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cant login to Android

adam1341adam1341 Posts: 2

I can't log in to my Android tablet.
I use to be able to do it in the past, no nothing happen when I try to log in - it just shows "connecting" and nothing happen...
-I am using Samsung SM-T580 
-I have installed the Samsung add on
- I have enabled the link of "trusted device" on the tablet
- I am trying to login from desktop using Teamviewer 14 , also from web version and on both it doesnt work

-And again: it used to work in the pastnothing happen.pngUntitled1.png



  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @adam1341 

    One question please about the tablet, is it enabled some password protection on the main screen now, but it wasn't before? 

    I am asking because it could be changed the login credentials and this could be a reason for not letting you take the control.

    Please try to disable any kind of this protection and update with the results.

    Best regards 

  • adam1341adam1341 Posts: 2

    Hi @Vatsilidis  ,thanks for answering, nope , none protection whats so ever ...

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