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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • braun21
    braun21 Posts: 1

    Je tu někdo, komu obnovili blokování a může opět spokojeně používat free verzi?

  • To those who work at TV and are here why can't you get TV to help with this problem?

  • Nesoor
    Nesoor Posts: 1

    I have the exact same problem and this is already the second time.
    This really starts to annoy me.

  • When I sent my ticket in 2 weeks ago, I listed all of the computer TV IDs that I use the program on - 5 machines in my family. I read another thread about IDs getting changed to a 10-digit number with no waning, so I checked them all. One of the 5  (a MAC) had a new 10-digit ID. The others were unchanged. So I dodged that bullet.

    I mainly initiate TV links from computer "A". I never got a response to my ticket, but the pop ups and disconnects stopped on computer A, so I thought TV reviewed my tickets and reset my account as Personal. Last night I had to link from computer "B" to computer "A". I promptly got a pop up that commercial use was detected. This computer is in my house. I did not get disconnected but I was afraid to start the process I needed to do on the remote computer because I kept expecting the link to be terminated any second. I guess I could open another ticket, but I never got a response to the first one. I don't know if I have been "cleared" as personal or not.

    That’s the problem. I can't trust TeamViewer anymore. I don’t know the status of my account, or the ticket I submitted. I don't know if I am going to be allowed to link or not, and if I do link, I don't know how long the link will be "permitted", I found myself trying to rush through what I was doing before I got disconnected. I depend on this program to be reliable and now I can't trust it. Maybe that is a lot to expect for free. I guess TeamViewer thinks so. Whatever the case, their minimum license fee of $49 per month is way to expensive considering the options out there.

    I have already set up most of the computers I monitor with another program that is doing everything I need with the free version. I still like TeamViewer's look and feature set more, but I just can't depend on it anymore. Once I get settled in with my new solution, I suppose I will delete TeamViewer from all systems I access. It's a shame really. Maybe TeamViewer management will come around and respond to their loyal users with a reasonable baisc license. Until then, its time for a change.

  • I actually called about my ticket. It sounded like the lady who answered was trying to read from a script. Then she hung up on me! I never got a chance to give her my ticket number and request status before I was hung up on. I wasn't nasty and did not say anything that would warrant being hung up on. Unreal!
  • I see TV has a NEW VERSION out but the release notes make NO MENTION of the "FALSE COMMERCIAL USER" FLAG.

    I have REMOVED TV from ALL of my PC's and found and installed a GREAT FREE software tool that allows me to "RDP" in to them that is much faster, uses less RAM and does NOT need to use a 3rd party server that might want block or monitor my NON-COMMERCIAL usage. It only uses my LOCAL LAN for in-house connections!

    TV can go -blank- themselves!
  • Napo3
    Napo3 Posts: 1

    that **bleep** dude. I've been having problems too, they've gotten much worse I think. Seeing this probably makes it the last straw for me too. maybe I'll start looking for something else.

  • Conmiro
    Conmiro Posts: 1
    Yea dude this happened to my friend too that used to let me watch him develop.
  • RLO
    RLO Posts: 5

    So what is it?

  • Tinkerstoys1 writes here at Outlook we are still looking for something to use like?

  • danxza
    danxza Posts: 2

    Yup , I made a thread as well , because I have received two support answers and yet it is still in trial mode and then it will tell me it is expired and then I could not use it , it is a shame what they do.

  • What a **bleep** show. Off to **Third Party Product**.


  • I filled out the form a couple of weeks ago and nothing has changed. They did say it might take up to 30 days. But in the meantime I could a message that says I can connect but I only have 5 minutes which would be tolerable until the non-commercial use is verified. but the timeout is set to more like 50 seconds which is intolerable and then it's his hour before I can connect to the machine again ! Can the timeout period be fixed?
  • origami
    origami Posts: 9

    How many repeat customers do you think this store has?



  • osman68
    osman68 Posts: 1

    Everytime i log in from my phone ,keep getting masage commercials usage suspected. Kick me out in 5 mins. Pls help.thnx in advance 


  • I had a Problem My id Trial Expired. So I can not use TeamViewer. I am personal user.

    please solve it.

    My ID : [ID Removed By Moderator]

  • kuproom
    kuproom Posts: 2

    Hi there!

    I am using TeamViewer on personal laptop at home and personal laptop at country house, some more PC like fathers and mothers etс but using it not often.

    When I was trying to connect from a coutry laptop to home laptop I had a warning of busines usage and my connection time was limited.

    But I dont use it for business cases. Please unblock my account for using. Thanks.

