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Providing devices to the vulnerable with remote control assist

We want to provide pre-configured devices to vulnerable, isolated people in our community so they can stay better in touch and so we can check they are doing OK while there is so much isolation/restrictions in place in the UK.

These are often people without home internet and/or no expereince with computers so we want to do everything we can t provide devices that are easy to use and that we can provide remote assistance - for instance helping them connect to their church's Zoom service on a Sunday morning.

Something like TeamViewer seems it might boost our remote-assist capability since we cannot go into their homes but I see a LOT of confusion over the ability to take control of remote devices. I don't have time/money to buy a load of devices so can anyone give me any tips of inexpensive, widely available devices that should "just work" on your own experience? 

In reality, how much control can we have? Will the user have to grant us control every time? If anyone AT teamviewer would be available to chat we would greatly appreciate your support.



  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 661 Star

    Hi @MisterBoy 

    I can not answer the question about how to control you can have, if you meaning about how many times or how long can you stay connected as a free user.

    But if you want to take control of remote computers without asking every time for permission, you can set up unattended access to each computer and you can find more info about how to set it up in this link.

    Best regards and stay safe


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