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Enlarging screen size on Android tablet

RyongRyong Posts: 3



I want to control mobile phones from an android tablet.

But I cannot enlarge the screen size on my tablet.
I cannot zoom(with 2 finger touch), or find any menu to set resolution or screen size.

Is there any solution about this problem? (zooming, setting resolution or something)

I hope someone can help me please.





  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @Ryong 

    What is the screen resolution of your phone and of the tablet?

    Have you tried both devices on portrait or in landscapeat the same time?

  • RyongRyong Posts: 3

    Resolution of my phone is 1440x2560 and tablet is 1920x1024

    Yes I have tried portrait and landscape both.

    It works properly. Only screen size is the problem. 

  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    I saw that the phone has bigger resolution from Tablet but the screen on the tablet is much smaller. That means the screen of phone is set to scale to the tablet.

    Could you see what screen scaling options do you have, by getting help from this post?

    Please remember to make theese changes with and without Auto rotating of the screen (Portrait-Landscape).

  • RyongRyong Posts: 3

    I saw the post. Thank you.
    I'm using QuickSupport app on my phone, and TeamViewer app on my Android tablet.
    And they doesn't have the option to choosing resolution or scaling like the post.

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