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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • xbee2
    xbee2 Posts: 17


    I spoke to them about this. While it was never clear in terms of policy, it was clear on how their algorithm works.

    In the eyes of their Algorithm - YES,  it's commercial use.
    In the eyes of their Algorithm, it's also commercial use to connect to any machine on your personal home network that you're using as a "Server". May that be File, Media, or any other PERSONAL need.

  • All I can tell you is that I do the same thing. I log in from work, as part of a Domain, from a fixed commerical IP address, to computers at my home, on an IP assigned by my local cable company / Internet provider. I sent in the logs with the form and explained this and was clearly told (~4 weeks later) that I was OK and that my account had been reset to Personal Use.

    I started getting Commercial Use pop-ups and disconnects, and refusal to even try to connect, the SAME DAY I got the email notice that my account had been reset. So, I responded directly to the email AND filled out another ticket. I got another email (much faster) saying this was OK and my account had been reset to Personal Use. Since then, so far, it has been working. I still don't feel like I can trust that it won't start up again, and of course at the most inoppurtune moment. So I am running another solution along side TV, and will continue to do so until this stops and I am convinced it is going to stay stopped, or until it starts again, in which case I am deleting TV from every computer I use it on and moving on. Time will tell.

  • jornin
    jornin Posts: 10 ✭✭

    TeamViewer's “Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' and "How exactly is "personal use" defined" pages mention nothing about running HTPC's, Plex servers, or Linux as a violation of their personal use policy.  But, a few of us on who have actually gotten to talk to someone on the phone, have heard that all three of these things could be whats causing us to get flagged as commercial use. My phone call had nothing to do with the ticket I submitted, the people on the phone refused to discuss any filed tickets.
    Today, when I got the email saying ‚ÄúThank you for your request regarding being unblocked from using the free version of TeamViewer. After reviewing the information provided to us, we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.‚ÄĚ they also provided the form that requested my address.
    Soooo... If TeamViewer already has vague policies that are going to claim running an HTPC or using linux is a violation of personal use, my address isn’t going to do anything to change that.
    Instead, it seems like an attempt to sell personal use subscriptions which people are being quoted at running $99-149 a year.
    Maybe someone from TeamView could clarify if they actually want my address to ‚Äúmake the software better.‚ÄĚ Or, they could clarify their policies on personal use and let all of us getting tagged for this know that running an HTPC, Plex, or Linux are ineligible for free use.
    I chose to complain here because I seem to be a bit farther into the process of dealing with TeamViewer on this issue then other people. So bare minimum, I wanted to let other people know what they might be up against.
    Does anyone from TeamViewer actually answer questions here?

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    Resistance is futile, I guess I'm lucky ONE PC at work still works as its near impossible to use scaled on my notebook, but its very inconvenient to use that PC.
    I have no hope that my ticket is going to resolve anything by Thanksgiving if ever.

  • I've been using TV non-commercially for years and in strict accordance with their requirements.¬† Even stricter than yours as all of my devices on on the same non-commercial IP address, except for one that is at my other house and on a non-commercial IP address.¬†

    This is my home, I'm a hobbiest.  Home theater, home automation, five computers, and three android devices.

    I have been told to get a license or sign a "Declaration of private use", the latter which I did and sent back.

    Can you be certain that this won't happen again? Absolutely not.  This is the third time I've been cut off of the many years.  

    I would suggest that the TeamViewer accountant that has been tasked with weeding out violators use my IP to determine my address, Use google earth to confirm that it is residential, and do a google search of that address for any business, complaints, etc.  This is in no way illegal because I have given TV and various other providers the defacto right to do so.

  • xbee2
    xbee2 Posts: 17

    This whole thing needs to be re-tiered & price to actually match consumer use.

    Rather than Personal vs Commercial, $ 40+ per month.

    It should be:
    Personal - Free
    Professional - $40 - 50 USD per year
    Commercial - Commercial Prices

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    Ridiculous, adding another tier resolves nothing, just because someone uses TV at work for PERSONAL reasons doesn't make it commercial, plus many home users have had this same issue no where close to a pro network. 

  • Eire
    Eire Posts: 1

    I Keep getting the error commercial use suspected. I have raised this issue with Teamviewer support more than a week ago but have not received a reply. I do not usee Teamviewer for commercial use I only use it for my home computers and to troubleshoot issues for my family (not in the same country). 

    Over a year ago in my previous position i was asked to assess if Teamviewer was functionally suitable for our organisation so connected to my work laptop to give it a test run. That is the only time and was/is not used for commercial reasons. 

    Please support or anyone can you look into this and remove the restriction from my account as it is a real inconvienience for myself.

    Thank you.



  • ¬†in my case, I am not even connecting to any server.¬†

    I am simply connecting remotely across the world betweeen Windows 10 desktops to help maintain my fathers PC so that we can use skype. 