    [email removed by moderator]

  • Mike55
    Mike55 Posts: 5

    Seit den Sommerferien werde ich verdächtigt, ein kommerzieller Nutzer zu sein. Griefe von der Schule aus auf meinen privaten Rechner zu. rein privat. Was ist zu tun? Vielen Dank MfG Mike55

  • gisshan
    gisshan Posts: 1

    After about a month of waiting for a response to the commercial use detected form, I finally got an email from teamviewer. Their response was that since I connected to my home computer from a business network, I was using it for commercial use. It didn't matter that I never did any control of a work computer, the connection was always from work to home. I have never made any money or gotten any kind of compensation for the use of their software. From their perspective, any connection from a business environment to any environment is commercial use. Personal use is now defined as home network to home network. If I was going to use it only at home, I'd just use remote desktop! I even asked if I could connect from my personal laptop through my cell phone's hotspot to my personal computer at home. This is also commercial use. It has nothing to do with personal or commercial, it is if we can find any way to say that it is commercial, you're going to have to cough up $450 a year. There are other options out there and this is the last straw. There is no excuse for this.


  • Nikoas
    Nikoas Posts: 0


    we recently started using TeamViewer to support multiple iPads accross Canada. 

    1. iPads are running IOS 11.4.1 and 11.3.1. with Quick Support Version 13.2.110220 QS
    2. Windows 10 Computers - Using TeamViewer 13.2.14327 to connect to iPads. 

    When connect to iPads for screen sharing after about a mintue we get this message. 

    TeamViewer Session will be disconnected in 1 minute. Screen Sharing will continue. 

    1 minute after the message a connection comment box appears. 

    The iPad is brand new out of the box, it was updated to latest iOS, 11.4.1 and Quick Support app is installed. 

    See attached screen shots of issue. 

    TM 1 Minute Message.jpgTM Suggestion Box.jpg

  • Got this email today after submitting my request: "Dear User:

    Thank you for contacting our support team at TeamViewer.

    We have reset your device back to private use.

    Thank you very much for your attention, and thank you for using TeamViewer.

    Best regards / Saludos Cordiales 

    Danny Nunez" and it still kicks me off after 5 mins saying commercial use suspected etc. Issue was not resolved. Seemingly, nothing happened. 

  • Well, I've used Teamviewer for years and years. I'm retired and a snow-bird. I have several computers I use as well as friends and relatives to maintain. I'm suddenly, after all these years, "commercial". I do have my own mail server and web server. They're not commercial however. My domain was set up in 1994 to help me learn and I just kept it. 

    From what I read, apparently having any kind of server makes you commercial. Most of my TV connections are to check my automation (a server) to keep my lights working. I also check my thermostats in the house. 

    I put in a ticket some time ago but it, apparently, went the same place my ticker from a year ago went. 

    I'd be happy to purchase a license but the price you've set is way out of reach for a guy living off of Social Security. Thanks, however, for all those years of help and support. It's appreciated. 

  • sepp
    sepp Posts: 17

    Why should TeamViewer give the software away? The software is not for the kindergarten.


    Greeting Sepp

  • SigmakS
    SigmakS Posts: 1

    Until recently, it was probably the best program of its kind on the market. I used it to help my family and friends. Unfortunately, currently it is no longer available as a free license for non-commercial uses.
    Information: "License: free, excluding commercial use" is not true!
    The program always states that it is used commercially. Pathetic!


    Do niedawna był to chyba najlepszy tego typu program na rynku. Używałem go do pomocy rodzinie i znajomym. Niestety aktualnie nie jest już dostępny w bezpłatna licencja do zastosowań niekomercyjnych.
    Informacja: "Licencja: bezpłatna, z wyłączeniem zastosowań komercyjnych" jest nieprawdziwa!
    Program zawsze stwierdza że jest wykorzystywany komercyjnie. Żałosne!

  • Mike55
    Mike55 Posts: 5

    That's a good idea [removed by moderator]:smileyhappy:

  • I have founf a solution however not the best one. Since I have all my data backed up, I decided to reset to the original Windows 10 Pro settings on my client laptop which bascially is the same as re-installing old Windows versions which erases all data unless you choose the option to keep your files only. Since I only use my laptop to use TeamViewer to take over my main computer (host), I didnt have any important data on it. After I reset Windows 10, I reinstalled TeamViewer only on the client laptop, not my main computer which is the host. So far, I have not been getting any warnings regarding commercial use and it's 1 month. Again, this sounds like a harsh solution, however it is a soltion that worked for me. You can keep your same account with all your friends and family on your original account, those will not go away. You still use your same username and password after reinstalling Windows 10 and reinstalling TeamViewer.. Hope this helps.