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Passing F (Function) keys from Mac OSX to Windows on TeamViewer

Hi guys, I hope you can help me.

I am remote-controlling a number of Windows machines from an iMac, but whenever I press the F keys, in spite of having enabled the send remote key combinationsoption, they do not transfer and the equivalent function on the iMac is activated.

To give an example, the keystroke for renaming a file or folder in Windows is F2, but if I press F2 whilst I have a file highlighted on TeamViewer, my screen brightens (as F2 is the default brighten screen key on the iMac keyboard).

Any help you can provide would be wonderful.  Thank you so much :)

If it's any help, I am using TeamViewer 15.3.2682 (build date 14 February 2020) on the iMac, and TeamViewer 15.4.4445 (build date 20 March 2020) on the Windows PCs.

!?!?! Raven !?!?!

- Raven


  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    I'm sure it's probably frowned-upon in this community, but bump.  Has nobody experienced this issue apart from Ihanna and I ?

    Do the F keys pass over correctly from Mac OSX to Windows for the rest of you ?  Because I can't see how that can be the case =/

    Thanks so much for your time

    !?!?! Raven !?!?!

    - Raven
  • I have the same problem!

    I have bluetooth keyboard connected to my IPAD and I cant send Function keys to teamview from it.

  • Paul_NZ
    Paul_NZ Posts: 2

    The only way I've found to make this work is to use the fn key as well - e.g. in your example, you would press fn-F2. This works without "send key combinations" turned on too.

  • IanRoss
    IanRoss Posts: 2 Newbie

    I have found that the Mac default is to use the 'function keys' as other actions, e.g. Play, Volume up/down, Mute, Launchpad etc... There is a setting in the System Preferences where you can change this to the 'F' keys and then use the function [fn] key when you want the play, mute etc...

    This worked fine when using windows via TeamViewer as well. I switched back as when not using TV for WIN I preferred the shortcuts which were far more frequent so [fn] and the 'F' keys it is for me ;~)

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