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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Andre75
    Andre75 Posts: 73 ✭✭

    @Glassdub wrote:

    I think its **bleep** simple, if money is exchanging hands in the usage of TV, they want a slice of it, I read & got the analogy, it doesn't correspond to my situation, so it's irrelevant as are the needs of the user, its really no ones business for what & how long TV is used (outside of business usage), its not like TV is paying for a users network.


    Are you really still sticking on only "money" or "no money" use'? And really trying to argue, so that to find out something coherent in "Dad's rules" ? I can't believe !!!

    You say "it doesn't correspond to my situation..." ???  But you said 2 weeks ago : " I never got reset, it has been blocked on the same work pc for a good 2 months," ???  Maybe I don't understand well, but it seems you say that you are using TV from yr work (means "professional environment" at TV rules sense, even though it's  not your sense' )

    OK, I've posted yet the "dad's rules" about using TV in professional environment (at TV rules sense, written in TV's KB... even though it's  neither your , nor my sense', ), so, I'll not post it again ... In its rules, TV asks you "not to use it from or to professional environment" !... I ask "those whom I lend my drill free of charge "not to use it for "drilling concrete" (unless they pay me for) !... but some did it without my permission and without paying for....  OK ???  Can you start to see the analogy ??? . If you still can't, I can rent a drill to you, with a large diameter concrete drill, that you could use at hammering your skull !

    Just kidding !..  I've never been a drill rental company.

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    “Are you really still sticking on only "money" or "no money" use'? And really trying to argue, so that to find out something coherent in "Dad's rules" ? I can't believe !!!”

    Yeah, because it’s clear in THEIR TOS, I don’t give a **bleep** about YOUR Dads rules, I guess he should have spanked your more.

    "What is considered commercial use?

    Essentially, commercial use is anything where money or services in kind are likely involved. This mainly covers all situations in which you might typically use TeamViewer for job-related functions."

    READ IT! Its right there in black & white.
    I'm so sick of reiterating this point.
    "Connecting to your company PC or server from your home office"
    IS NOT
    "not to use it from or to professional environment"
    Quit strawmanning their TOS (& my position BTW)
    Connecting to work to work from home IS NOT the same as connecting to home (NOT Home Office) for PERSONAL USE.

  • Rings
    Rings Posts: 11

    "Essentially, commercial use is anything where money or services in kind are likely involved. This mainly covers all situations in which you might typically use TeamViewer for job-related functions"

    Money nor services in kind are involved when connecting to my own pc from a school connection. I could very well connect to my own pc using my phone's mobile hotspot. Just because I'm not connecting from my school's wi-fi, that magically transforms my use from commercial to personal? I don't think that's right. My use is personal through and through. I'd use Parsec and just say goodbye to teamviewer for good but unfortunately for me I already trust Teamviewer, and my trust is not so easily gained.

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    School isn't mentioned but I tend to think this would fall under personal usage as in most cases you are not paid to go to school unless you live in one of those good socialist countries.

  • Rings
    Rings Posts: 11

    Right? If anything, you're paying to go to school, so it's even farther from commercial use.

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    Also, home offices tend to use business grade ISPs so that would be a detector of commercial use.

  • waces
    waces Posts: 29 ✭✭
    Nope. Home office will use either only the providers ip just like in non-home use days or a vpn whic is not an indicator as vpns also frequently used for private purposes.
    Also,if i use my machine for business purposes (like home office twice a week) and beside that use my private tw to access my private machine a few countries away to access a private file of mine how should it be handled as business use? Those two things (home office with no te involved and private tw usage) can live in paralell with no interaction to each other.
    Or,another example,when i access my corporate mails on my private network with my private ip it won’t be business usage just because one tab in my browser access corporate resources (also,tw have nothing to do with it).
    So,thats another example how tw _cannot_ differentiates non business amd business usage
  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    This is why its futile ultimately & sort of an honor system situation, probably why the warning nags were issued, which fine by me though connections do drop more now its not a huge deal to reconnect occasionally. Main point being I know in good conscience I am personally within the rules & not making a red cent from my usage, though others (not TV staff BTW) seem to erroneously insist otherwise.

