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Due to corona, disconnected from grandparents

I have been using teamviewer to access there pc when they cant wrap there head arround computer related stuff. My grandparents are In there 80s. They generally can use email.

Now the corona crisis made them isolated in there home, i wanted to help them use skype. But then everything went wrong. I asked them to hit the skype button, but the version was to old. So i started teamviewer. Unfortunatly the version of teamviewer they have is to old to. So it doesnt allow me to make a connection. I cant go over there to do it for them in person.

I did install all the previos versions on my laptop but all of them say the same... the computer u are trying to connect to has an outdated version.

Please, it would mean so much for them if they could see there grandchildren once and a wile...

Can anybody please help?


  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    Hi @tomnicasy 

    I believe that your issue is landing on this related post about how can you connect to an older version of TeamViewer.

    Free users can use only the latest version of the app, but licensed users have many more features, one of them is this on the linked post.

    I hope this gives an answer to the issue you are facing.

    best regards and stay safe

  • Thank you for youre response.

    So i m still in a pickle, i really cant fysicly go over there. To be honest, i would love to buy a licence, youre software is great. In the future i actually want to do this. But at the moment i m stuck with the free license. 

    Could i possably buy a licence for a week for now. I m not making any money with that, it would make my grandparents day, if they could se the kids in these though days.

    If there is another creative solution, i am open for your ideas

    Take care!




  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐


    I'm sorry but I'm afraid that is the only solution in your case because you have an older version installed. 

    Best regards


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