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TeamViewer spamming "proxy authentication required" with no proxy in use, will not connect

Hi there. I've used TeamViewer for a good number of years; recently, upon each boot of my computer, it would prompt me to enter proxy authentication information, a total of 3 times in a row when I would click cancel, before leaving me alone and connecting to TeamViewer servers. Despite this occurring on every boot and only recently, I was able to endure it. As of this past week, however, it flat out refuses to connect at all anymore, even informing me of there being no connection (which is false), and the proxy authentication prompt will not stop appearing so long as TeamViewer is running. I have NordVPN installed - I have for the past few years with no issue like this occurring - but it is not running/in use, I have configured TeamViewer's proxy settings to "No proxy", and have even reinstalled the program to no avail. There were no changes between when it was working and when this problem began; it was quite literally overnight, no updates installed. How do I resolve this? I heavily rely on TeamViewer, and I would prefer to not have to abandon it.

teamviewer proxy.png

Edit: Twice now, when this issue has occurred, I have exited/restarted TeamViewer several times over the course of an hour, continuously canceling the proxy authentication box as it appears, and at a random point it will decide to stop pestering me about the proxy and connect as if there was no problem to begin with. Regardless that it appears to eventually connect after much frustration, this issue has been persistent since it began and support is still needed.


  • I had the same problem after installing recent Windows 2004 update - try running Teamviewer application as administrator - worked for me.

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