  • For some reason, TeamViewer seems to want me to pay, and says that my trial has expired. However, I only personally use teamviewer, to connect to my VDS for my college projects. I connect to my VDS using TeamViewer from home and from college. Why does teamviewer say my trial expired and why is it trying to charge me? Also, how do I fix this issue?

  • Hello

    Suddenly, TeamViewer started showing me that I am using the FREE version for work.

    What I use it for is to connect to my Home PC from work to do personal stuff on my PC while I am at work.

    The only thing that changed is that I got a new laptop at work temporarly and I installed teamviewer there for a while and both laptops (old and new) were active.

    then i return the new laptop and continued working on the old one

    now this message started showing up and i am unable to use TeamViewer properly anymore as i keep getting kickout of the session after 5 minutes

    please help! i am not using this for work in any form as it is not allowed even if i wanted to. i cannot share any session with any vendor or cooworker as the policy does not allow it

    this is for personal use only

  • Maybe my voice will matter, maybe it won't; but I wholeheartedly agree. Other services have found huge success getting individuals to purchase lifetime subscriptions for anywhere between a Jackson to a Grant.
  • I downloaded this for personal use. I dont use it often but I do need to give access to a friend for me to fix some work. It only gives me a 3 day free trial and after that I need a this how it works now or am I doing something wrong?

  • I am a personal free user,I've been using Teamviewer for two years.But today it informed me that my PC and my phone were found for commercial use.This is a misunderstanding.I hope you can lift the blockade on my PC and restore it to a free personal user.

    I am a personal free user.

    Thank you.

  • Don't get me wrong, I love the free version of TeamViewer muy Mom and I use on a weekly basis. I'm curiuous what others think about the fact that you can't get any real support. Yes, the community is okay for simple quesitons, but the if there is a workflow blocking issues that requires serious tech support, you a out of luck. I've left messages here for days with no response. I'd LOVE to pay for a single user license, but you can't do that. They have a one user one sesssion at a time, but that's for corprate users too. By that I mean the pricing is setup for businesses. [the price has been removed by a moderator] a year is *not* for personal users. No individual pays that much for a product like Teamviewer. I get that iut's valualbe but not that valuable. Maybe 150 max for a single person wanting to support their parents. I'd even pay [the price has been removed by a moderator] for support when I need it! Please let us give you money. 

    So, back to my qestions, don't you all think that there should be a way for free users to actually get support? How are we expected to even consider upgrading toa paid account, if it were affordable, if we can't even get the free version to work! :)

    Thanks. Asking for a friend.


  • Dear Sir,
    I would like first to thank you for supporting my research through you powerful application namely "TeamViewer".
    I'm a PhD student in China and this application help me to access remotely the supercomputer from my laptop.
    Unfortunately today it appeared from a pop-up that I was using it for commerce.
    Sorry, I would like to let you know that I have never used it for a commerce purpose. 
    I'm actually running the Weather Research and the Forecasting (WRF) model on the supercomputer and most of the times the model stops. When I'm not there, especially at night time, the model needs to be restarted.
    My dorm is about one hour and twenty minutes by bus and I cannot go anytime to my office to restart the model. so I have installed the free version of the TeamViewer application on my desktop in my office and on my laptop which can help me to access the supercomputer through the desktop in my office.
    Please, Sir, right now my TeamViewer has been blocked and I cannot access my supercomputer from my room. I'm not sure if this one desktop also is blocked.
     I highly need your help to get the support to use freely the TeamViewer for my research.
    Best regards,
    Mr KPAIKPAI Batebana,
    PhD student,
    Laboratory of Cloud-Precipitation Physics and Severe Storm,
    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),
    Beijing - China
  • Been getting the same warnings, very annoying!

    Teamviewer failed to respond to my declaration of private use and continue to block me. Sick of it!

  • Hello, I am a person who is using a team viewer in Korea. 

    The reason why I am sending this mail is that due to commercial suspicion, the usage time is limited. 

    I've been inquiring before because of the time limit.

    It was because I was connected to PC room.

