Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I am wondering if [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelines] can wake a sleeping computer as easily as TeamViewer does.
    I found some utilities to wake remote computers and some via internet, but none have been easy to set up.
    I'd love to be able to put my computers to sleep and then wake them remotely with the same remote desktop app.

  • none4u
    none4u Posts: 2

    Thanks,  I found some software that doesn't treat me like a criminal for using it.

  • PeteMc
    PeteMc Posts: 5

    Like everyone else, I was hit with the message today and can connect now for only about a minute after waiting the "timeout" to complete.

    I use the Free version for family and friends and use to recommend TeamVeiwer to my clients.  That's not going to happen any more.  A quick Google search of alternatives will show everyone options for personal use.

    As for the hit to TeamViewer... I don't have a huge client list.  But I will be recommending alternatives to former, current & future clients.  I'll simple explain the their bad business practice and how I think that may carry over to how much of the subscription fee may not really be going to the product.  I figure if they're forcing us free users to pay, there may be other issues.

  • SlickPDP
    SlickPDP Posts: 1

    What other software did you use?

  • [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelines]

    Thanks to TV I'm having to a take a week off from my paying job and drive 2000 miles round trip to remove their ransomeware from some NON-PROFIT's that I DONATE MY TIME TO. What an absolute crock. Their awful attitude is driving potential paid customers over to better solutions that cost less or are free. 

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 17
    I have brought the issue to the attention of a renowned german IT magazine.

    Let's see what happens, if the "strengthened" algorithm might turn into a very negative PR maybe ...
  • I use [Removed by Moderator per Community GuidelinesBy an by I change al my personal PC's to [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelines], rather than opening a ticket and waiting about 30 days, till they have the grace to accept my private usage. I'll never install SW from a company which has such disgracing behavior.

    And I did remove TV also from my company PC and will refuse to install it again, even if I need IT support from our mother company. They shal use any thing else but TV.

  • tuli01
    tuli01 Posts: 2

    I get the message the a commercial session was detected. 

    I did not use this account for commercial purposes.

    Now all my sessions are  just a few seconds long.

    What I am supposed to do? I need to take care of my mother's laptop. She is 85 and leaves abroad. Is this considered a commercial session?




  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 17
    I'll see if that is available for me too and give it a try. Thanks for the hint.
  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 17

    [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelinesseems to do the job, the culprit is to have an address book, I need to buy the pro version for 180 bucks a year. That's a major drawback as I need to keep all the IDs in some file, which won't be at hand in case of emergency.
    Anyway, better than being target of such rude behaviour.

    Quite obviously TV aimed at reducing the load on their servers, so mission accomplished, I'd say ...

  • gwbaker99
    gwbaker99 Posts: 1

    Same here... totally blocked because I access the home from work.

    I have had to prove non-commerical use about 4 times over the last few years.  Now it seems we cannot get resolution via email or any other method.

    Sad because as their model suggested, I spread teamviewer via word of mouth and know at least two corporate users are because of my recommendation.  Fix it, or I and others will move on and likely take recommendations with us!

  • Dayi
    Dayi Posts: 1
    I don't understand why I am getting the 5 minutes limit now. I have the free version and now its giving me less then 5 minutes. Actually I get about 40 secs and it tells me I have to wait another 10minutes to connect. I don't have a commercial account, only a free account. Can someone help me change this back please!!!
  • Still nothing from TV?!  really now... I know free users are not a priority, but how does this show product support?  I submitted the form as requested... and this is used from hom for a couple friends and my mom.

  • tazz411
    tazz411 Posts: 2

    This is the 5th time I have been blocked for commercial use and I do not know why nothing has changed I only use this for personal use. I continue to submit this why does it keep kicking me off. I love this product but this is so frustrating.

    I tried submitting a ticket and it keeps telling me to put my ID I do and it just keeps saying. What do I do now?