    But, teamviewer's detection algorithm is repeatedly detecting it as commerical use - this is the second time this has happened, and each time it takes many weeks to resolve. During this time, I cannot use skype to talk to my father because the remote pc has some problem or the other, and he is unable to fix it.

  • OK, I have had enough of this and it is obvious that the free version is nothing more than an unreliable trial. I have now uninstalled TV from all my computers and will be using¬†**Third Party Product**¬†as 17 hours a month is more than enough for my personal use.

    I'm outta here........


  • Are there any other alternatives that I don't know about out?

    **Third Party Product** looks good from feature list. I am blocked with Teamviewer anyway, and hence will install **Third Party Product** to try it out. 17hrs per month is more thanwhat I need.

  • Spoogle
    Spoogle Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I'm trying out **Third Party Product**.com and it looks very promising! They even have an Android app which is working well too. In many ways, **Third Party Product** seems much simpler as well. I'm trying the free version at the moment but they have  licences that start from $79 per year which seems reasonable.

    The 'only' advantage TV has as far as I can see at the moment is their Android app; they have one specifically for Samsung phones which allows me to actually take control of the phone instead of prompting (in my case) my mum with a hand icon to tap on the screen.

    Early days yet but so far so good!

  • I uninstalled TV and installed¬†**Third Party Product**¬†in a few minutes. It has all the same features - file transfer, multi-monitors, etc. I don't see anything lacking and so no reason to waste another minute on Teamviewer.

  • Spoogle
    Spoogle Posts: 6 ✭✭


    They blocked the mention of my alternative but your suggestion looks more promising!

    Very reasonable prices as well.

    I'll be trying that later, thank you very much indeed!

  • Just not Linux. :-(

  • GYW
    GYW Posts: 15
    I , too, have changed to this program, as suggested...and so far, it's quite good...and even affordable if you "want" to pay for it. I think TV just got too big for their's what usually happens...remember when you used to get the "works, word" program with the Windows OS and now you have to pay extra for it, or use something else? We seem to have this situation here. The thing is, if TV was really as smart as they think they are, they would develop some sort of paid version that is reasonable and just leave us alone...people hate to be called liars.
  • GYW
    GYW Posts: 15

    Apparently, this "weeding out" has been coming on for some time.  After reading many of the postings in this thread, which reflect our similar situations, I have a feeling that there will be no reasonable "fix" for personal users.  I'm sure, at this point, they aren't even reading them any more.  So it's best to look around to find something else.  I was very surprised when I found a lot more remote access programs than when I first started with TV (which was right after **Third Party Product** got rid of their free service).  So I am seriously trying out a few...and taking into consideration that the majority of the people I assist in my family are truely at the stage of "how do I turn the computer on"  Initially, it made me angry too, but after all is said and done, the only thing it is forcing us to do is search for a better program and help build THAT company until they decide it's time to get rid of the free service.


  • What the **bleep** is going on with this? I have V13 installed with a corporate licence installed on 2 machines, one I use for remote support for friends, family and clients the other is setup so that my step father can do his work from home for his clinic.. why are we all of a sudden getting this error?

  • xbee2
    xbee2 Posts: 17

    Speaking to the TV person that I did, we're not being called "liars", she mentioned a lot of people that use TeamViewer in more of an advanced way that their algorithm will detect & flag as Commercial use.

    She instead offered suggested solutions such as a discounted Business Plan. I heard her say as much as 50% off. Unfortunately, I still can't support that. Because:

    1. I'd be enabling what's happening
    2. I feel a personal use "Pro" version should cost no more than $50 USD a year.

    It's Management & the Developers that control the algorithm. So no matter who we can speak with at TV, they have no such power to change it. Despite what's actually written as official Personal vs Commercial use policy.

  • jornin
    jornin Posts: 10 ✭✭

    she mentioned a lot of people that use TeamViewer in more of an advanced way that their algorithm will detect & flag as Commercial use.


    That's such garbage. My highly technical use of TV is logging into my HTPC from my laptop instead of pulling the ottomon up to where the PC lives in the living room. "OMG COMMERCIAL USE DECTECTED - user reclassified part of his movie collection into folders labeled with the directors name!"

  • ¬†Despu√©s de muchos a√Īos de usar en forma personal y privada el TV, me apareci√≥ esta suspensi√≥n por"estar us√°ndolo en forma comercial" lo cu√°l no es cierto.

    Qué debo hacer para recuperar el programa en modo "free" ? 

    Carlos Castellano

  • Well did you maybe log into your HTPC from your laptop to jump past a COMMERCIAL, or maybe during a COMMERCIAL? Maybe that triggers COMMERCIAL USE!!¬†:smileytongue:

  • Spoogle
    Spoogle Posts: 6 ✭✭

    For me, the point is, regardless of their algorithms, they make it clear on their website that they don't want people to pay for personal use and market themselves with a charitable and generous attitude, and so I spent time and effort putting their product on my friends' and family's devices only to be denied access.

