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I'm trying to remote control an android device having Teamviewer Host running via Teamviewer running on a Windows 10 PC. After the connection is established, the lockscreen of the android device is shown and I have to type in the PIN. How can I do this on the PC. Using the keyboard doesn't work. The android device is OnePlus 6 running Android 10 (Oxygen OS 10.3.1). Can you help?

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  • RudiRoechel
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    I have the same Problem with the same One+ Device with the same Android Vesion. I tryed Windows 10 Windows 7 and other Android devices to get remote access. Every time the same I don´t see pin Pad an the one+. But when I press on "not visable screen " the one+ reacts an gets  the randomliy pressed number. 

    For me it´s interesting, that I can up- and download files to the one+.


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  • ObiYawn
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    I see the exact same lock screen on three Android 10 devices. These devices are pattern locked. I can't find a way to enter the pattern -- I always have to ask the user of the device to enter the pattern directly on the device itself before I can gain access remotely.

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    I'm having issues with unlocking mine remotely too.

    If you change your quality move from speed to quality it flashes the screen very quickly, I use that to see the pattern.

    It only seems to send the inputs from android device to android device too.

    Its a very bad process but this helps, please fix this Teamviewer

  • Metan
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    The mobile phone shows the fingerprint screen, if you swipe up on the remote screen that is grey with the lock and clock it will go to the pattern lock, but the remote phone will still show gray screen with the clock and lock moving around cut off like its a full screen tablet.. I cannot access the phone from here.

    ALSO, once I log in from my Remote phone to the HOST, once the user logs in, the password unlock stops working until restart. Meaning if the host locks their phone, someone can just swipe up on the finger print and itll let them into the phone.

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    So this was never resolved ? Makes TV pretty useless for an Android 10 (and above ?) remote setup IMHO ! I removed the PIN but it still takes me to the lock screen with no way of getting past it on my computer, there must be a way to fix this surely ?