    This time, I went to Japan from November 28th to December 1st.

    At that time, I connected to Wi-Fi through my cell phone and used a team viewer. 

    That's why we seem to have a time limit. I'm a personal user. So please loosen the restrictions.

    I will buy a computer and use it by next week. So don't stop me then. Or tell me how.

    p.s : This mail was written in a translator.

  • Hi there. I use Teamviewer for a long time now from diff. pcs. I only log in by using my account. Today I received notification informing that my usage where commercial. I only use TV to connect my onw pcs. I've tried to hit feedback but I do not know if I do it properly. Any help? Tks

  • i need help, my computer registered as business with team viewer by mistake 

    now i am unable to change that, as i am using this computer personally 

    what i should do to change ... whatever i do it is not accepting that....!!!

    please help me 

  • Received this message : 

    This software seems to be used in comercial environments. Please note that the free version may only be used for personal use.

    You can no longer start a new session.

    Please do help, this suddenly happened today on the PC I often used teamviewer with. But last few night I tried use LAN connection and for some reason today I'm trying to use this PC unable to connect personal PC of my fiance. I'm accessing Teamviewer through cybercafe. 

    This current PC id [please do not post TeamViewer IDs] .. please do help fix or revoke it somehow thanks. The other PC seem to working fine oddly enough.

  • Hi, I also meet the same problem and have tried many times to solve this problem. At last, I find the teamviwer just want you to buy their product even though you are just a student. It will not allow you to use it free for a long time. Foxy commercial affair!

  • You can no longer start a new session, what does this mean?
  • Screenshot_93.jpg

    Ich weiß es nicht wie es dazu kommt, ich benutze TeamViewer ausschließlich privat. Was kann ich tun um TeamViewer weiter benutzen zu können.

    I don’t know how this could happen; I only use TeamViewer privately not commercially. What can I do to continue using TeamViewer?

  • 2fools
    2fools Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Switch them all to Version 9 - ever since version 10 and forward I have been getting the same issue becaues one on my mnay home computers is WHS (Windows Home Server) - because it is based on Server 2008's core - TeamViewer 10, 11, 12 (and I am sure any others to follow) treat it as a "commercial" product.

    I have tried to explain this to them, but they don't care or listen. SO I reverted all my machines to version 9 and turn off update checks and auto updating. Problem soved.

    9 is the nicest version to use anyways.

  • Hello, I am wondering about getting TeamViewer for a nonprofit organization?

  • it has been 14 days now... no access nor connection... commercial use detected? new form has been submitted...
    teamviewer was privately use and one of the crucial usage is to rely on using teamviewer to connect my elderly parents (who are not mobile phone savvy) mobile phones in remote locations, so that i would able able to speak to them knowing their current health and daily situation/s... i'm feeling disappointed having to write to you via different means and nothing has been resolved... most importantly, i'm getting worried about my parents well being for passed 14 days absent all simply because of this issue....
  • The reason that I am a fan of Teamviewer is that since I travel internationally considerably for work I can still log into home check the home email, sort out my home automation bits and
    fortunately/unfortunately be the tech support for our aging aunt.  All so far removed for
    commercial use.  It has been a fine solution for years.

    But this year I purchase a new laptop the came with windows 10pro and I have triggered
    "suspected commercial use" three -four times and it has been a wait of 10 - 14 days to send log files a be released from the auto log out.  If I do the same activities via my smart phone there is no problem at all.

    Perhaps someone could point out another reason this is going wrong for me.
    I would even purchase a base license to end this problem but honestly for a home use only benefit the cheapest licence is sizeable for a not for income useage.

  • 2fools
    2fools Posts: 11 ✭✭

    TeamViewer doesn't care, been fighting with this issue for 4 (almost 5) years.

    Just remove current version installed and install Version 9, then turn off auto check for updates and auto install of updates.

    Solves the problem.

    When someone else makes a product that competes with TV - they will lose a **bleep** ton of us.

  • coch
    coch Posts: 3
  • coch
    coch Posts: 3

    marketing. many let us use a sw for free for some time.

    tv changed this unfair. punishable by law.