    When I ask them what's happening , they say they believe I'm using it for commercial use and I should pay for licence but to convince them otherwise I have to go through this lengthy process of trying to prove to them that I'm not using it for commercial use where they reply at their leisure.

    We are at a crossroads, either they call me a liar because of their blasted algorithms or lift the ban. There is no trust or goodwill with them, and I really don't like their attitude and feel they are deceivers.

    I feel conned out of my time and effort and would have much rather have paid a 'reasonable' price for a personal use licence either from them or someone else.

    I now have the hassle and inconvenience of some how installing alternative software on everyones' devices.

    Ironically I have a commercial licence for clients but don't see why I have put my personal ones on that account too because they are for PERSONAL USE!

  • xbee2
    xbee2 Posts: 17

    The whole inconvenience of setting up a new remote solution on all family, friends, and personal remote devices is what's really bumming me out.

    I've spent years getting people accustomed to teamviewer, and now I need to force a change. That's probably what TV's Management is banking on, that we'll pay for the easy way out.

    But even accomplishing all that work, is still better than paying $40+ USD per month. And of course the best part would be not giving into basically what I would consider a hostage situation and a middle finger to its users.

  • Teamviewer team just reset my license back to Free - my appreciation and thanks to the support team.

    Thanks to many in the forum for your wonderful suggestions. I am planning to install two 3rd party alternatives suggested on this forum. The two are intended to be my backup incase Teamviewer licensing check again miscategorizes me as a commerical user and blocks my access. 

    Since Teamviewer has worked before for a while and since I know it is difficult to deal with fraud in freemium models, I am still going to give one more try to teamviewer. If that bug in licensing code blocks me again, it is unfortunate, but my only option is to delete team viewer permanently. 

    I hope the teamviewer engineering team prioritizes fixing the licensing check to be not overly agressive or atleast design a permanent licensing override so that the same customer does not get blocked many times for same issue. 

    As we all know,  Freemium model companies that have been wildly sucessful have NOT frustrated a large section of their free customers - my best wishes to Teamviewer team to get this licensing issue under control.

  • GYW
    GYW Posts: 15
    Good one!
  • I have to fully agree, unfortunately. Went through the exact same experience and reached the exact same conclusion: I'll never use TeamViewer again.

    I wasted two weeks on the phone to "Customer Support" before checking these forums. What was really grating was their attitude - dismissive, condescending and outright misleading. In hindsight, it was obvious all along they never had any intention to fix the issue - but why not just say so? Do they really think stringing people along would ultimately prompt them to buy a license?? As I became more insistent, their responses became more inventive (they finally started taking my email down, checking the spelling, assuring me they'd be a follow-up "in the next couple of minutes" etc - none of which materialised, of course).

    The sad part is, I for one would have been happy to pay something for a personal use licence, in the absence of other options. I had grown used to the TV software and would have been happy to stick with it. But clearly NOT at the price for a commercial use licence, which I don't need, and certainly NOT after this awful custimer support experience.

    As it is, thanks to all you lovely folk on these forums I realised there are plenty of equivalent products out there that do the same, if not a better, job. **Third Party Product**

    Bye-bye and farewell TeamViewer, and thanks for the memories. I hope the company folds after this gigantic mis-step; that's no way to treat fans of your product.

  • I'm also having the same problem. And this is not the first time. I already explained to support that I have few computers from my family and friends that from time to time I connect to help. They reseted it twice for now. But, recently it started to behave the same, even worse.
    I mostly connect to my two home computers.

    I've sent ticket, but no one responded. This is real stupidity.

  • GYW
    GYW Posts: 15

    I am amazed at the ease of setting up this new **Third Party Product** and also the excellent customer support. Everything has been explained perfectly, and I will also terminate Team Viewer. It's just a shame that TV has chosen this route to discontinue the free part of it's software. I believe it will only make other smaller software companies jump at the chance to improve their own software, usage, and customer base. It's always been my policy in owning several businesses in the past that the customer is always right...unfortunately, today, that no longer exists in most companies. I still help those in need, especially my friends and family, and still do not charge for this service. I only hope that when I get to the point that I need help in life, there will be someone there for me, as well.

  • Spoogle
    Spoogle Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I'm trying alternative ones now but I'm a bit puzzled. It's probably me being thick but does anyone know of others where you can set up unattended access on devices but that device can't see others on the account unless you log into the account on that device like TV?

    I used one alternative where I installed it on a device but it could see others so I clicked on the 'log out' option but it warned I would be disabling unattended access.

    In other words, when I set up unattended access on my brother's device, I don't want him able to log into any other device. Like I said, it's probably me being thick! I'm trying **Third Party Product**' and '**Third Party Product**' so far. Thanks.