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Unable to logon and password reset asks for security code

Hello all,

I haven't logged into TV for a few weeks at least and when I went to try to log in it would not accept my password.  Weird I use Dashlane as a password manager but for whatever reason it wasn't working.  I go to reset my password and I will get the PW reset email about half the time and I'm able to enter my new password but then it asks for a security code which I do not have.  And there is no way to request a new one or go past this.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • UtnnyanUtnnyan Posts: 4

    so is there no way to gain access back to my account?  I can not recover the Security Code and do not remember ever turning on DFA on this account.

  • I have the same problem.  It's really frustrating.  Anyone trying to reset their password will not be able to do anything because it asks for a security code, that we are never sent nor have we set it up to receive one.

  • Their account management system is abysmal.  I found myself thinking that I too was locked out of my own account and had not enabled 2FA.  

    However on a whim I then decided to try and register my own email, and what do you know, I just needed to do that... seriously poor UX.

    I never got the 2nd "account activation" email.

    Anyway hopefully this resolves your issue as well.

  • grisleighgrisleigh Posts: 1

    If you have a mobile phone, install OTP from the app store.

    once installed, you will receive a code from teamviewer via OTP use this code

    & voila you will be good to go


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